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Trying to lose 10 lbs. forever club

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I am interested in finding others who have been struggling for a long time with losing the "last 10 lbs". .  I've been battling to lose 10 lbs for many years.  Actually, I've lost 10 in the last year but I needed to lose 20 a year ago (not just 10). 

I run, bike and swim now and have been participating in running 5k's and triathlons.  I have firmed up but would like to wear a size 8 comfortably.  I may want to go on to a size 6 next.

I think that if I had some friends with the same goals, then I would stay motivated.  Maybe we can share ideas and recipes. 

Let me know if you are out there and interested.
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You gotta make your body think if you're at pause of shedding the pounds.....I've gave some tips for a person on here and they seem to help, so here's what I'm suggesting you to do (this also helped me break my plateau.)

Stop the exercise for a few days (up to a week at least.) Your body will be rested and it won't expect the exercise everyday like it does.

Eat 1200 calories or a couple hundred calories lower for a few days and then BANG! Shock your body with at least 1300-1500 calories.

Within a weeks time of exercising again and eating what you normally do, the weight should start to come off! :)

It worked for me, and another friend, so I'm hoping it will work for you!
im starting at 130 and my goal weight has always been 120. i went down a few pounds, then up a few, but the conclusion is i simply cannot lose weight. i bike everywhere I go; probably 6 miles every 5-6 days. i take a yoga and a dance class- aside from yesterday, i had never cheated on my diet. (yesterday was an awful story-i had too many smirnoff ices and i didnt estimate they would be nearly that high-went 800 cals over!) i zig zag my calories with an average of 1400 a day- but i NEVER lose weight! i definitly share your 10 pound goals, and would be glad to help keep eachother motivated.
thea8 - we are almost in the exact same situation! I am also 130 lbs and wanting to lose those "last ten pounds." My goal weight has been 120 lbs for the past three years and I have yet to shed it!

I went down to 126 lbs for a few days, but my body always levels out at 130 lbs. I don't want to believe this is my natural weight because I'd love to lose just those last ten pounds and KEEP IT OFF.

Best of luck to everyone with those stubborn pounds!!!
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Hi, toniahayes and thea8 - I'm with you.  I've been trying to lose 10 pounds since I gained 15 in college, and that was over a decade ago.  I had lost 5 by Christmas 2006 and have since gained it all back, plus 2 pounds.  So I guess I've got 12 to lose!  I swear it just takes a few weeks of not checking the scale. 

I've restarted counting calories and usually eat 1200-1400 a day.  I seriously need to do better on weekends, but lately, there have been a lot of barbecues and a lot of delicious drinks, so it's been challenging.

I'm not in great shape - I walk about an hour every day and play tennis once or twice a week.  I'm really impressed with those of you who can do anything that requires endurance!

me too!  count me in!  i am currently at 121 and being only 5ft tall.  i have been trying to lose 10 pounds for years!  im not kidding!  so any advice at this point would be great.  i feel as if my body is revolting against any diet like the fat is here to stay :(
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10 lbs is my goal as well ^^ Currently size 4-6 goal is 2-4. Its funny how a small ish goal can be so difficult. I started changing my diet in feb and Ive lost only 2 lbs.

Alot of friends recommend jogging.... you may even notice gain in the beginning but then all of a sudden there is an extreme drop (this isnt bad or unhealthy, just the way it seems to happen) Unfortunately I have alot of knee problems so low impact is key for my routine....
okey guys, but we need a plan!

i mean i've been trying to lose those 10lbs for the last, hmmmm, three years, and my body always always always levels out at 137! i hate that number, actually i want to lose 15, but hey, 10 will be great!  

at what bmi are you?

and what do you think we should do??!!!
Okay... what should we do??  What do you all think about Aeromancer's suggestion about not exercising for a week and dropping calories to 1200 and then continue on a regular exercise program with our normal calories?  See the post...

Hey Aeromancer,

Do you think just changing my exercise routine would work?  I can't imagine not exercising for a week.
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I think light excercise such as walking (I've stopped all other methods of transportation for the most part so Im bound to this one :P) combined with a 1200 cal diet might be good to try...
Little update... I actually lost some! I have been aiming for 1200 a day lately and it seems that it is working. I also have been walking ALOT (8 hours friday, 2hours sat, 2 hour mountain biking sun, nothing on mon, and 5 hours on tues) I've gone from 139 to 136 since I last weighed (bout a week ago) I also drink 3L of water a day and I just started mixing green tea into my schedule with 3-4 cups a day.
Yea im short, I am currently 115...also very desperate to be rid of the last 10 awful pounds. Im just not sure what to do.   aeromancers plan sounds like it might work...but i walk 4 miles everyday, do i stop that for a week?
I need definitely to loose 12 pounds I walk one hour everyday except weekends  and exersise bodyweight resistense almost one hour as well ,I am too petite 4:10 ,I have gained in the last three years 15 pounds ,but I accept to loose only 12 pounds LOL.today I walked almost 7 miles in two hours.I am trying a new diet Kmkins.I will do it for two weeks and I will tell you the results.
me too me too!! Im about 123ish and I have been trying to get rid of those last few to take me back to 115 and am having no luck at all!!   I exercise lots and eat well - what gives?!
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How about weekly weigh-ins?  Maybe on Monday?  (That way we can be accountable for our weekends.)

