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unbalanced body

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I'm 18 and I weight 108 at 5'6". I've been underweight ever since I was young and I believe I still am considered underweight. I know people tell me I'm crazy when I say I want to lose weight, but it isn't actual "weight" I want to lose but "fat" in certain areas. I have some flab especially in my thighs and I have a very chubby face. When I was young I used to suffer from insomnia and I believe some eating disorders because I used to be very thin. I became better in high school when I started to eat more - more able to eat more. But I filled myself with more of junk food than healthy food. Though I haven't gained tons of pounds from it, I have gained unhealthy flab and fat. I am currently suffering from a lot of stomach and digestion problems with some cramps ulcers and burns, due to a little drinking, unhealthy eating habits and personal problems leading to stress. My doctor has told me to avoid alcohol, caffeine (esp coffee and soda), junk food, and salty foods. It is hard for me to eat these days(because whatever I eat seems to upset my stomach) though I constantly feel hungry because I have a very fast metabolism.

I think it is also because I still am unconscious about my body and what I should or should not eat in case I gain more weight in the places that I don't want to. Earlier in the year I was crazy and was counting calories and recording what I ate all the time but that just irritated me more and I ended up not getting any of the results I wanted. I do some cardio and running and stretching during most of my free time yet I feel so tired easily and tend to not be able to work out for as long as I want to. However my torso is thin and my ribs slightly show and I am considered flat chested. I find it weird that I tend to gain weight mostly in my legs and face and I'm wondering if I'm not gettin the full nutrition that I need. Is there a way I can have a "balanced" body in my current condition with eating?
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I'm hoping that you'll see a nutritionist because it sounds like you really need one.  I'd suggest things like protein shakes or ensure if your stomach is problematic...also see a gastroenterologist to see if you need medication for IBS or a related illness.  Brown rice seems to go well on an irritable stomach, you can even buy the premade stuff at trader joe's.  Hopefully once you're on the right track, you'll be able to tone your body so that you're happier with it.
Well...what do you typically eat in a day?  How much do you exercise exactly?  This information will help determine if you are getting the full nutrition you need.  You probably gain weight in your legs and face because....genetics.  It's just your body type and there won't be much you can do about it.  I have heard over and over that the only way to change your "shape" is with weight lifting, however, it won't change you into a different person entirely.  Maybe if you gained more weight, your body will become more balanced.
I believe I consume about 1700 to 1800calories a day depending on my mood and body condition. I eat a lot of rice, bread, and dairy like eggs and milk and I also try to add more poultry like beef into my diet. I regularly add veggies and fruits to my meals though sometimes too much of them give me burns in the stomach. But sometimes I may indulge on snacks a bit to much but usually I eat around 4 to 5 meals aday. If I eat more than I normally do, I feel bloated in the stomach and the face and since I'm always so stressed about gaining weight I don't know how I'm going to be able to maintain gaining weight even if it is healthier. These days however I mix too much of snacks and microwave food because I dont have time to cook(not that I can), so I don't know what I should eat.

As for exercise, I run the treadmill for at least 30 min 3 times a week, I do a little bit of yoga and cardio around 4 to 5 times a week. If I feel too empty or sore in the stomach however, I don't get to exercise at all.
Your body needs some amount of fat on it to regulate it's temperature, and to cusion and protect.  It sounds like you are doing a little bit of cardio, but not alot of muscle toning.  Also, realize that breasts are fatty tissue, if you get rid of the fat, the breasts go too.  I am only 1 inch taller than you and used to fluctuate between 95 and 115.  SERIOUSLY underweight.  I bruised laying on the floor, because there was very little fat to cushion.  I had very small breasts.  My tummy often felt bloated, that was because when I ate, there was no where else to go but out.  I still saw fat when I looked into the mirror.  It wasn't until I saw a picture of myself that I realized how sick I looked.  As I gained weight and became curvier (125 pounds), I couldn't believe how many compliments that I received, and how often men hit on me (which was important to me then).  Way more than when I was stick thin.    I think people always thought that I was sick.  Unfortunately, we cannot decide where the weight comes off, and where it stays.  Like some of the other posts have mentioned, gaining weight and then toning your muscle may be the only way to balance your body. The rest is up to genetics!
Thank you. It does seem like the only way to balance my body is to gain weight but everything I eat seems to go to my face and thighs. I don't know if I just simply have to consume more calories to "gain weight", especially when I'm so self-conscious about gaining weight in general. I want to balance my body by getting rid of the bad excess fat and replacing it with lean muscle and healthy fat, so I'm in need of a healthy diet & workout plan.
I have a similar body type. I'm somewhat heavier, not actually underweight - BMI, rounded to the nearest half, is 20 right now. And I'm not petite, so that's about as low as I can safely go. But I have a little extra weight on my thighs despite ribcage outlines showing, and I don't have a "thin" face.

I'm going to start adding calisthenics and leg-specific exercises in, to try to tone my thighs better. Leg lifts, that sort of thing. Maybe I can't get them small, but firm would at least help.
Try some toning, it might help get rid of the flab, and you wont have to lose weight.
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Focus on a weight lifting routine to build up muscle in your legs and in other parts of your body, to make it look firmer. You are underweight, but that seems to be just your body type.

Focus on eating healthier (more, but healthier) and toning up, rather than losing weight.

Your body is obviously unhealthy. I think seeing a nutritionist and getting into shape will do wonders for you. Try to forget about your body image issues and focus on your health issues instead. I guarentee that a healthy lifestyle and treating your body right will make all the difference for you.
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