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do those tummy belts really work?

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someone recommended that i get one of those tummy belts to work out in while i walk and run. they said it will help get rid of my tummy fat. 

has it work for anyone? if so, which one do you recommend? thanks!
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No. They're a ripoff. They don't work.

Only way to lose the tummy fat (or... any fat for that matter) is to keep doing aerobic exercise :)
If you want to work your abs while walking, hold them for 5 secs then relese, hold them again. That's effective, you can walk and do some abs workout at the same time! But I don't think the belt work, everything sold on TV is crap usualy.
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Ok. I have to defend the tummybelt. I used my tummy belt while  training for the PRR(peachtree road race) and it was great. We're talking six straight weeks here.

My husband even commented on how good my waistline was looking.

You loose the inches by sweating out the excess water. I would sweat soooo much during a 45 minute workout that every clothing item below the bellybutton would be soaked. Of course the belt is soaked as well.

So don't give up just because someone else had a bad experience. We do not have the same body types, therefore we will not lose weight at the same level as our girlfriends or cousins.

So make the decision for yourself before you decide to go against it.



It is a good thing to hold your abs in when you walk/exercise. You can also do this while sitting at your desk. It helps to strengthen your lower back.

Another thing, try to remember not to slouch when you're sitting. This strains your abdomenal muscles which causes you to get tired quicker when you're doing sit-ups.
Your muscles have been straining to hold your slouched back all day and now you want them to hold you while you do situps? Think about it.

luv ya girl!
Then it's just water you're losing and not weight, no?  So you're basically feeling skinny but looking dehydrated?  Remember those ab zapping belts?  Those ones at least made sense but were also a total rip and i recall one of the companies getting sued.
A neat idea I once saw was a way to remind yourself to hold in your abs
while sitting in your chair.  You tie a string firmly around your
middle with your tummy in the normal position, then suck in your
abs.  Every time you relax the string will remind you to suck it
in again when it tightens.  If nothing else it's cheap :-)

I too will stand up for the belt, of course just wearing it watching tv eating nachos will do the trick! No one no were said that its gonna be magic and as soon as you put it on your going to all of sudden loose all this water weight to see a difference. I will bring your sweat up a little higher then it would without. The more sweat the better but make sure you are always hydrating. There is no quick or easy plan it is eat right and exercise:)

Have to program your mind to get used to doing activity everyday. Even if you start of light by going for a jog walk 40 mins a day! Choosing something better for you meals. Stop making excuses why you can't work out and just do it. So many complain that there is not enough time in the day to work out but when you really do research there is ways of working out for every schedule. 

You have to learn this is not just for the time being this will be a life change! Go test out different activities, such as kayaking, swimming, tennis, hot yoga, jogging, soccer, volley ball, hiking, biking! There are tons of great fun stuff that gets you out and also great social network!

I have stopped taking the bus to work I bring a backpack full of my work clothes, bar or soap and deoderant :S and I ride my bike! Its a 37 minute bike ride! Anyways thats my little opinion on changing your thought on working out and that the belt will help but is not going to do the working out for you:)


It'll dehydrate you, so you might lose a quarter to half pound while working out.  That'll pop right back on as soon as you drink some more water, though.  And since it's recommended to continually rehydrate during exercise, I would suspect that wearing something designed to dehydrate you is counterproductive.

Bottom line is, unless you sweat oil instead of salty water, you aren't going to lose any more fat with the belt than without.

Am trying out an experiment....

There is a saying that you have to band your belly...tighten your belt...an  so.forth...how I see it is like this...if you band your belly you can't eat as much...and not eating as much would eventually cause weight loss without any.excersie.....

So I have decided to band my belly,stomach for 30 days...and eat what I usually do...I will take a bath in the morning,wrap my stomach,wear the band foe the day and take it off.at night before bed..

I weigh 190,at present.....let you know what happens in a week ,then 2 an  eventually in the month....

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If anyone can prove that the weight you lose with this belt  is anything but water, I'm all ears.

When you work out, it is you doing the work that trims the waistline.

These belts work... to get money off you.

I run, and within half an hour everything is soaked anyway. Everything. I can't imagine the discomfort of having something to deliberately add to the sweaty mess that is me.

Sweat through your efforts. Only burning more and eating less helps lose permanent weight.

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