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The under 600 calorie diet?

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I no everyone says on here that if you eat under a 1000 calories a day ull go into starvation mode, but how come on television programmes and tests people who have ate 600 calories or less every day for a period of time they have lost a huge amount of weight? does this work?

just wondering! haha

melissa xxx

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You may lose weight but it will also slow your metabolism, plus you'll be miserable. One of the tricks to losing weight is having a diet/exercise plan that you can actually live with.
That and in the event you don't die while you lose weight, once you start being intelligent and actually eating again, you'll gain it back.
I can only think of one program that uses that low of calories and that's on the discovery health channel and those folks are in a nursing/ rehab inpatient facility and so obese they can't even walk and some can't even sit up.  They are under constant supervision by medical staff trained in treating morbid obesity.  These people pretty much already have one foot in the grave and if they don't lose weight quickly they will die.  Once these people are able to move about and function they are given more calories to compensate for the more activiity.  They are also taught healthy lifestyle food changes.  I also think some of them undergo gastric bypass but have to lose enough weight to tolerate the procedure and survive the operation itself.

If you are a healthy person and decide to restrict your calories this much - sure you will lose weight fast but you will also gain it back plus extra once you decide you've starved yourself enough like phoenix said.
what if u do that for just 1 week but doing it with 900 calories?
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You'll lose weight but it would be hard to keep it off unless you learned how to eat properly after the fact. The biggest problem would be that you would feel miserable, so only people who are under medical supervision should even attempt to eat that little.
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your an idiot if you think starving yourself like that is going to do anything for you, this is exactly what will happen, at first you will gain weight because your body will slow your meta. down because it thinks its being starved, once you run out of nutrients in your body (which shouldnt take long with only 600 cals) then your body begins feeding on your muscle tissue making you weaker, if you keep this horrific diet up for to long of a time, you will probably end up needed a hip transplant, end up miserable, have organs that do not work properly or all of the above, do yourself and your body a favor and diet properly
Even contemplating a diet of this nature is unwise.
You can NOT do your body any good by depriving it of the food it needs to remain nourished and healthy.

I hope you realize that a diet such as this is NOT healthy and not advocated at all on CC.

If you are interested in healthy and sustainable ways of toning your body and losing some weight, you can learn about proper diet and nutrition and suitable exercises by using the tools on this site and exploring the forums and learning from the other members who have achieved success.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, would like suggestions, or just want support.

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That sounds like a great diet of you're a prisoner of war.
Hello again,

I understand that threads such as this, trying to elicit support for low calorie diets, are upsetting to many CC'ers.
HOWEVER, if we could refrain from the name calling and such it would be helpful.

Trust me, I understand the urge. It upsets me as well when someone thinks something like a 600 calorie diet is healthy or smart, however, if we could stick to educating rather than being sarcastic I think it would be a more productive conversation.

I appreciate it.
Remember what your mother always said......
"If you don't have anything nice (or helpful) to say, don't say anything at all" :)

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I think so much of what losing major weight is about is the long term life changes and being able to maintain the weight loss. Before coming to CC I didn't know how to eat healthily yet also low-calorie and would starve myself for a few days and then be so miserable I would binge. I lost some weight but not much and was so unhappy. Existing on 600 calories would be so difficult that even without the health hazards it wouldn't be easy or pleasurable to maintain and the weight lost would just pile back on twice fold once you go back to normal diet. 
mcderin, I appreciate your sentiment but come on. Anyone who can open their computer and find this site has the ability to realize that 600 calories is ridiculous. If this is a hand holding site where every single bone-headed thing is ok and should be treated with kid gloves, I'm definitely in the wrong place. People ask advice, they should be able to take it. It's not my job to make someone feel like they made a simple mistake by eating 600 calories a day.
I do realize that, spirochete.
And I appreciate your stand on the issue.
My point is simply that comments such as yours and iken90 calling the OP an "idiot" is just opening up the thread to a lot of negativity and eventual bashing to take place.
I am just trying to ward that off if possible.

