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Weight Loss
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upping calories to lose weight

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I've been taking in more calories over the past week to see if it would help my weight loss progress.  I'm an avid exerciser (different exercises 5 or 6 days a week for at least an hour).  So I thought maybe I wasn't eating enough to let my body lose weight.  The problem is that I don't feel better, I feel fatter.  I'm just very full, and I'm still only taking in 1700 calories at the most when I burn at least 2200.  I usually have a deficit of 500-800.  Have any of you had this problem, and what did you do?  Should I be patient and stick it out, even when I don't feel good about myself when I eat more?  Thanks for your help.
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What are you eating? The higher your daily intake the less you need "diet" foods and the more you need calorie dense foods. 
hmm well its a little different from day to day...but yesterday for example...

Breakfast:  wheat toast, peanut butter, orange

Lunch:  1/2 turkey sandwich, 2 cups chicken noodle soup

Supper:  1 cup pork stir fry (pork, green peppers, carrots, onions, soy sauce) with 1/2 cup brown rice, orange

Snacks:  apple, chocolate chip cookie :(
Are you sure that all added up to 1700. unless that is one very large cooke or the stir fry was alot of calories.  I do not see 1700
I have had to 'up' my calories to keep losing. But for me it is just adding an extra roll a day. I have added two.
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I have recently had the same question and am too an avid exerciser. I kept my calorie intake between 1600 and 1700 to always have a balance of about 1000 calories consumed (for example, if I consumer 700, I burned 700 at the gym, etc. . ). I wan't losing and would get so frustrated when I would actually gain. So, I thought maybe I am eating to little (wishful thinking?). they say you should not go under 1200. So, I tried to up it and my weight did not change. I just felt fatter. So, I am still at a loss. However, I totaly can relate to not knowing if you should go lower or higher for weight loss. I keep getting different answers.
You HAVE to give your body some fuel to use for something other than exercise, for things such as pumping your blood, digesting your food, making you breathe... you know, all the little things your body does without you having to do anything more than live.

So allot 1200 calories for that if you are female, and 1500 if you are male.

Assuming you are female, at a minimum you should be eating the 1200 + your exercise. So if you exercise 300 calories off each day, eat, at a minimum, 1500 calories. That's a rought estimate, a rule-of-thumb, and in many (many) cases, you should probably be eating MORE than that.

It's pretty easy to add calories to one's diet. (Hooooo, boy, is it easy; just ask my hips and thighs!) Eat calorie-dense foods rather than calorie-light ones. Have some almonds, spread peanut butter on your celery, use full-fat cheese, add an avocado to your salad.

And if you have chocolate chip cookies, please pass one my way!
well I did forget to add a bowl of Rice Krispies as part of my food yesterday, and yes CC said my calories count was at 1653.  Anyway, that's not really the point of my post.  I just wanted to know if feeling fatter was normal in the beginning, b/c I'm scared of gaining weight b/c of upping my calories.  I sure feel like I have.  I'm only weighing myself once a week though.  I feel like I want to eat next to nothing to actually feel small.  Don't worry...I won't though.   
I've been experimenting with this too.  I used to try for the biggest deficit possible (within the 750 - 1000 range).  Then I was unable to get to the gym for a bit and found I lost way more.  This week I aimed for a deficit of 600 calories and it seems to have worked.  I think we all have different needs, you just have to experiment to find out what your body likes.
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Thank you. I really like your reply. However (and this is the scary part). . . when I up my calorie intake I gain and when I lower it I lose weight.
maybe it's muscle?
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