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Weight Loss
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5'2 Trying to lose 5 Pounds

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Hi All,


I have been under an intense amount of stress lately and have gained nearly 10 pounds. I do not feel good about myself anymore and it is really affecting my everyday life.

I am constantly hungry and when I think about food I get even more stressed out because I feel that everything I eat will make me gain more weight.

Have you ever felt this way?

Do you have any tips that work for losing 5 pounds in a short amount of time?!



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I'm 5'3" and I put on a stone in the last year or so. I'm still quite small, but it still made me feel podgy and that everything I was eating didnt help. Since I found this site, I have lost that whole stone, and when I first started I lost 2lbs every week. Everyone says its unhealthy to lose more than 1lb a week, but I believe every body has an ideal weight it wants to be and if you want to lose it will help you. Techniques I used:

I buy a small loaf of bread, for which there are around half the amount of calories per slice (that helps with the psychological aspect of eating 4 slices of bread with soup)

Instead of buying chocolate bars I buy chocolate wafer type snacks which have alot of air in them and have one or two instead of one or 2 whole chocolate bars.

I put half the amount of everything on my dinner plate and doubled up on lettuce instead (I ate alot of salads).

I became addicted to banana, I find them really really filling and completely guilt free.


Thats just a few things I've been doing, and they are all easy to keep up. Of course after the first couple of days of being really good to yourself it becomes easier. Oh one last tip. I have a set of scales which measure to 0.0 of a lb which is also better because you can see even if you have only lost 1/4 lb. 


Best of luck!

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