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Weight Loss
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Is two meals a day ok?

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I've noticed when I'm eating properally, I only get hungry twice a day. [Which is typically afternoon and evening. I take a multivitamin in the morning..] Do I have to FORCE myself to eat a third meal? Even though I'm feeling good?

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oh god, you're going to regret posting that.

...I'm just curious about my health. I didn't think anyone would be immature about what I posted.



It's probably not healthy. In the morning why can't you have something light, like a yogurt or piece of fruit? When you go to bed, I assume you went at least 8 hours without eating and when you wake up, your body is going to want food. I'm assuming your meals are pretty big if you only eat 2 a day and are getting enough calories. You should try and break it up into 5 smaller meals a day.  Hope that helps, good luck.


it depends, how much are you eating in that 2 meals, and are you getting enough nutrition/a balanced diet from it...?

some people choose to eat several small meals a day cause it helps prevent bloating, the feeling of excessive fullness, and also keeps your metabolism revved up the whole day. (i'm one of those people who can't eat huge meals with lots of veg and rice (my staples) without getting really full, and besides, i get peckish often too, so i tend to split my meals up over the day). but if you are satisfied with your 2 meals, then why not? the important bit is to check that you're eating/drinking enough:

  • you should be getting at least 1200cals/day (~600cals per meal)
  • try to aim for at least 2~3 servings of veg, 2~3 servings of fruit, 1~2 servings of protein (lean meats, legumes, fish, etc.), a glass of dairy products or some other source of calcium, and 2~3 servings of carb (wholemeal bread, cereal, brown rice, barley oats, etc.)
  • drink about 1.5liters of water a day, more if you're exercising or if the weather is hot

you might want to consider eating breakfast for weight loss though. there are studies that show how eating breakfast helps reduce your appetite for the rest of the day as well as kick start your metabolism...

It would help if you shared how many calories you are eating, what your weight loss goals are and activity level.  "Eating properly" includes eating enough and if you are, it doesn't really matter how often you eat.  Sometimes I combine meals.  Like breakfast and lunch (600+ calories) or lunch and dinner.  Sometimes I stretch meals over several hours (smoothie here, sandwich there, juice later). 

At the end of the day, calories count. 

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I don't think jblarghp was trying to be mean.... its kinda my thought too when I see threads for the 'obvious calorie count' answer.

On CC here, there are a few things that you know exactly what the answer will be.... such as things like eating breakfast is a must, starvation mode, teens eating low cal, etc.

And I guess your question will be answered by most CC members as - you have to eat more than 2 meals a day to keep your metabolism up and such.

But sometimes what works for one person won't work for another. If you feel that eating 2 meals a day works for you (& I think deep inside you know the answer of whether its healthy or not), than continue doing it.

Haha sorry, confusing post! Just ignore if it doesnt make sense at all :P

I've heard your morning meal is the last meal you should skip, if you decide to skip a meal, skip dinner.

I sometimes have only two meals on a Sunday.  I often have a cup of coffee or two around 9, eat breakfast a couple hours later, and then go out to a very early dinner (like, 4:00 -- beat the dinner hour).  Being at a restaurant, that's certian to be a high calorie meal (700-800 cal at a minimum).  It was never a problem, and I lost 50 pounds doing that.  However, that was one, or at most two, days a week, not the general pattern.  During the week, I eat a full 33% of my  calories prior to lunch, about 47% at lunch, and 20% for dinner.

I tend to skip breakfast more often then I probably should.  Having said that I always get my calories in for the day and I try to eat a very healthy lunch and dinner.

  One of my problems is that I like to over eat sooo. If I skip breakfast or just eat very lightly I can eat more later.  I don't find it a problem with my weight loss.  Everybody is different just make sure you are getting your proper nutrition, fat and fiber and not just your multivitamin.

Overall I feel like every person has their one eating style and as long as the food is heathy then what's the diff.


That being said I have a friend who joined a diet group, Quick Weightloss Center, and the following is one of the things they taught him. Think about how animals eat in their natural habitat and what their body style is like. Deer for example graze (or eat small meals) threw out the day; have you ever seen a fat deer? Bears on the other hand tend to gorge so that they have that extra fat for hibernation.

