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too many tomatoes?

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Since I started cc I cant stop eating cherry tomatoes. I regularly eat them as snacks and although they are very low in calories and im eating completely within my calorie limit, im wondering if the potassium in the tomatoes can do any harm in large amounts.

I am eating one to two punnets a day which is 500g but i could easily eat more if i allowed myself.

Also, any clues as to why im craving the cherry tomatoes? Ive always liked them but never before have i felt such urges to eat them. Im actually eating them like grapes.
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I don't think there is any health problems with eating 1-2 punnets a day. I eat beefsteak tomatoes like apples and have lost a ton of weight that way.
HAHAHAHAHA!!!  I"m not much of a tomato person, but I can see where you're going with that.  As long as they're not like, drizzled in chocolate, you should be fine. :):)  When you log them in (if you do) do you check to see their grade as far as the analasis goes? 
Here's what The World's Healthiest Foods website has to say about tomatoes


Look at the vitamins in those things!
im embarrassed to admit this but i havent managed to work out the grading on foods yet (puts hands over face).

Ive done a food log a couple of times but i never found a grading on it.

However, each 250g punnet works out to about 50 cals and rest assured, i never cover them in chocolate (but im liking the idea, lol)
They're great for you! The only thing I would say is if this is all you eat (the Cherry Tomato Diet, coming to a supermarket tabloid near you!), you may be depriving your body of other nutrients from foods you aren't eating because all you're eating is cherry tomatoes. I'm guessing that's not the case, as a diet consisting only of cherry tomatoes would be kind of pricey.
I have found myself eating a lot of tomatoes too. Not as much as you though lol
lol, im not only eating cherry tomatoes, even though that would be kinda nice right, especially with the added chocolate idea from cjeka, lol.

judging by the info ive just seen on the world's healthiest foods website it looks like i might be adding another punnet a day though , woohooo. lol

I wonder why my body is crying out for these little red balls of sweetness. lol
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LOL i also love cherry tomatoes but i've never been able to eat more than a handful!!  Just be grateful that this is your addiction right now and not something like cheetos (which is something i could eat more than 2 bunnets of)!!  They keep you looking young to so great!!
Wow...cool...I think I'm going to steal your idea and try this.  Are you just eating them whole and by themself ? Or with like fat free dressing as a dip?

I can't believe how much Vitamin C is in em.  And I did not know they have antioxidants.    I'm really trying to increase both of those things in my diet...so this is a perfect idea.

Niceeeeeeeeeee :)
I love cherry tomatoes too! I like them with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and some basil. Delish!
Balsamic vinegar, basil and tomatoes is my dinner about 3 times per week, sometimes with some mozz also. DELISH is right! Tomatoes are like a dieter's dream ... those and mushrooms, I don't know where I would be without em!
sometimes, many times, people begin to crave foods out of nowhere because they are lacking a certain vitamin.

One of my professors was telling us about how he  was diagnosed with a medical condition that doesn't allow his body to absorb magnesium like he should, so he needs to take a supplement. Everytime he skips his supplement, he starts craving celery really badly. Why? celery is high in magnesium, and his body is basically deficient.

Another reason you may be craving tomatoes is probably becuse you are eating healthier, and they have become more tasty to you because they are a guit free snack, plus they taste delish. I personally can't eat them raw (except for salsa), but I will eat them any and everyway if they are cooked. :)
Thanks for this thread.  I had no idea tomatos are so good for us.  I have a sandwitch I like, you may want to try.  1 slice ww bread, 1 slice monterey jack reduced fat cheese (50 cal) and a slice of tomato.  Heat in oven to melt cheese - yummy!
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