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Unfamiliar Body Parts

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Bear with me here.

I've been a fat girl all my life.  Chubby knees, pudgy elbows, fat shoulders.  You name the spot, you can pinch an inch...or two...or three...but I digress.

Now, I'm losing weight.  Even though I'm not quite as small as I was, let's say, six years ago, I'm losing it in a different order than I gained it.  That's resulting in an interesting phenomenon for me...unfamiliar body parts.

I woke up the other morning, rubbed my shoulder, and my hand hit something hard and uncomfortable.  My collar bone.  Jutting out.  That's certainly a new sensation.  I spent the rest of the day rubbing my newfound collarbone.  It was...interesting. 

The same thing has occurred with my cheek and jaw bones recently.  I really had no idea I even possessed cheek or jaw bones, much less ones that could be visible or touchable through my skin.  An odd sensation for me. 

But the weirdest moment so far came tonight, when I was sitting on the couch in a knee length skirt, with my leg bent, and reached down to rub my knee...I felt my entire kneecap....and it was just someone else's knee entirely.  I couldn't recognize the structure at all, period.  My knee is completely unfamiliar to me.  It's so.  Incredibly.  Weird.

So has anyone else gone through this, or am I losing my mind here?
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ive definately felt that way with the collar bone, and yes, i spent the whole day looking at it through the mirror, and rubbing it! x
 I understand what you mean exactly.  I never had the same issue but I've always found a well defined clavicle attractive. They catch my attention right away. This is stupid. I know. Everyone I know finds it an odd confession. But, everyone has different things they like. Big booty, big breast, big hands ect ect.

My list:

Defined clavicle/ shoulders

Nice Teeth

That's it right there. I also like large noses on men and expressive brows. However, if someone doesn't have a defined clavicle or shoulders. I noticed the lack of it. It sorta bothers me. The same with teeth.

You know that Unfamiliar feeling how it's sorta a sensation to touch. Feel. That's what makes it so attractive. Not just on yourself, making you feel sexy. But, other your lover/partner.

This isn't to say that anorexic bony people are attractive. That's just sick. But, being able to see definition of a healthy structure is attractive. Not perfection like sculptures of Roman Gods. But, healthy definition.
I have totally ben there the last time i lost wight, manly with my wrists, cheekbones (which are pretty prominant anyway, despite the weight) and especially my collarbones. You'll eventually get used to it, but it may take a while. Enjoy it though.
I was skinny a good part of my life so I remember the collarbones> Finally being able to feel them even in the slightest right now has been truely a high for me. I notice the fat in my arms is getting smaller im starting to look more defined and more shapely as I keep losing the weight. Isnt it great!

Here's one for ya -- I found what I thought was a "lump" under my arm.  Told all my family to prepare for the worst...  Went to see the doc...  She rubbed around and said, "That?" 

I gulped..."Yep...that's it doc...."

She said, "That's a muscle!"

LOL :)  I had been working out for a while but never realized I had a muscle there :)

i just found my hip bones the other day while laying on my back. i love that. whats better, i woke up to my husband telling me he could see them (i hadn't confessed my excitement at new bones showing themselves) of course when i stand they are no longer defined, but hey, its a start, right?
My triceps recently became visible. Very cool.
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my dimples are coming back!  i havent seen them in 7 years :(
This one hasn't been said yet....
I've noticed my spine.  strange yes, but I can see it slightly now.  I can feel my coccyx aka tailbone at times.  I can see my ribs, thats the first place I noticed I was losing weight.  And I have cheekbones sometimes depending if the light is right!  Oh yes, and my hip bones.  These are all new for me!
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If you are crazy then I'm right there with you! I've always been overweight so as the weight comes off I am fascinated with all the changes. The collar bone is a big change for me as well. Smile 

Once... and only once, I made it to the small person I'm supposed to be =)

I understand completely! It was fascinating! I was a STRANGER to MYSELF! lol

It was totally unexpected :-) The only problem, though... I had trouble sleeping!

 Those hip bones were NOT happy! They missed the 'padding' they'd ALWAYS had, and hurt when I tried to sleep on my side! ;-)

 I'll be glad to find that little person again, tho'... hip bone troubles or not =)

I totally get this, I rub my hip bones all the time (OMG that sounds so dirty!)  I also have a harder time sitting for long periods of time because my back and butt are bonier....

Oh! I'd forgotten that! lol! It was a problem for me, too!

BTW- nursemeow! I looked at your pictures...WOW! You're a real inspiration!

Wish I could look that nice! At 45, that won't happen!  lol!  =)

Yes, I relate entirely and it's a wonderful experience and very motivating to see the new you emerge. Such hard work, we deserve such wonderful rewards.
I have the opposite. Hahaha, When I gained the weight I lost my ribs. I couldn't pinch anything on my ribs but now I can't see them. And my collarbones went away. Ah... I hope to see them soon.
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hip bones. i don't have very defined ones at the moment, i'm nearly the heaviest i've ever been, but i remember losing weight a few years ago and being fascinated by the sudden appearance of my hip bones, though like one of you mentioned, it actually hurt to sleep on my side, which was WEIRD. i wouldn't mind having that slight discomfort again, though. the thing i miss most about being small? it's kind of strange-- but i miss being able to fit comfortably in an airplane seat. travel is so much easier when you're skinny! i'm working on it...
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