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waking up feeling really full

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This has confused me! for the past two days, i have woken up feeling bloated, and like i have just eaten a huge meal. Whys this? and what could prevent it?

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Could be water retention.  HOw much water do you drink each day.

One way I determine if I'm retaining water is to grab my forarm.  If you leave a white hand print that stays for a few seconds or fades slowly - you're retaining water. If not - then it must be something else.

How late do you eat dinner and when do you normally go to bed?

Try not eating after 7pm.  and try drinking at least 64 oz water a day and keeping sodium under 2500mg/day. :)
i agree with the water retention, and that it could be that you eat too soon before you go to bed. but i'm not sure about the 7pm thing. it all depends on when you go to bed. maybe not eating for 2-3 hours before bedtime.
Thats the funny thing, i dont tend to eat after 7pm/8pm.

according to cjeka's test, i'm retaining water, but how do i get rid of it?

I normally go to bed at about 11pm - 12pm and i drink alot of water, so i am really confused!
Just eat a normal healthy breakfast, you won't feel bloated afterwards.
the thing is, i do feel bloated for a while even after having a healthy breakfast.
I get that too. Could be gas. Also, carbs will bloat you big time. The only way I can tame it is by not going gung ho on the carbs.
thanks everyone, ill try not to eat carbs in the evening!

Ok, this post might sound a little gross, so I appologize ahead of time.  Do you have allergy or sinus problems?  My fiance and I have noticed that when our sinuses are acting up, we wake up feeling a little "full".  Our best guess is that it's from sinus dranage during the night.  The feeling usually dissapears after we've been up and upright for an hour or two.  Yuck!
I hate to say it, but I doubt that the bloating is from carbs. I think you should see your doctor... not to scare you, but there are a number of serious illnesses that bloating can be a symptom of. It probably is none of them, but you should see your dr. to make sure.
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