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Weight Loss
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Take 2... Trying to get Back in Gear

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Ok so i started my weight loss by doing some serious work on it .. i started about this time last year , i even bought a treadmill and by july i had lost 40 pounds then hit a plateau... as soon as september came around the corner i gave up and went back to my regular eating habits... now were back in march and i have gained 30 of the 40 pounds back, but i am sick of this again, when i lost the weight there was no stopping me , working out every single day without fail and after a while i was loving it! It made me feel alive again but when i reached the plateau i felt like i was going to get no further so i resumed my usual lifestyle

The thing that kills me is when people ask about it, "so are you still working out / dieting " of course them obviously seeing that i have stopped and am pretty much back where i started. These questions are getting more frequent as im gaining , which is making me want to kick back into shape badly.

The motivation was there the first time , mainly due to this girl, after a while we just called it quits anyway which probably is one of the reasons i gave up dieting. Now im back at this point again, summer is aproaching and i am dying to get that body back, i am not extremely overweight but the feeling of losing 40 pounds was extremely amazing.. now i can feel the fat surrounding me again

i also gave up soda last year and im back to a 2 litre bottle a day, coca-cola is the one that always gets me and i know how bad it is but it is so hard to quit again. i am trying to cut down bit by bit but come next week im not going to give in, from next week on i will be fighting my heart out for this, and i will succeed , the first new goal is to lose 40 pounds again and to have that complete in the same time frame

Last year , it was difficult at first but i had the motivation there and i kept fighting for what i wanted and got there, the reason im writing this is to tell everyone to keep up the fight, never give up on your goals because i had and i feel like crap again :/ .. I cannot put into words how amazing it felt to have all that weight off


so here we go.... TAKE 2!


any tips would be greatly appriciated



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I'm a constant yo yo so I can relate. I saw some interesting quotes that I'd like to share with you:

"Suck it up and one day you won't have to suck it in"

"Do not reward yourself with food, you're not a dog"

"When there's nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire"


"If you can go through years of self hatred you can survive a couple of intense workouts"


I am living by these quotes. Anytime I want to give up, I think about it and I refuse. Anytime I want chocolate at 2 am I remind myself not to. Nike, just do it.

If you really want to keep the weight off it has to be a long term lifestyle change!  None of this "just until I lose the weight" or you are soon right back where you started or even heavier :(  Make changes that you can live with in the future.  Exercise in a way that is sustainable long term.  Think of it as for your health, not a number on the scale!

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