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Is it true you can gain weight by drinking diet soda's?

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Is it true you can gain weight by drinking diet soda's? i am a diet mnt dew freak and i would be floored if this is true. come on now? someone give me lowdown! later dw
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Per my MD - diet soda (esp. Diet Mt Dew - which is my fav too!) has a lot of sodium and a lot of caffeine, both of which can cause fluid retention and elevated BP.  Per my MD - if you absolutely *must* have diet colas, drink the Diet Rite variety.  That said, I am young, healthy, my lab work is *always* excellent (with my sodium levels always too low because I drink tons of water too which flushes it from the body) and I fully intend to continue drinking my diet Mt. Dew - my MD is cool with that, because it used to be regular Mt. Dew - he's just glad to see the sugar gone :).  If my lab work starts to get out of normals at some point I may reconsider, but since this is not a new behavior for me, I can't see that it's going to cause me to "gain" anything, maybe just slow down the loss?  Regardless, I'm keeping the dew :)

i can't see how it would cause someone to gain weight as long as it's low in cals.  i drank diet coke and diet gingerale and i still lost weight.  but i didn't drink gallons of the stuff because it makes me really thirsty and dehydrated.

some people feel very strongly about avoiding diet soda and aspertame and all that but i'm not one of them.  as long as you drink it in moderation it should be fine.  unless drinking it gives you a hankering for junk food then maybe you should avoid it. 

cheers, julie
It appears to have no effect for many people to drink diet sodas while dieting.

Myself, I discovered that I react poorly with caffeine... it makes me hungry and jittery.  I did much better after I eliminated it from my diet.  I still drink Sprite Zero on some days.

For me, the sweet taste triggers cravings for sweets sometimes and I am very bad at indulging 'just a little'.  I do better with 'none at all'.  So for me, diet soda everyday is a bad idea.
No, that's not true.

Diet Soda is not the worst thing in the world to drink, nor the best, but it doesn't destroy your diet.
I like to drink Caffiene Free Diet Dr. Pepper...Also, if I really do want something sweet, I will put a Zero Cherry Coke in the freezer for about 30 minutes and get it very cold...That way, I have to drink it very slowly and by the time I am finished I don't crave the sweets...Hope that helps!
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Diet soda on its own cannot make you gain weight, but some people say that the sweetness, although not from actual sugar, can change your blood sugar levels and make you crave other foods. So if you watch what you're eating after the soda, it should be fine. Just don't drink eight a day. :P
I can only speak from personal experience but diet sodas did crazy things to my blood sugar levels and when I stopped drinking them I melted... seriously the weight dropped off like crazy at first when I stopped with the diet sodas and that was even before I started really counting calories.  I have heard other people say they lost weight just by giving up sodas as well. 

that being said, if you are able to watch your diet and control your sugar intake and enjoy one a day or something I see no harm in it.  This is one of those areas I had to be an all or nothing kind of person and I do not allow any soda into my house.  If I want one I have one once in a while when I go out.  I feel MUCH better without them and you do lose your taste for it :) I used to be a diet MD junkie myself lol
From my experience, diet sodas don't seem to have any effect on my blood sugar levels (and I'm diabetic so I check them regularly)  But other people have different reactions.  Perhaps it's that I am used to drinking it. 
No diet soda doesn't not cause you to gain weight but people regularly confuse a recent study that showed that the more diet soda you drink the more likely you are to be overweight (duh!).

"One possible part of the explanation is that people who see they are beginning to gain weight may be more likely to switch from regular to diet soda," Fowler suggests. "But despite their switching, their weight may continue to grow for other reasons. So diet soft-drink use is a marker for overweight and obesity."

The key here is the calories you eat. If you wash down Big Macs and fries with diet cokes you still are eating Big Macs and fries.

Me I didn't start drinking diet pop until last year after I started losing weight and I have lost a lot of weight since. If you can make diet sodas work for you great, if you need to do something else instead great but either way keep counting, stay with it and you will lose weight.
No calories no weight gain, BUTTTT aspratame is, at least in my opinion, poison and although you wont gain weight its not very healty, and as mentoined before cafeine can have weird side effects.
If you do a google on "diet soda inhibits weight loss" you'll find a lot of speculation on the effects of aspartame and other artifical sweeteners.  Basically, a lot of people are worried that the sweeteners cause an insulin spike which inhibits the fat burning hormone HSL. 

If this is true, you could still see weight loss, but you won't be burning as much fat.  Remember, your body has multiple sources of energy.  Personally, I avoid them because I want to maximize fat loss.
It's not the healthiest thing you can drink (healthiest being water) nor is it poison.  Sugar and other natural chemicals can be just as poisonous to you as man-made chemicals like aspartame.

The key is to do anything in moderation, drink one or two cups of diet drinks or drinks with caffeine a day, not 8 or 10.  It won't make you fat unless you use it as an excuse to eat foods that are fattening like cake or cookies.
in my own experience, when i've given up DIET soda, weight has just melted off of me. it might just be the excess water weight because the caffeine and sodium do cause water retention, but when i don't drink diet soda, i weigh less, and i feel less bloated.
It is loaded with sodium, and other chemicals. But, it doesnt have a lot of calories. Any weight gain will be caused by water weight, not actual weight gain. Of course, water is better, but I don't see any reason to give up a treat that you enjoy.
diet soda isnt the best or the worst thing in the world. you should try moderating it. How about just 1 or 2 cans a day?
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