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Is Tuna the key to weightloss?

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I read many articles depicting that tuna can be a number one element to successful weightloss and maintaining. Some of the research was polled on maintenence period with adults. They had to post what foods they were eating to lose all this weight. Over 90% had tunafish  in their diets. They ate this regularly and to curb binges some kept it around just to snack on. It was filling and did the trick for most.

My question is I know the key is moderation, so can to much tuna be really bad for you and end up causing much worse problems. Or should we all try and add tuna to our diets and keep it consistant?
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Oh god, yes.

Tuna, ESPECIALLY Albacore Tuna, you have to be careful of. Most tuna carries methylmercury. How much depends on where the fish came from. Chunk Light is usual OK, but Albacore... not so OK. Too much methylmercury.. and you could get very sick indeed.

Avoid Albacore Tuna if you're pregnant, or nursing, and never give Albacore to a toddler.
I eat tuna ALL time time, 4 or 5 time a week i'd guess, in salads, sarnies, and potatos. I love it.
Fish in general is good for weight loss. It is lower calorie then chicken or beef and the fat it contains is good fat. I have found I like grilled mahi-mahi marinated in lemon pepper. Mmmm..... I can taste it now.
I eat tuna pretty regularly I heard about the mercury content in it. I never really looked anything up on it though. I dont eat huge servings of it. Just small ones during the week. It does sorta curb your appetite. I dont think it tastes the great to eat it everyday and im sure its not good for me to eat it everyday. I got burned out on it recently just eating it 4 times a week.

I love fish not as much as steak but hey I am trying to lose weight. I like to bake tilapia fish, spray a little bit of cooking spray, basil and parsley and yummo 90 calories and protein.


I refuse to eat talipia I wont eat any carp type fish they are poop eaters and just the thought of that alone makes me sick. My mom swears by the talipia i just cant go it.
Try Mahi-mahi. It is a tad bit expensive but it is GREAT stuff. It has lots of Omega-3 in it.
What do you mean they're poop eaters, oh I'm starting to feel a little sick.  I'm made tilapia fillets for my kids last week :(

Tilapia and carp tend to be the "janitors" of the water, meaning they eat alot of junk out of the water. However, if they don't live in contaminated water they are fine to eat.

Most of the fish that you can buy is farm raised anyway so it is alright to eat.
Thanks rae-- my kids love it & I figured it was alot better than some of the other choices out there or the usual- "can we have McDonald's tonight?"  I refuse to let them eat all the fast food crap early on in their lives- they will thank me later on- only occas. is OK & they do like fish...  I've also found that if you give kids a bunch of healthy choices & let them control the foods they're eating- they seem to enjoy meals better- at least with my 3 kids.
That sounds like a really good way to handle it. LOL my mom couldn't have gotten me to eat fish (except fish sticks which are bad) for anything.
I love fish now though.
farm raised fish can often be worse than fish that live in the wild; they are fed ground up crap and kept in yucky, contaminated and overpopulated ponds.

It's important to be aware of where your seafood comes from, and the absolute best is to buy seafood as fresh as you can get from your local seafood market, not necessarily the grocery store.  Most seafood these days comes from asia - who knows where it was raised (icky farm) and what it has been treated with to stay fresh.  Plus, if you buy local you are supporting your local economy.

Sorry to rant, but please support your local fishermen.  Not so much about tuna, but shrimp and crab and fresh fish taste so much better straight from the ocean versus pond-raised.  Yes, there is a risk of mercury poisoining, but follow your local guidelines (http://www.epa.gov/waterscience/fish/) and you should be a.ok. 

I live in an area that is very "natural"- lots of vegan, "natural eateries" & so forth, so I'll try to check it out.  I think I remember seeing a seafood market in my travels through town.  Thanks.
farm raised fish have chemicals added to the water too. most are so sick that although they pump the water full of antibiotics, they die anyways. you should do some research on the subject and decide for yourself. (im not trying to be rude, just raising a little more awareness on what is a very scary thing)
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I watched an episode of 'dirty jobs' they were doing the farmraised fish. They load them all up with antibiotics and many other things. Just doesnt look all that healthy to eat once they are done treating them with all types of chemicals. The talapia are in fact poo eaters as said above. They feast on all the stuff that the other fish were pooping out and that is what they lived on. The bottom line of fish. They showed Mike Rowe helping to move the talapia from one part of the farm to another they were just covered in poo and every other thing that is disqusting that was left over from other fish.
So what's the least disgusting, least likely to eat/be covered in poo kind of fish?
heres a calculator based on body wt that lets you know your tuna limit:


and to help your body deal with the mercury load and other heavy metals dark green veggies help clean you out of that kinda stuff (like spinach)

Sh*t! I love tuna, but I recently found out how bad the mercury level is. I especially love albacore. Canned, fresh, as sushi. Damnit! I was easily eating WAY more than my "one can a week" that the FDA approves. Crap, am I supposed to just stop eating it all together? Especially if I want to have children in the next few years?


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