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Waist Size?

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I know I read this somewhere, but can't find the thread again. I am curious what waist sizes people are at at what height and weight. I am almost at my goal weight, but have never measured my waist before. How is the best way to measure my waist?

Just curious, if anyone wants to post!

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Hi - to measure your waist, you want to take the tape measure and wrap it around the smallest part of your midsection (depending on your body type, your waist might be high, low, average, whatever). Pull it taut but not TIGHT. Take a deep breath and let it out (if the tape moves, you were holding it too tight). Leave the tape where it is after exhaling. That's your waist measurement. My aunt's a seamstress, and this is how she measures people for clothing.

I can tell you my measurements - but everyone's going to be a bit different, especially women, since some of us are apple-shaped (me), pear-shaped, or hourglass (oh, those lucky few!)

As I said, I am very apple-shaped - I am 5'6", about 165 (goal of 145) and my measurements are 39x33.5x41. I was just happy to get my waist under 35 inches, because it seriously reduces the risk of a heart attack later in life! And BEFORE I lost weight, my waist was 43 inches!

Good luck to you!

~ Colleen
Ok I am game I am also a seamstress :)

(and to be fair you better include age)

HEIGHT: 5'2'


WAIST: 24.5

AGE: 25
5'6 120 24 years old Waist size: 26 (with measuring tape)
5'10 - 225 = size 38

5'10 - 200 = size 36

5'10 - 180 = size 34
I always measure around the largest part of my midsection, am I doing it wrong?

I'm 25, 5'6", weight is currently 140 and my waist is 35 1/2".  I started at 37" at 160 lbs.  Seems like my stomach is the last thing that wants to leave!
5'4", 128, 34 years old ... 25" waist

I think my waist is 27.25, my age is 25, 5'-3", 124 pounds.

Now another question, how do I measure hips and bust to get all of my measurements? I have almost no hips, very straight down body for a female, so I am really not sure where the should get measured.
5'9'', 180 lbs, 27 years old, 29" waist
23 years old



29.5" waist
I'm 5'3", 129 lbs, waist size 29" and I'm 29 yrs old.
For the hips you measure around the biggest part of your hip area, which should go right around the bum. Some size charts indicate how many inches below the natural waist they consider this to be -- a very useful indication of how the clothes will fit, IMO. I think it is usually 7 tp 7.5 inches down.
29 years old



27-27.5" waist

(another half inch gone! thanks for asking so i could check!) :)
24.5' waist
50 years
135 lbs
25" waist..

I too am a seamstress.
use your natural waistline. (Think of it this way. where would your panties hit if you wore regular breifs.. This is where you should measure.. On some ladies it is higher and some lower.)

Your hips around the fullest part of your self.. This should be right across your backside.

Your bust should be right over your largest part of your bust.. Your chest size is where your band of your bra hits. this measurement is how you determine your cup size. The difference between the fullest part of your bust and your chest size.

22 years old 5'4" 113 lbs. 25" waist (pear-shaped)
Can some waist size be the result of loose skin? Last time I measure, I was 44-39-38.5 and I bulge from the waist to the hips. I've so far lost about fifty to sixty pounds and my waist has only changed about two inches even  with exercising.
5'1" 113 lbs 25.5" waist
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24 years old, 5'7", 130lbs, 25" waist
Hi My height is 5,3 and i weigh b/w 125-130 i fluctuate alot. My waist is 127.5 '' my hios are 134. i would like to lose 10lbs although i am very active, i want to be skinny:)
oops i mean 34 not 134
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