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Weight Loss
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Uncommon Reasons to Lose Weight

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I was sitting here (bored at work, hehe) and something sparked my mind. Everyone has their own reasons for losing weight. It ranges from happiness/self-confidence to wanting to be able to wear a size 2 or a bikini with pride. However, everyone has random and uncommon reasons they want to lose to. Maybe they are not part of common knowledge people people are too embarrassed/shy to discuss them openly. What are you uncommon reasons you want to lose weight? Mine are:

1. I want to go to the store and not feel embarrassed when buying a chocolate bar. At the moment, I don't buy them because I feel like people are staring at the "fat girl buying the candy".

2. I don't want to be that girl who walks up three flights of stares and is completely out of breath and having a heart attack.

3. I think it would be funny to see my clothes that I wear now be baggy and barely fit me. I would still wear them sometimes to, as weird as it sounds!

Maybe these are really uncommon reasons, but they are different than the whole common "I want to be pretty" or "I want to be healthy" reasons!

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I do it because I want to take pride in myself.

People always compliment me on my accomplishments, but I always feel that if I have such great potential to accomplish things in school and at work, I should in terms of my weight as well... or at least it bothers me to be successful in one but not in the other, especially since being successful at school/work often comes at the expense of taking better care of myself. People always say they are proud of me, but I want to be proud of myself, and I don't think I'll be able to really be proud of myself until I achieve a balance between the two: take care of other things and myself too.

Another thing that bothers me is that I have noticed that when placed in the same room with someone with less accomplishments or experience, but thinner and prettier, they get more attention and admiration. It's just the way people respond to better looking people... and it's not even because they intend to have an affair with that person or anything like that... people simply seem more interested in what they have to say, more likely to implement their advice, etc. I have stopped feeling bitter about this and wanting to make other people change their attitude (they won't, it's how it is out there) and I'm focusing more on what I can do to make myself attractive in both ways - on the inside and on the outside. Sometimes it feels like no matter how smart or accomplished a person is, if they are fat, they are seen as having some kind of deficiency that negates a big part of their worth.

And just as an aside: to those of you who have stated that you are embarrased by what you buy in the grocery store because you are overweight, I don't know about anyone else, but I always tend to stare at the carts of skinny people. I could care less what anybody else buys but I'm always interested to see if skinny people buy healthy food or not... unfortunately I see a lot of skinny people buying lots of bread and chips and soda and cereal... oh well.

4 words:


Police Physical Fitness Test 

I want to be thin enough that I could go on the Mule Ride down into the Grand Canyon - they have a 200 pound weight limit, even though the mules could easily carry more. I guess they have to stop somewhere. :(

And I'd love to learn to ride a horse, but I've never thought it would be fair to the poor horse to ask them to carry someone as heavy as me!  

Original Post by kajikit:

I want to be thin enough that I could go on the Mule Ride down into the Grand Canyon - they have a 200 pound weight limit, even though the mules could easily carry more. I guess they have to stop somewhere. :(

And I'd love to learn to ride a horse, but I've never thought it would be fair to the poor horse to ask them to carry someone as heavy as me!  

Oh me too! I used to have a horse and would love to ride again someday. I went to the Grand Canyon when I was 260lbs and walked myself! 2 days down and 1 day up, but I was younger then!

I don't want to think "chubby-chasing freak" if a guy hits on me. ;)

Actually, for singing I read it's a little better to have some extra weight -- carrying the weight around strengthens your diaphragm, & having a not teeny waist gives you more space for a large diaphragm, which in return provides better breath support.  It was in an article about a singer/waitress who was a size 2 when her voice coach recommended she gain weight to improve her voice -- and it did.  Plus, she said she felt healthier & stronger afterward. 

As for my uncommon reason, I have a naturally weak core with a very heavy backside -- I always know it's time to start losing weight & going to the gym when I start having daily back pain.  Which is nice since it starts to kick in when my BMI's around 25, so I never have too much to lose.

