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Is it true that you weigh less night after drinking alcahol?

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Hey all,

My friend was telling me that after a night of alcahol she sometimes weighs a couple of pounds less, i am guessing from less water? but i drank about the same amount of water yesterday, had a couple of drinks and this morning the scale is lower than i expected ( it is my weigh in day ) I am going to log tommorows weight instead just in case but was wondering if anyone had heard of/experienced this

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dehydration, maybe??Undecided

I usually weigh more the following day, and it dissapears again within a couple of days..not always tho', the body is an unpredictable thing and there are no hard and fast "rules"

Yeah, it's just dehydration. The weight loss you feel isn't real. The minute you start fueling up on water, you'll gain it all back. If you're weighing more, it's just water retention, typically due to salty stuff you eat when you drink. >.>

AFAIK processing alcohol requires a lot of water, so if you`re not drinking as much of it, I`m assuming your organism will somehow dip into 'storage'.

Don`t have that much experience with weighing myself post-drinking, but the one time I did do it, I was definitely 2+ lbs lighter. There was a lot of dancing involved also, though.

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I always weigh a couple of pounds less the next day - it's a false sense of achievement! I go with the weight the following day or so. I know for some people its the opposite tho.  :)


Dehydration is responsible for the temporary loss and the hangover too.

Alcohol is a triple threat to weight loss. 1. Empty Calories 2. People eat more when drinking 3. Alcohol lowers your metabolism Any loss is a temporary deydration issue. Also, if you are like me, you are less likely to work out hungover so maybe it is a quadruple threat! I quit drinking over a year ago to aid in my weight loss.

I almost always weigh less the morning after drinking and I'm positive it's from dehydration. My stomach usually looks flatter too. But this also usually comes along with the gratuitous hangover :( Not a fair trade if you ask me.

Yeah it is dehydration.  You feel awesome because your suddenly 2-4 lbs down but after you eat and drink it goes right back up.  Then it's discouraging because for the next few days you are trying to get back down to that weight but you have water weight again.

Because of this I never weight myself after a night of drinking and pretty much stopped weighing myself on the weekend altogether.  I weigh on Friday, then again on Monday.  If I can maintain on those two day I win.  Any loss is just icing on the cake.

I would put it down to dehydration and the infamous, yet unmentionable "Hangover Poo". It's something we all hide, try to deny, and shy away from- yet it's a reality for 95% of "morning-after"ers. After a night of drinking, our bodies manage to produce copious mounds of poop comparable to cow patties. It's enough to seriously alter the scales.

The "Hangover Poo" causes the temporary weight loss- your weight will balance out once again (unfortunately) after you down a healthy, nutritious breakfast of yogurt, fruit and lean protein (or the greasiest fastfood and coffee you can find).

I love my weight after drinking!  haha, I'm like can I keep this weight please?  But then I drink a cup of water and eat bfast and its back up :(  

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