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under 18...buying diet pills

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question...can you buy diet pills if you're under 18? Can you only buy some and not others? what about things like mega-T and applied nutrition? help appreciated :-)

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lol you'll probably get yelled at for posting this. you can buy all the diet pills that don't require a perscription i.e. all the ones you see on a shelf. i've tried the mega-T things and they don't really work at all, because it's just green tea. i think the only pills that work are kind of dangerous, like zantrex 3 and hydroxycut. i'm too scared to try them, because a lot of people get jittery and have pretty bad side effects.  anyway, i don't think you need diet pills to lose weight. just eat right and exercise :)
I agree with lawlll, you don't need diet pills. I had thought about it when I was at my heaviest but honestly it feels better to lose it by hard work and eatting right. Good Luck.
Diet pills are SUPER dangerous. DO NOT TAKE THEM, please.
If there was a diet pill out there on the market that really worked for everyone...don't you think the world would be a thinner place? lol

No, but really...diet pills all say "with diet and excersize" even if they only say it in the fine print...so basically they aren't going to really get you anywhere you couldn't get without them.
I disagree....I just bought some Mega-T green tea tabs this morning and I was carded! You have to be 18 (at least in the three states I've lived in...Florida, North Carolina and Virginia) to buy diet pills, you even have to be at least 17 to buy cough syrup.
Actually in Florida you don't have to be 18 because just yesterday I went to Target and I bought Hydroxycut. I hope it works. I've read the good and the bad things about it. If you're going to buy some diet pills make sure you read about it first. You don't want to have a heart attack or something the first day you take it.
Well...I live in Florida also (St Augustine) and when I bought my Mega-T green tea tabs this morning, the self check-out thing said I needed to show ID saying I was 18. But since I hardly look 18 the cashier just came up and swiped her card and OK'd me. I don't know how old you are underoath but it's possible the cashier thought you were 18+. Usually when I got to an actual cashier to buy age restricted things, they usually just hit the OK key and don't even ask for ID.
If it was at walmart they card you for everything I get carded everytime i buy fireworks or gun powder etc. and im 30 yrs old
It was a Winn-Dixie grocery store.
Well, the other day I went to CVS with my mother and I picked out some Hoodia diet pills, but then at the check-out, the woman asked if they were for my mother. "I need some ID," she said.

Soooooo... yeah. I think you do at least need someone over 18 to be with you when buying diet pills.

u can buy any diet pills u want unless they require a perscription...

im on like 3 diffrent kinds!

Then, with that username and a pill habit, you're 'like' asking for trouble, aren't you?

CC encourages safe weight-maintenance through healthy calorie-controlled diets and regular exercise.  CC does not promote dangerous or fad diets or unhealthy lifestyles and behaviours.

You probably can, but why would you want to? The only thing 99% of diet pills shrink is the size of your wallet! And they can be downright dangerous.

Save your money and stay far away from diet pills!  A healthy diet and exercise will help you achieve your goal, and you don't have to be over 18 to buy fruits and veggies!!!


For cryin' out loud!!!!  We're responding to a 2-year old post ant the OP isn't even on here anymore!!!!

anoexic_beauty (that's a scary name, by the way), are you searchig for posts on diet pills?  As gi-jane pointed out, CC does not promote dangerous or fad diets or unhealthy lifestyles and behaviours.  Many of us are here to help people learn how to acheive their goals in a healthy manner.

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I JUST went to Walmart right now and tried buying Hydroxycut, and the cash register dinged and read "is the customer 18+" and the cashier ID-ed me, so Hydroxycut is a no.

Walmart saved you both your money and the potential side effects.  

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