Edited to add:  I know a few "chubby-chasers" and they are not freaks!  In fact, I see their pov.  I've cuddled both with skinny guys & with chubby guys, and the chubby guys are MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE.  :-P  Although, whenever I find out that a guy who has shown interest in me typically goes for girls with booty, that makes me feel bad too -- it's not nice to be stereotyped.  So don't stereotype yourself, for your own sake!

Okay so I thought of another one...and this is probably really bad, but here goes....

My boyfriend is drop dead gorgeous...I mean, people turn and look at him when he walks by, and I know all his ex's....Models and super sexy girls.....*Growls rotten evil little....grrrr.....

and they're all still friends with him because they couldn't bear to cut all contact.....which is fine, I mean, they're sweet nice women and I know that they don't want him like that anymore....but I want to feel like i can hold my own with them and not have people wonder what the heck my BF is thinking going out with me....

here we go.. one of my top reasons.. even if it's extremely uncommon..... i wanna take a shower with my boyfriend
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About your #1. I'm 5' 6" and 135. Healthy BMI and good proportions. Only a supermodel would call me fat... I feel seriously self conscious buying diet food. It's not exactly the same - but I think we're all just self conscious. I only stop feeling like I'm being watched when I'm seriously focused on something. 

I feel like I can make people feel better about themselves when I pick up a candy bar. That's why I'm here, to make up for what I did to myself when I was last visiting my sister ( did anyone say fried snickers bar). I would never have eaten so much at home.

And to make up for what I did to myself when I quit smoking (I'm so proud of myself) - PS. I didn't gain a pound: I'm just trying to keep it that way. 

Sorry to say this but smaller boobs.

I go to a lot of festivals/concerts, and i'm really short.

I want to be able to sit on somebodys shoulders and not crush them :p 

I am definately with you on #1 and #2. I have a quite a ton of other reasons but mostly because i want to go shopping! :) i want lots of clothes. and i want to wear sweatpants that are baggy on me and to be able to borrow my best friends clothes.
My most uncommon one is that I want to be able to wear knee high boots! (When I try them I can't get the zips up)
I wanted to know that when guys flirted with me when I was out, it wasn't because they thought I'd be easy/desperate since I was fat.

I wanted to be able to run outside and have people look at me as an athlete and not a fat person trying to lose weight. Not that its wrong for heavy people to run outside... but a lot of us know what its like to be outside running or walking and have people shout nasty comments out their windows.
To spite everyone who has told me that weight gain is inevitable, now that I'm past 40.

Because I want the outside me to match the inside me. Inside, I feel like I'm a fit, healthy chick who takes care of her body (it's a temple yaddah yaddah). My outsides weren't matching.

Because I have two absolutely gorgeous teenage daughters, and (how do I explain this?)... it's not competitiveness or desire to stay young forever..... rather, it's that I want them to be proud of their mom, and not think I'm some frumpy old lady who couldn't care less!!

I want them to know that you can age gracefully, can maintain or even improve your fitness, and that it's not all over for you once you pass your teens and 20s. I also want to be a good role model, demonstrating that exercising is a lifetime, enjoyable activity; healthy eating is important and doesn't need to be a chore nor does it mean you have to starve yourself; and that wearing sunscreen every day really does prevent wrinkles. :-)

i'm with jenmcc

my mom is very overweight, i dont want to be like her.  nor do i want my kids to think that they can eat whatever and not care about their health. 

i also want my clothes to be loser, they fit well now, but i like the baggy feel

I want to be able to run and play with my kids adn not be out of breath...I want to have fun with my hubby and not feel fat and ulgy...I want to be the small one in the family...

Pretty much all of the above. And I want to be able to cross my legs comfortably. And to have one chin instead of two!
I started because of my triglycerides were threw the roof and my doctor told to get my fat %&* into shape or he was putting me on medicine.  So I got a trainer and work out 3 days a week and now am hooked.  I no longer have health issues and just bought a pair of Jeans that are the same size as high school.  Dropping from a 42 to 36 waist this year is keeping me going for more.
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