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I am having trouble...

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i don't know how to say this without disgusting anyone. But heck i have to...I am having trouble pooping.

I am usually so so so regular. I am talking about 3+ times a day. But lately is not as easy to...ahem...use the ladies room.

Any suggestions?
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are you getting enough fiber?
I have had that problem myself. Birth control really messed with my bowels. I take a tablespoon of orange metamucil every morning in 8oz of water and I've never felt better. As long as you can get past the texture your fine. I'm so used to it now it doesn't bother me. You will notice a complete difference about 2 days after your first dose and its "smooth goin" from there. LOL!!! 
hmm weird, once i started CC, i became more regular.  maybe from fruits and veggies?
Super Colon Cleanse. I'm not talking laxative here, it's the same as getting a colonic it just takes longer.  It's all natural and all healthy. Doctors suggest everyone does it about twice a year just to clean you out (ew, sorry).  But if you get the Super Colon Cleanse only use the dose amount they have on there for about 5 days, trust me it'll work.  It might be a little weird at first but your body will adjust.  After that just take 2 a day til you run out and you can continue taking it if you want.

Also, for those people holding on to the extra couple pounds...you may want to try it.  It may be waste you need to lose, not weight.
EwWwWwWwWwWwWwWwWwW =p
I have lots of veggies and lots of protein. I was eating before i started the diet waaay bigger portions and only 3x a day maybe 4. Sooo i would be a duck eat n poop lol. Now that i am on this diet i have small portions and i don't poop as often and when i do is because i've had milk or something for breakfast. Now i poop once a day.
thanks AMG for the suggestion. man, I really don't want to take any more pills. I take a vitamin in the morning and 2 flaxseed oil pills a day. I used herbalife a long time ago and i'm kinda paranoyd on pill intake. =/
oh and notalone i know ewwww! =P
3x's a day seems like a lot to me, actually, but what do I know... we're all different.

If you are eating  less food than you used to eat, it's only natural you would poop less too.

However if you are feeling uncomfortable and you know it's in there... it's just not coming out... I'd just give it a few days. Drink lots of water. Try some prune juice. Maybe some coffee (that always helps me!).  I would not resort to laxatives and colon cleanses because these can just irritate your colon even further, and potentially set you up for a cycle of problems that you don't want. Time and patience will do the trick - eventually.

Also, don't go too crazy on the fiber because increasing fiber too fast can actually cause constipation. If you've been upping your fiber recently, back off on it a bit for awhile.
Eat lots of salad everyday and you will start pooping. I had the same problem, I  was eating small portons 6 times a day, exercising and not pooping very often, I changed my diet added more fiber to it and now I often visit twice a day. It is not alot though but hey it is twice a day :).
well i don't like taking fiber in pill form or whatever. Apples help me stay regular and i've read flaxseed is better to take in liquid form b/c it takes like 4 pills to equal the amount of one dose of liquid flaxseed or something

i also reccommend green tea in the mornings- works for me!
You know - this could also be from eating TOO much fiber. Even on 1200-1300 cals I usually get 25 grams of fiber a day.

But the other day I had about 50 grams, and oh was my body unhappy with that, hahaha.

Make sure you get enough water too. If its extra dry, you are working out more, or whatever...your body will leech water from your intestines.
according to pam anderson and some poop doctor on oprah (lol) you are supposed to poop 2-3 times per day. These poops should have S shape curves to them like your intestinal tract. They should be solid but not hard and a medium shade of brown

was that enough poop detail for you? I am still trying to figure out what my daily diet would require in order to produce those perfect poops hehe... i'll let ya know when i come up with anything

also agape, maybe you poop less b/c you eat less and therefore have less to poop out

lots of water helps keep the body regular and helps to form healthy poops. I personally am very bad at the water intake thing tho
I dislike taking pills too.  When you read the bottle it will seem like a lot but it's only for about 5 days/whenever you feel comfortable. It started working for me on the 3rd day and for my co-worker (we talk about weird things at work) it started working the next day.  She lost 5 lbs in 3 days.

Please don't everyone go jumping on top of me. lol I know that's a lot of weight but the thing is- it wasn't weight.  It was waste that's been building up and intoxicating your body. I'm not saying take it if you want to lose weight, I'm saying do it twice a year to cleanse yourself and live healthier.  Your body will digest things better and your immune system will improve.
btw i do agree with the salad thing....if i don't have salad for a few days my insides seem to slow down.
don't you just love talking about poop?

so anyway i heard about some famous old guy whose name i forgot... when he died they found 20lb of fecal matter impacted in his intestinal tract!
And that is disgusting...thanks for sharing! lol
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