Personally... I'd rather be a deer.  Laughing


Now I have NO idea what your meals are like, but I'm pretty sure if you ate smaller meals you'd get hungry more often. Of course I try to eat before I'm REALLY hungry, so that I don't gorge myself into hibernation.  Wink

Everyone is different, and you have to find what works for you, but the only thing I would encourage is to eat something as soon as you get up.  It doesn't have to be your whole meal, even just a piece of fruit or toast.  You're metabolism slows down overnight since you're sleeping and don't need to burn as much.  When you start eating, it kicks your metabolism into gear for the day.  Skipping breakfast means you never gave it that jump-start.

Besides that, stick to your 2 meals if you want.  Some people like the full feeling of a big meal.  I find if I eat every few hours and never get truly hungry, I'm less likely to crave anything I shouldn't be eating.  But that's just me. :)

I eat 2 meals a day - perfectly fine in my mind because everyone is different and you need to do what you feel is necessary for your body! There is not one-size-fits-all program that everyone must follow! Some people eat 6-7 meals a day while others can live just by eating 1 large one... I typically eat a nice big lunch & a nice big dinner and I am good to go. I hope you are including enough healthy foods in your two meals, but from the sounds of it you are because you are not hungry!! :)

That's fine as long as you're eating ENOUGH and they're fairly evenly spread out - don't wait to eat lunch until 2pm and then have dinner at 6 and then expect your body to be happy about it! But you could eat brunch at 10/11 and dinner at 6 and get by just fine.

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I work nights in a bar from 9-3am . I  get up at noon or 1pm and have dinner , then another meal at maybe 6pm. I might snack on seeds/fruit before work but I don't really have time for 3 mealsUndecided And I heard you're not supposed to eat at night anyway.

But I agree that you should have breakfast even if it's only a smoothie or fruit or yoghurt.

I remember when i could get buy on 2 meals a day, and sometimes only one.  It probably wasn't healthy, but I know where you are coming from.  I still have to force myself to eat in the morning.  I simply don't want anything.  The next time you go see your doctor, ask him.  If your health is good, you are probably OK.  However, if you have a medical condition that really requires you to eat more regularly, like diabetis or insulin resistance, you need to start eating something in the morning.  I've discovered kellogg's protein bars, and they make an easy, light breakfast.

Original Post by starting:

I work nights in a bar from 9-3am . I  get up at noon or 1pm and have dinner , then another meal at maybe 6pm. I might snack on seeds/fruit before work but I don't really have time for 3 mealsUndecided And I heard you're not supposed to eat at night anyway.

But I agree that you should have breakfast even if it's only a smoothie or fruit or yoghurt.

The reason you don't eat at night isn't because it's night, it's because you shouldn't eat right before you go to bed, as your metabolism slows overnight.  If you don't go to bed until 4am or so, eating at midnight or 1am is perfectly fine.

I have a similar schedule actually, I usually go to bed around 3-4am and get up at about noonish.  I don't think of my meals as breakfast, lunch, and dinner since the times are so screwy, so I just eat as soon as I get up, and eat every 3 hours from there, for 5 meals.  My last meal works out to be about 3 hours before I go to bed.

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A lot of posts have been made, but I want to write my own input on it.


If your body doesn't feel -hungry-, it could be that it's a bit more sluggish digesting things. I have trouble with meats and a lot of other foods, so I try to listen to my body more and eat sensibly (Before, I could eat a -lot-, but only junk foods that had no sustenance).


When you're eating, try to follow the Tao rule:


Chew slowly and focus on the food you're eating. This allows more digestive enzymes to enter the food, thereby making it easier to digest.

Don't multitask while eating.  - This makes us eat faster- and enjoy the food less.

Focus on foods that your body needs, versus what it craves.  -Cravings could represent food allergies.


We actually need a lot less food than we consume daily to thrive! Buddists eat once daily fairly small meals. (Mind, they're pretty skinny).  So just make sure you're getting your vitamins, minerals, fibre- and that your body is happy with its fuel. :)



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