Again, I do understand where you are coming from. And, no, you are not in the wrong place. If you are not looking to be supportive and lend yourself to a productive and insightful conversation, you are possibly the wrong thread, but not the wrong place.
The majority of the CC population understands the importance of approaching this journey healthfully and safely.
Those who do not....well, if I can try and assist them to find their way, I am glad to do so.

stepping down off my soap box now......

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Low calorie diets wont hurt you unless you do them for long periods of time. A day of no food will have no effect (other then having you lose weight).

Low calorie diets for moderate amount of time will have issues with muscle loss (more then would be lost from a slower weightloss with higher calories). This isnt a huge issue, because you can always rebuild muscle (though, when trying to put on muscle, there is a percentage of fat that goes along with it normally).

600 calories will probably just make you tired and drained... better idea for weightloss would be to increase calories and also become more active (you will have more energy for everyday life that way and wont be losing muscle).

Organ damage and that type of thing (the more serious issues) will only really happen from longer term low calories... death really isnt an issue to worry about (people will try to scare you with it), that will only happen once all your fat is gone.
 Hello. Touchy subject for most however Dr.Oz said something brilliant on Oprah, I think could really help you.

He suggested knowing how much you eat freely on a natural basis without dieting or conserving at all. Just you. Throughout your day log the calorie intake that you consume on a regular day. Without ' trying ' to lose weight or eat healthy. The norm for you.

Once you've discovered the normal range you consume daily, deduct three hundred calories from that.Then eat that amount of calories thereafter. Making that your mark....

 You should lose two to three pounds a week due to the change. Period.

I adore Dr.Oz.  ( realage.com ) Check that site out when you have the time. It's more about losing inches than actual weight... Fantastic advice there. I'm small frame...  I went from 113lbs prebaby to 186lbs in the last couple months of carrying my bundle of joy. It's a year later and I'm the healthiest I've ever been maintaining 105lbs. Seriously though. You don't have to starve yourself. Just commit to something that's doable. Three hundred calories less than what you're already eating is doable. Add some walking/ an eight minute daily workout to that and bam.

It's doable.  I <3 Dr.Oz
Wayyyyy better to actually learn what you are eating...how much you SHOULD be eating...and then learn how to eat right.

I really really hate fake TV "doctors"....
yeah, you'll lose weight, but in my case, only so much. to be at your lowest healthy weight, you'd need to eat a hell of a lot more. at least that's what I've concluded.
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Under 600 would actually be anorexic in nature- not good. If you have an obsessive mentality you probably would do even more mental damage to yourself than physical. Because it would decrease your metabolism, the fear of increasing calories would actually have some validity.
Really, when you starve yourself, your muscle decreases before your fat does, and after you stop, you gain even more fat. So even if your size is the same, you are fatter afterwards than you are before. If you make a habit of yoyo dieting with diets like this, you will keep gaining a higher bodyfat percentage. Much better to stick with 1200-1800.
If you starve, your body uses the fat stores more then the muscle...

Though, there is a higher PERCENT of muscle loss to fat loss... it doesnt mean your body suddenly starts eating away all your muscle, it just means it eats away the fat but also eats away more muscle then it would normally do.

If you simply stopped eating anything until you died...your body would eat away all the fat on your body... but you would still have some muscle on you (you really cant get rid of it all).
mcderin, I appreciate your sentiment but come on. Anyone who can open their computer and find this site has the ability to realize that 600 calories is ridiculous. If this is a hand holding site where every single bone-headed thing is ok and should be treated with kid gloves, I'm definitely in the wrong place. People ask advice, they should be able to take it. It's not my job to make someone feel like they made a simple mistake by eating 600 calories a day. -- spirochete

TOTALLY! It's not like this is a pay site -- this is totally normal and to be expected. People take a little bit of "power" WAAAAAAAAAAAY too far.
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So can anyone give me a rough idea of what the minimum number of calories you should take in in one day without potentially damaging your health? (when trying to lose weight).
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