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Weight Loss
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trying to lose weight but cant because of my partner...

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A few years ago when i was single i went from 21 stone to 12 stone.

But since being with my partner i've gone upto 16 stone again and i've tried to diet how i used to loads of times but just seem to give in a few weeks later :(.

But when my partner was away for a month i stuck to my diet like clockwork ...

i dunno what to do apart from tell her to go away for 6 months lol

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Why is it you're unable to stick to your diet when she's around? 

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yes i just give up lol

she does try support me too


I found it easier to stick to my intakes/deficits/workouts without people but the thing is I also need to learn how to lose or maintain with people too. I think it is a part of the lifestyle change/adjustment.

If you can, find/figure out the real problems (example: like ordering take out/getting fast food) and just ask for the help to not have it in the house or not get suggested as a dinner option (if she wants/has to have it, do it without you and not at home as a favor till you can better handle it).

If that is not possible up your activity to counter your surpluses back to deficits/maintenance. Currently, I workout almost daily just so I can eat more calories and still have a decent deficit.

Make sure you don't cut calories too quickly. Studies show that while you will lose weight pretty quickly focusing on calories isn't great for long term success. Be sure to focus on the right foods and eating a balanced diet. Your diet should include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats and possibly legumes like beans. When you focus on the right foods you can cut calories without feeling hungry all the time. Fruit helps you control your appetite because it has a sugar called fructose which has been shown to help suppress your appetite. Meat of course has protein which can increase your metabolism and suppress your appetite. Whole grains and veggies have fiber which helps you control your appetite. It is for these reasons and a few others that a balanced diet helps you control your appetite while still cutting calories. 

Eventually I have come to the realization that losing my huge body weight is something I have to do for myself and for myself only. For once I am allowed to be "selfish": I eat what's good for my body and I go to gym - I call it "me" time: an hour - sometimes two - without a cell phone, fax, e - mail; just time for myself.

"Only I can decide how badly I want results!"

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