Right now my bmi is 20.3 but I'd like it to be 18.7.  I have a really small frame and any extra weight goes straight to my face so even a few pounds shows.

Here are the things I plan to do, besides the usual:

1.  Be careful about mindless eating and drinking on weekends, especially during parties or other social events. 

2.  Walk faster to get the heart rate up.

3.  Do 20 pushups every morning. 

I can't give up exercise for a week, since my dog would get disappointed!

I am 5'3" between 141 and 148 depending on the day, and would love to drop the last ten.......I  plateau at 140.. for nearly the past 3years, so I am in!1

We need a plan first.  I don't know about stopping exercising all together- for some of us, it's not only routine, but a sort of promise to ourself or even a compulsive thing that we do.

I will say that I got to 138 a few years ago by doing double workouts.... you still have to watch your calories (no big macs or milkshakes) but I have read about the TIMING of your cardio workouts, and how it makes a difference.  Morning is supposed to be better, because it encourages you to make better choices during the day (food) and afternoon exercisers tend to report more excuses for NOT exercising.  I am just repeating what I read.  I do think my morning exercising makes me feel better, but running (or whatever) in the evening makes me NOT hungry, and then I don't eat/snack in the late evening.

Also, weight training helps you lose weight... and it doesn't make you get all Arnold looking, contrary to the myths.  I started lifting 7 years ago, and my whole body composition changed!  I stayed the same weight, mind you, but went from 10-12 to a 6-8!  It helps, I swear!

Let's all post our suggestions, pool them together, see what the consensus is, and then try a 4 week program (or whatever we decide)

amyb3517's proposal - double workouts 3 days a week (eg.  30 min walk in the AM, 3 mile jog in the evening, or pilates in the AM,  elliptical trainer in the evening)  We'll post every day what we've done and what CC says we've burned doing it. 
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I like your proposal, amyb3517.  Are you saying that 3 days a week we do double workouts and 3 or 4 days a week do what we regularly do? That sounds like a good plan; however, I'm not generally a formal exerciser - I just fit in activity whenever I can. (I jog in place and do tennis drills in front of the tv and walk my dog briskly twice a day, but I have never enjoyed formalized workouts so have never been able to stick with it.)

I do propose regular weigh-ins, but instead of reporting our actual weights and stats, why not start at +10 (or +12 in my case) and subract? 

 doesn't have to be formal.... just whatever you do, you have to do 2x's 3 x's a week.  If it's walking the dog in the AM and tennis drills in the evening, then so be it.

The other 4 days of the week we should be doing something, but if you are only a normal 3 day a week exerciser, then you'll STILL be doing double what you normally would.

the +10 thing, are we talking about weight?  You mean like daily?

That would be fine, except I don't WANT to weigh myself everyday if I can help it (it messes with my psyche----)  Maybe once a week?
I have been trying to lose 10 (sometimes 15 when I unexpectedly gain) for over a year now.  There is a forum under motivation that might be helpful...

Is the 10 lb CLUB READY?? (1 2 3 ...15)
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Hi amyb3517 - I do mean weight for the +10 thing, but I think once a week would be plenty! 

cplatt, there are some good ideas at the other forum too.  I'll have to skim it thoroughly.
I like the weigh in once a week thing.  Wednesdays are a good time for me to weigh in because I am usually bloated on Mondays because of too much of whatever over the weekend.  Although a Monday weigh in would probably keep me disciplined over the weekend. 

Let's take a vote on who is in for  Monday weigh in or Wednesday weigh in????

I like double workout three days per week idea.  I think that would give me three evenings where I am destressing by taking a walk instead of destressing with eating. 

Today is June 1st.  Let's say we focus on the 10 pounds by July 6th.  It's not real fat loss if it is over 2 lbs. per week and we want to lose fat, not lean mass. 

What do you think about posting the night before: 1.) our next day's calorie goals,2.) exercise goals and 3.)how we did for that day.  For example:  May 31st- today I went over my calorie intake goals by 400 calories. (I need to create a 500- 1000 calorie per day deficit to lose 2 lbs per week.  I probably will maintain my weight based on todays intake.)  I walked for 90 minutes on the beach at an easy pace (I am recovering form a Triathlon) and I rode my bike at an easy pace for 90 minutes. Tomorrow I will do a double workout to make up for the overage.  I will plan to walk in the morning and play tennis in the evening.  For strength, I will do push ups, lunges, and sit ups since I am at the beach and don't have weight equipment available.  I plan to consume no more than 1500 calories.

How is that for a daily check in???

Let's take a vote on who is in on the 10 lbs. forever club??

Tonia is in.
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Trixi's in.

I vote for a Monday weigh-in, mainly b/c I am very undisciplined on weekends.  I'm going to a bbq on Sunday and have vowed to drink a glass of water after every beer (or mojito, or sangria).

1)  Calorie goals for June 1:  1400. 

2)  Exercise goals:  brisk 60 minute walk/hike in the woods with dog;  tennis drills for 30 minutes.  20 pushups.

3) May 31:  stayed within calorie goals.  One workout (dog walk).

4)  Possible pitfalls for June 1:  I'm meeting friends at a bar after dinner tonight.  I'll figure 2 drinks into my calorie goals for today.
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