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Trying to loose weight at age 66

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I am a 66 year old petite woman and need to loose about 10 pounds.  According to the chart I figured out my daily intake should be 1100 calories.  I have been doing this for only one week so I know you will tell me it is too early to get discouraged.  However, what happens with any diet I try is that I can loose the first two or three pounds and then nothing happens.   My question is whether it is possible to loose weight at this older age?  I do exercise three time per week and am quite active taking care of young grandchildren

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Hi, I'm wondering the same thing. I'm the same age , trying to lose 10 pounds also. I also take care of three lively grandkids.  I work out 6 days/week.& did lose 7 pounds  in the first few weeks, lately nothing.  What do we need to do to get things moving? Help, please!

i'm only 40, but the principles are the same.  i'm also working on the proverbial last 10 pounds. 

lalea, it will probably take two or three weeks before you start to see a change, but at 1100 calories, it should happen (that may not be enough). 

ruthmaria, you and i may need to change up the exercise routine.  if we keep doing the same thing, our bodies adapt and get too efficient.  i've really upped my walking lately and try to get in at least an hour in hilly, rough terrain every day (the dog helps with that - it's not really an option). 
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pgeorgian, thanks for replying to our posts. I was starting to think no one here cares about us old ladies, lol.

I don't have a dog, but 3 grandchildren (6, 4, 2) that keep me hopping.I vary my aerobics routine , three days walking on treadmill (4) in between those days speed and incline intervals. I only started the weight routine 4 weeks ago, its gym machines only, no free weights. Not sure how to use those.

Not only has the weight remained at 122, the measurements have not changed in four weeks either. I really would like my waist to slim down.

of course you can do it!  :D  1100 calories?!  i think you need to eat more than that though!  drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits & veges...

stay active!

good luck!

nothing wrong with 122 - unless you're four feet tall!  the waist/tummy are definitely the most resistant to change.  i've noticed that my cardio fitness is much better, my legs are getting very strong, and even my upper body is improving, but i have a long way to go around the middle. 

i feel like the exercise piece is taking care of itself now (i've only had the dog for three weeks - she's an spca adoptee); i have to concentrate on my diet.  i know i can eat up to 1400 a day and still lose weight, but i want those 1400 to be as nutritious as possible.

which reminds me - i should make a shopping list.  easter sunday is probably a really good day to go to the grocery store ;-)
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Being new to this system I haven't yet figured out how it works so forgive me if I start by copying my answer to ruthmaria.

Thank you so  much for answering .... hadn't gotten any answer until yesterday and thought I was a lonely, only voice out there.   You certainly are very active and I admire you.  I guess I resent having to work hard for such little gains.  Being older doesn't seem to make me more patient.  I arrived at the calorie amount from this site.  It is very hard to eat only 1100 calories per day if I eat the things I usually do ..... the meats, cheeses, fish, olive oil all are high in calories.  There isn't any specific advice about what the make up of these calories should be.  Probably if they were low in fat and high in fiber the weight loss would be higher.  It would be great to have a buddy here to exercise with and motivate me.  I have never been one to be disciplined enough to do things alone.  The class I take three times per week is Jazzercise and I do enjoy that.

When you say that at 1100 calories I should start to see a change in two or three weeks and then add (that may not be enough) .... do you mean not enough time .... or not enough calories?  There is the theory of not eating enough and sending the body into starvation mode and then not loosing any weight.  I don't feel that starved though.

Maybe I should get a frisky dog!  I live in Seattle and am surrounded with hilly terrain and having to take a dog out twice a day would certainly add to good exercise. 


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Thanks for the encouragement!  As I said in my post .... I figured out the calories according to the formula on this site.  I also wonder about there not being advice on the "kind" of calories one consumes. 

lalea, yes, i meant that 1100 calories may not be enough.  i've actually never heard of the tools on the site recommending less than 1200, and that's for women who are completely sedentary. 

and you're right, building more veggies and whole grains into your diet will make those calories go further and fill you up longer.

seattle is beautiful; i have family in and around there (seattle, redmond, renton, and sequim).  i lived in vancouver on and off for about seven years, and i really miss the pacific. 

you should think about getting a dog!  today i didn't feel much like going; the weather is kind-of crappy and i was feeling lazy.  once i got out there, though, i was smiling.  you can't help but enjoy yourself, becaue the dog has so much fun!!
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lalea, I live up the coast in Richmond, BC, so we're neighbors. You're right pgeorgian, the Pacific West is beautiful but the rain can get a little depressing at times.

