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Weight Loss
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Two Weeks on Calorie Count...5 pounds lost.

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I am amazed at how logging my food works so fast.  Just focusing and being conscious is massively helpful.  I don't even have to "give up" what I like (ie:  pizza and beer!!) I just have ONE beer and ONE slice of pizza instead of three and three.

I eat so much when I'm not paying attention!!

Stepped on the scale today after 2 weeks on CC:  5 pounds lost!

I think I can EASILY consume 4000 calories a day.  But when I only have 1800-2000, I am not hungry. 

My ideal weight (5'5, biggish muscles for a lady) for me is 120-125.  That's when my pants from college fit.  After the "extended holidays" (How does Thanksgiving bleed into St. Patrick's day, you guys?) I was up to 140.

I guess I'm sharing this as a testimonial:  this WORKS.  I have not increased my activity level (I always work out for an hour 5x a week, and ride my bike and walk most days) Only started counting calories.  And it makes me go:  "Wait.  Are you hungry? Or do you just want more delicious cookies? How about one cookie, Ginny.  One cookie is good."

I'm looking forward to shedding this "fat suit" over the next two months.


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Sounds like you are off to a great start!  It does make a big difference when we are conscious of what we are putting in our mouths :)

You are doing great! You will shed that "fat suit" in no time!

gratz! That's how you do it!

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