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Keep trying to swallow

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This has been happening to me occasionally for about a week now.  I feel like there's something caught in the back of my throat and I keep trying to swallow, but it doesn't seem to help.  When I open my mouth and look in there, I can't see anything amiss. I haven't noticed any pattern about when it happens.  I'd say the sensation lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to like, hours.

Anybody ever have that?
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um... have you had enough water?
Just guessing, could be way off.
The only time I have had that happen is right after I take my pills in the morning.  It is usually because I didn't drink enough water with them.
Are you having any problems with your sinuses? 
I'm on my 2nd liter of water for the day. That's usual for me.

I do take meds and vitamins in the morning - 7 am, but the feeling started just around 11 am.  Have never had trouble swallowing my vitamins...

Like I said, I can't figure out a pattern to it.  Right now, the feeling is slightly lessened than it was when it first started 20 minutes ago.  But is still sort of bothersome.
Maybe you should have it checked out..
Sinuses are mostly clear.  I was a little stuffy when I woke up. Blew my nose - resovled.  

Actually - just tested each side - left side is a little stuffy.
maybe you're on  your way to catching a cold and the first sympton is a sore throat.. and you dont want to swallow because it hurt....just a thought.
have you eaten something that you normally do not eat? You may be having an allergic reaction.

It doesn't hurt to swallow - just feels like there's something stuck in the back of my throat --- oh I hope I'm not getting sick :/

I had eliminated all wheat from my diet about a month ago and have been experimenting with adding it back in.  Seemed like small amounts were no problem so I tried Uncle Sam Cereal, which is a whole wheat flake cereal.  Had that this morning with blueberries and soymilk. 

mmm..  yesterday was pretty ordinary - strawberries and uncle sam cereal for breakfast, salad veggies with salsa for lunch, salad with black beans and corn and grilled chicken for dinner.

Haven't felt bloated or anything, which was a symptom of wheat intolerance that I was alert for.
That is weird because I am experiencing the same sensation.  Mine feels like there is something stuck at the very back of the roof of my mouth.  But, I can't for the life of me, get it out.  I have tried swooshing liquids around in my mouth to try to break it free but no luck. 
Sometimes it feels like a piece of straw is back there.  Sometimes I can't feel exactly what it is.  But I can't see anything there.

And it's been doing this off and on for about a week, so hopefully that's not some awful new virus that takes a week to get hold of you.
Sounds like a mild case of strep throat?
Ugh.  So far as I know, there IS no mild case of strep.  Strep hurts so much that you would rather spit than swallow and you feel all around crappy, feverish and horrible. 

Um... Sorry.  My sis and I passed it back and forth a lot when we were kids, so I have some bad memories of it.
I just read about difficulty swallowing on the Mayo clinic site.  Most times when people get this, it's either because of muscle spasms in the esophagus or gastric problems like acid reflux.  That isn't really what I'm experiencing - no digestive problems at all.

There was one mention that sometimes people report a feeling like there's something in their throat that they can't swallow but really there's nothing there - they call it globus - and it's a stress response.  I am stressed out I guess. 

So thanks for all the help, but it looks like I'm just loonytunes on this one :-P
Acid Reflux...i get that all the time and thats what you are experiencing. Whenever the acid comes up and it burns your throat you can feel like there is somethign still there for 10 minutes on up...try chewing a piece of gum. SO you will forget or not notice it as much, but if it continues to btoher you, you can go get it checked...but i have the same thing and its just acid...
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Hey...I am new here but I saw your post. If you didn't know, a lot of people (like me) who suffer from acid reflux didn't even know that they had it! It happens at night when you are laying down.

Not to freak you out but my best friend had acid reflux his whole life and had trouble swallowing. He went to the Dr and was scoped (through the nose into the throat). They found esophageal cancer due to the acid reflux.

Better safe than sorry...get it checked out.
I am so sorry but everytime I read this title - my mind goes to the gutter.

I was going to tell you that this happened once to my hubby.  The doctor said his nosel passage was swollen and gave him an inhaler to use - worked great.
Salome!!  LOL!!!!!!

Well, I didn't think I was having acid reflux because I haven't noticed any burning (I had the lovely heartburn and acid reflux many years ago when I was pregnant - the gift that keeps on giving...)  but if I could be having it at night and not know about it - yikes, I guess I'd better get it checked.  I have a dr appt on the 26th to check my ovaries - might as well mention this too.

I apolized in advance.  Hey - it got my attention.  :)

Good luck with your appointment.  I love making lists.  Make a list of questions to ask your doctor as you think of them so when you get there you don't forget.
lol tiamat- it gets better as you get older, i've had strep every 6 months for my ENTIRE life, with a 2 year break during college.  Eventually the streptococcus bacteria actually eat so much of your tonsils that you can hardly feel them...
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