I have a little gym in my apartment building, so I can just go down whenever I have some free time. Very convenient, I'm sure if I had to drive somewhere I wouldn't be working out as much.

I know what you mean by feeling discouraged, thats how I feel right now. I have been at this for almost two month and my tummy bulge is still there. That and the "love handles" are what bug me the most.

I'm the 'sodium sentry' here :)   Don't forget to watch it as water weight is easy to monitor by tracking your daily amount.  I try to stay at 1,000 as I have high BP.  2,400 mg is the recommended amount which you don't want to exceed.

I'm older also and losing very slowly.hardly had to put forth effort when younger.  Hoping nice weather makes it easier to exercise.

Also don't forget to watch your protein amount.  Since I'm active my Dr wants me to get 4.5g per ten pounds of weight, so I don't lose muscle.  it gets boring having to eat that much protein.  I vary, beef, poultry, beans.

I learned about fiber here and try to get 30g a day.  I googled a list of high fiber foods and try to eat those.  Between all the things I should eat, there isn't room for much wasted or empty calories.

good luck and I'm sure you can do it.

Original Post by lalea:


When you say that at 1100 calories I should start to see a change in two or three weeks and then add (that may not be enough) .... do you mean not enough time .... or not enough calories? There is the theory of not eating enough and sending the body into starvation mode and then not loosing any weight. I don't feel that starved though.


Hello, I'm 70 and was on a starvation diet of 1100-1200 for ~ 4 months which did produce results but I paid for it with muscle loss and gall stones.  I've been on a plateau for 3 months targeting new calorie range to lose last 10 lbs at 1700 cal this week.

Go to This site and calculate what your BMR is for a more accurate calorie intake as CC allowance doesn't know not to go below 1200 safety range.

My workout is 3x weekly at gym for at least 90' with most of it for muscle build. Aerobic walking on my off-gym days and swim exercises. I use moderate activity rate.

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Ohio45, just went over last weeks analysis for each day. Found out that except for one day my sodium amount was way higher than 2400. Don't really know why. Probably should read food labels more carefully. I do drink a fair amount of water, but have trouble drinking the suggested 2l.Frown

My protein amount appears to be right on target though with an average of 59 g.  Stats right now: CW 122, GW 110, Height 5'2''. I calculated my BMR on a different site and it came out @ 1169.5. Aside from my daily exercise activity is sedentary.


ruthmaria:  sodium just sneaks into everything.  I'm a big label reader (most of the time).  I try not to eat anything canned, except for a couple of things.

just reading posts and asking questions is a great way to learn on here. 
Well, you're all spring chickens - Morjorie Newlin is 86 and winning bodybuilding competitions against 40-year olds.

You can go far with the right approach to training and nutrition, neh?
can i just say how pleasant it is to talk to people who can spell and put sentences together?
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That's awsome. My motivation for joining this site is: I  quit smoking in December.

Whenever I tried quitting before , I started gaining weight and went back to smoking to keep the weight down. This time I thought I give the healthy lifestyle a try. Sure hope it works.

if you have the willpower to stop smoking you'll have the willpower to lose any extra weight.

hi I just was gonna tell u that my grandma is 68  years old and she is 5'4 and about 214lbs right now. She has lost about 10-15 so far. She only eats stuff with hardly any fat and a lot of baby carrots I know lol. But yea she has been doin it since January and she said its like a flip just switched in her head. Weird but Im so glad. I bet if you stick with it the weight will come off. It has to. thats just natural physics stuff i think.

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Thanks everyone for the advise & encouragement.Smile

Sometimes its tough to stay positive, when the results are slow or non-existing.

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