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Weight Loss
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Is it true you lose from the last place you gained?

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I'm not even sure why I'm asking this, because my measurments seem to be answering my question for me..

I've lost 3 inches from my waist, which is great. I never had much of a stomach in high school, and this was probably where those pounds have mostly caked on in the past several years.

However, I've always had relatively large thighs, and hips -- And nearly 25 pounds later, my tape measure is still hovering around the same place it did after 10 pounds.

If I'm being honest, I'm pretty lazy in the workout department. Little to none, really. I know I need to start, espeically now that I'm near my goal - If nothing else, to just "tone up". But am I desinted to have large thighs and hips forever? Even if I do start working out?

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There's one thing you can't change and that's your frame.... If your skeleton is genetically broad in the beam you can lose a ton of weight and you will always have big hips. 'Women' tend to carry more weight around their hips and thighs than 'girls'.  Have a look at your mother's or grandmother's shape and that's not a bad indicator of your destiny.  So bear that in mind on the way... do exercise because it's good for your health and, if your thighs slim down in the process... bonus. 

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We all gain and lose differently but I think it is VERY likely that you WILL lose first from the last place you gained.

I have heard repeatedly that the last place you will lose is the first place that was your problem area.  For the exercise, I have had cellulite and flabby thighs since I was 17 and still a size 2.  Since I've started exercising lightly (I jog once or twice a week, do a 20 minute exercise tape once or twice a week, and then just do squats or lunges for a few minutes the other days), my thighs look better than they did when I was a teenager, even though I am a good 25 pounds heavier now! You will be amazed how much difference you will see even if the scale isn't moving much. Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot you can do about your hip width.  You should be able to tell by standing in front of a mirror and pinching around how much fat you have around your hips, but if they are wide due to genetics they are going to stay wide regardless of how much weight you lose.  My sister is very skinny and you can see her hip bones, but her hips are still wide due to genetics. But, start the exercise and you will see improvement in your thighs in no time!  :) 

Good luck!

Just a note on the genetics factor.  Your hips can come from either side of the family but it will follow along female lines if you are a female and male lines as a male.

For example - I do not have my mother's body shape in the least.  She has wide hips and  a flat chest.  Narrow shoulders.

 For many years I thought I had been swapped in the cradle. Because I have wide shoulders, narrower hips, large bust and stocky legs.

But this past summer I was reunited with my father's family.  I look EXACTLY like my paternal aunt and grandmother. 

I look more like my aunt than her own daughters do. 


Where you gain/lose weight is genetics.

I could have my science a little bit wrong on this, but it also has to do with where the fat is stored.  There's the whole apple/pear body shape difference, and as I understand it, the fat in the "apple" (your belly) tends to come off first, and your "pear" (thighs) takes more work to unstore.  This is, as mentioned above, in large part due to genetics.  Women who store more fat in their thighs therefore have greater reserves for pregnancy and during lactation, which, when we were cavemen, came in useful during the lean times, but doesn't help us so much these days.  I also understand that after menopause, the fat reserves tend to start migrating away from the thighs and into the belly area.  The good news is that health risks associated with fat stores from the thighs are much lower than those associated with belly and torso fat.  The bad news is that yes, you will probably lose most of your belly fat and the rest of the torso (including to some degree, your breasts), before you really start to see significant losses in your thighs.  However, don't let this deter you from exercise, as toning the muscles in your thighs will eventually lead inches lost, as long as you're not overfocusing on your leg muscles, but rather, toning all over.

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