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Weight Loss
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I'm pretty sure I'm going to be heavily scolded, but I need to know..

So, I'm really trying to lose 10lbs before school starts, and so I've cut down to 1200. But the cutting calories causes me to yo-yo binge. Today I didn't eat much at all and yesterday I worked out for 2 hours to burn enough calories to still have a high deficit. 

And now I just binged again and ie, am going to have to go through the cycle of super intense workout/not eating much at all tomorrow..

I know this is not the healthiest thing in the world...but is this like, REALLY bad? Or just ya know....stupid?

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Original Post by xoxx_beachxxdiva:


I know this is not the healthiest thing in the world...but is this like, REALLY bad? Or just ya know....stupid?



 Both. =) and i mean that in the nicest way.  Depending on your age and activity level it could be possible that you are aiming for a way too low calorie target, which is only going to hurt your body in the long run, and you are already having trouble keeping yourself from binging.  That should make you think that you aren't getting enough for your body to function.  I do 1 hr of cardio every day and take in AT LEAST 1600 calories, and often a few hundred more and since i started CC about 2 months ago i've dropped 30 lbs.  Binging and then trying to burn it off the next day is not healthy at all, and it's a bad road to start heading down.  Good luck.

I know you're right..but I'm just so scared I'll gain weight if I start eating more calories! I've been stuck at the same weight for a while and just don't know what to do.

The reason this is bad is that it is a very difficult cycle to break once you get into it. The restriction causes the binge...causing the restriction....causing ... you get te idea...

You need to break the cycle and the way to do that is to eat a higher amount than 1200kcal each day. Say 1500-1600kcal for example ...depending on your weigt and activity level you may need more.  Set out a plan in advance and stick to it. I think you will be surprised just how much easier it is to maintain a sensible deficit and still lose weight. It is the extreme measures that are scaring your body and leading to the binge rebound....that is its natural instinct. Try and be less all or nothing in your approach, Im like that too and I know its hard! But you can do it!!!

Follow that advice. I know your scared your going to gain if you eat more but you have to do it if you want to lose weight. Yea the logic of eating more to lose seems dumb right but its a true fact. Once you start eating more your metabolism will wake up and start to function properly. Im not sure of your stats but it seems like your still young so you will want to aim for 1500 calories as your starting point but no lower. Eat at that amount everyday and put in half hr to and hr of cardio. Im sure you will see results by the time school starts. As you start burning though up your calories by 100. You will need to find your niche.

It... is... really... BAD.  The behavior you describe can be a trigger for bulemia (disorder.)

Everyone who has replied so far has told you the right thing. What you're doing to your body is really bad. Take it from a person who has been through the same thing. For 2 years I struggled with losing weight I had gained (about 20 lbs) due to the fact that I would restrict and then binge. I would lose weight at first, then gain it all back because my body wasn't getting what it needed. For the past month, I've finally gotten out of the cycle and been eating a balanced diet consisting of about 1,400-1,600 calories and I'm finally losing weight and keeping it off!


Up the calories you're allowing yourself, and you'll break the cycle. You might see a small gain at first, but the scale will drop soon enough. 

I forgot to put in my stats that my highest weight was 160 ab a year ago, so I've lost a lot since then and that's one of the reasons I'm so hesitant to eat more

Thanks everyone. And just so I can be clear ab my stats:

F,19, 5ft 5in, current weight 138, goal before going back to college 130

My overall goal is 120, I'm also training to become a distance runner so I work out for at least an hour everyday, occasionally two hours if I do weights and running.


So, I binged last night...should I just forget ab it and eat today?

Just consider "why" you are binging. Your body/mind tell you that you aren't eating enough. 1200 is the minimum amount for an adult, small sedentary woman. You should AT LEAST be eating 1500 a day.

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Beachdiva, everyone has already given you great answers.  I'm going to share my own personal experience.

I am 5ft 6in and was at a high of about 148 lbs about a year ago.  In college I was about 125.  My weight crept up over the last decade due to my unhealthly eating.  I have always been very active (I'm currently training for a half marathon.)

I was not happy with my weight over the last 2 or 3 years, where it sat around 140-145.  I joined CC hoping to change.  I tried counting calories and watching what I ate but like you, found myself bingeing.

In May, a friend recommended I read "The Eat Clean Diet" by Tosca Reno.  I was skeptical, since I felt I had tried everything and already knew what eating healthy meant.  But I got the book and put her advice into practice - and I'm down to almost 130 now.  I'm never hungry, I eat tons of nutritious foods 5 or 6 times a day, have way more energy, etc.  I would highly recommend the book to you.  The structure of the diet - eating a complex carb + protein - every 2-3 hours keeps you from ever feeling hungry, which eliminates the urge to binge.

And as far as the fear of eating too many calories, I told myself I would try the diet as is for a few weeks and see what happened, and adjust accordingly.  My body is still changing for the better and like I said, I'm eating a lot of food!  I figure I'll wait for the plateau and see if there's anything I might tweak.

Good luck.  And yes, forget about your binge and treat today as a new day, a new start.

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nebichan is right.  As an active woman you need to eat more, and should probably be eating closer to 2000 calories a day!  (I don't count calories anymore but I probably eat about that amount.)

I would love to read that book! I do have one concern though, I'm a vegetarian, woud that be a problem?


And again, everyone that has posted, thank you so much for all of your advice and help, I truly appreciate it!

I'm 5'2, 21, and weigh a bit under 110. I can eat 1,400-1,600 depending on my activity level for the day, and lose weight.

If you ever are feeling more tired than normal, insane hunger/cravings,and  feelings of heightened stress related to food/exercise, I would say you aren't eating enough.

Just start eating normal again, you won't gain weight. I didn't. Give yourself a break from obsessiveness.

I also am doing the eat clean diet and love it.  It works fine for vegetarians as well, you just get your protein from plant sources instead of meat.  Mostly it consists of fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean protein.   No processed foods, refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.  Just wholesome food with lots of good nutrients for your body.  You need to eat more and you will actually start to lose the weight and get healthy.  This is a vicious cycle you are starting and you need to get off as soon as possible for your long term health.

I didn't read every single one but I didn't see anyone saying that you're losing muscles by not eating enough calories.  You're making all that time you spent at the gym go to waste by not eating properly.  

When you work out you burn off calories, then, if you use all that energy your body breaks down some muscles before burning fat stores.  By staving yourself you're making your body think food is scarce and it's holding on to the fat as hard as it can to help you survive.

What you want is to eat enough calories (see the other's advice) to fuel your exercise and make sure you're getting enough nutrients to help you build muscle.  Muscles burn fat, not hours of cardio!

What are you doing at the gym?  I'm guessing it's not weight lifting because you said you worked for 2 hours, and I couldn't weight train for that long!  Look on youtube for weight training routines (check that the videos don't have a lot of negative comments about bad form)  or ask the instructors at your gym for help - but don't let them tell you that you need to lose weight first.  You're not overweight, so what you need is to replace the unwanted fat you have left by building muscles.

blaise, I've been doing a lot of running and the cybex cross trainer at the gym, I'm training to become a long distance runner, so I do a lot of cardio. How often do you think I should be doing weight lifting? I'm still trying to lose another 20 lbs, just to be in peak running shape.


And to the few of you that recommended "The Eat Clean" book, I bought it this weekend and have decided to stick to the vegan plan! Thanks for telling me about it, it is a really great book. I'm still trying to learn everything and remember what to eat together, but definitely seems like a good plan.

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