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I cant have spicy food, or like soups *hot foods*, or dairy..and im like what the heck can i eat then?? i had a smoothie and then i realized there was dairy in it, which was bad, i dont want to make mistakes like that again and risk it getting infected or something you know..can anyone think of anything?? thats pretty healthy and soft for me to eat for the next few days?? and i want to get my full calories for the day. I cant think of anything really.. 

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I too got my tongue pierced once and i ate smoothies as well. how about using soymilk or almond milk as a subsitute for regular milk? I took my tongue piercing out tho so i didn't have to abide by those rules for very long so thats all i can really contribute. Maybe try some slimfast shakes or protein shakes just to make sure you are getting nutrients and take a multi vitamin. Popsicles might also be good. Its really hard to eat with a new piercing in the mouth.

I've had my tongue pierced for 7 years now and when I got it done I still ate everything I wanted, or could. All I did was everytime after I ate, I used mouth wash. Within about a week or two I was completely healed and I have never had a problem with it since. The easiest piercing I have ever had to take care of.

Yes, It is really hard to eat with the piercing, you don't realize how much you use your tongue until you have it done

Ok. Im going to advise you based on my own piercing experience.

When I got my tongue piereced, honestly, I ate a famous bowl from KFC right after. I was eating as normal as anything. So did all of my friends who have their tongue pierced.

Now im not saying that its impossible for you to get an infection on your tongue, but its less prone to infection because of the enzymes in your saliva. I dont know exactly what they're called but some sort of healing goes on in your mouth because of your saliva which makes it harder to get an infection.

But that doesnt mean dont take care of it.

I say just eat luke warm soups, soft breads, puddings? (why cant you have dairy exactly???)

Really, I ate whatever I wanted and just rinsed with warm sea salt after. And my tongue is perfectly fine.

Good luck!

i guess i cant have dairy b/c of the yeast thats why i cant have like beer either, i dont really like beer though..but i love dairy haha..i guess the yeast can make it wayy more likely to get infected or something.. hmm

ive been rinsing with mouth wash after i have anything and my mouth feels all dried out now from it, does sea salt do the same thing??

yeah ill  i guess i can just have soups and dairy n stuff if other ppl have and nothing has happened to them, just keep it clean..

i wish it was all healed and i could eat whatever i want..i just have to be patient...haha thats hard for me

I don't know why you wouldn't be able to eat whatever you want. Whoever pierced you may have some cockn'bull theories. I have never heard of food causing an infection in the tongue. If you rinse it after you eat, drink, smoke and aren't playing tonsil hockey you should be able to live life as if you had not gotten it done at all.

gargling with sea salt is fantastic for healing.

as far as dairy I am going to call bs on it because I have never heard of that before. Yea, your mouth with feel dry but at least it will be clean!

Just another one to ensure you LOL Had my tongue pierced 10 years ago and never had problems with eating anything, indeed just make sure you rinse after anything you eat, same here, sea salt works perfect. Mine didn't even swell up that bad and it was all healed after 3 days.

I've had my tongue pierced for nearly 8 years and actually was told to avoid beer, dairy etc for the first few days (but ate cheese anyways) and to just rinse with diluted, alcohol-free mouthwash after each meal. The hot or spicy foods would be more of an irritation factor so if you're keeping it clean (either the diluted mouthwash or sea salt solution) you shouldn't have too much of an issue. Also, try to avoid playing with it while healing.

There is always a risk though so watch it closely. Following info taken from: ling

In very very very rare cases the tongue can swell enough to actually block the airway — this is known as "Ludwig's Angina" and occurs when the connective tissue, both in the tongue and in the surrounding area, becomes inflamed. If this occurs, seek immediate medical attention — if you don't you could DIE.

ive got mine done twice and both times i used antispectic mouthwash 2-3 times daily the night i had it done i was eating curry you can eat what you want as long as you take care of the peiecing

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