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Me vs. the Delicious Fried Ring of Evil

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I am one of those people who stalks the awesome CC forums and never(!) posts, but I need your help.

There are doughnuts in my office's breakroom. Many, many doughnuts... Bars glazed in chocolate and maple, those little pink guys with colorful sprinkles, and bear claws filled with doughy, saturated fatty goodness. I rarely even CRAVE doughnuts.. But right now I am gnawing on carrots like a rabbit on crack and trying to distract myself by online window shopping for clothes that I will *one day* fit into.


It's not worth it when I have been eating so well this month. Convince me not to eat a dang doughnut before it's too late!!!

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Well I work in a donut shop... and unless they got them first thing they were most likely glazed in a glaze that has been sitting around for many hours.  I've seen them use stuff that has been sitting for over 12 hours that they re-liquefied with what I believe is a little heated corn syrup and water.

That and who knows how long the oil in the deep fryer has been sitting around for.  And how about the chance that they contain trans and/pr saturated fats?  Given how healthy you've been eating, do you really want to set it back with that gross crap?  If you're going to splurge, get something you really want!

by this time you've either eaten the donut, or resisted. how'd u make out with the temptation?

-and i just have to tell u....i LOVE your avatar Smile

Your post made me nearly fall out of my chair, very funny.  I hope you could resist but if not, one donut is not the end of the world just make it up with a little excercise after you leave the office.  I splurged last night and ordered a pizza...bad idea.  Not only was it bad for my goal but, I burned the roof of my mouth...T_T so it didn't even taste good after the first piece(but I still ate three slices...)

Ladies, gents – sulfyr's post came just in time. Hearing details about that re-liquified glaze-covered, satty fatty, stale-yet-deep fried pastry was, apparently, enough to deter me.

 Me: 1. Doughnut: 0.

In all seriousness, however, I never used to be like this! I have been doing the CC thing too long to claim blissful ignorance about nutritional facts. I truly try to appreciate what I put into my mouth.* My main obstacle right now is the temptation of FREE food... As I am always just making ends meet, the concept of no-cost grub is (pathetically) very exciting. Remember the ol' “out for grabs” game at recess or lunch? Well, that girl trying to snag her friend's extra fruit roll up just because she can – that's me.

* Innuendo intended.

Cute, too cute!  Glad to you it is you: 1 and doughnut: 0.  What a winner!!!

congrats, mapleleaf! way to be mindful of what you're putting in your mouth Laughing

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