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Weight Loss
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I took the plunge

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I started officially on a calorie cycle for the next few weeks to see if it would help get me through this stall. Tonight I went out on my high day and ate reasonably but higher calories. I resisted going overboard and stayed within my 1900-2000 cal limit for the day. The next three days will be low days, then a medium day, then two more low days before my high day. Along with exercising 5-6 days a week this should keep my body guessing I hope. I'll see how I need to adjust my levels this week and hope to see a change by next week. Wish me luck! I'm open to any suggestions or advice too. :)
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As long as you at least eat your bmr (or close to it) on your low days you should be fine, you may find as some do days after workouts can make one very hungry, so if you plan for a medium or large cal intake days for after big workout days it should help :) Good luck! :D

Yeah- please post an update in a couple of weeks b/c I'm curious to see how that works for you.  If it moves the scale faster for you, I may try it myself Wink.  Right now I'm being really disciplined with eating about 1200-1300 cals a day (more or less some days) and moderately exercising 3-4 days/wk.  The weight is coming off slow 1 lb a week maybe- booooo!  ( I'm the big 4-0 though so maybe age has caught up with me).  It didn't seem so hard in the past.


Good luck with it!

Of course. I've figured this cal/ exercise schedule:

Sun- 1550/ Latin Grooves 35 min or walking with light weights (free) and abs or Bodyworks (depends on schedule)

Mon- 1439 (cal target per CC, guess that's my BMR)/ 1 hr Zumba with 20 min weights

Tues- 1439/ 1hr Zumba with 20 min weights (different muscle grouping)

Wed- 1721/ 1hr Bodyworks, 20 min weights

Thurs/ 1439/ 1hr Zumba, 20 min weights

Fri- 1500/ 1hr Bodyworks, 20 min weights

Sat- 1900-2000/ rest day

Each day I'll work my abs. My Zumba/ dance days are my hard cardio days and I'm stiill working my muscles (isometrics I believe) and some additional weights. My Bodyworks classes are cardio/ free weights combined. My only exercise that's changed is adding Sunday and now I'm sctively tracking/ planning my low days instead of letting them happen. Also I thought easing in and out of the highest cal day might be better that dropping from 1900 to 1439 but I'll see.
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