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Weight Loss
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Title actually going to do this - good plan? help!

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im gonna be a freshman this year and im aloud to wear a bikini now. the thing is, i dot know if i want to wear one when im 128 poind 5'4 inches! yes i have some muscle on me, i swim every day on a competive team and do volleyball but point is im still overweight. well not overweight but definately not thin. i dont like my tummy or love handles or my thighs (my problem area) i would really like to get down to 115 pounds by the time we go to the beach (32 more days!) do you think this is okay? anyone else in the same situation as me? this is just getting fruatrating! anyways, if anyone wants to be my motivation buddy (hopefully in their teens like me) thatd be great. thank you!
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this is my first time on here FYI :)

Welcome to CC :)  First of all, losing 13 lbs in 32 days is not doable in any way in a healthy manner and crash dieting to get there is just bad news and asking for trouble by screwing up your metabolism, and causing weight regain as soon as you try to eat "normally" again.   Typically 1800 is min intake for an active teenager so you should eat no less than that if you insist in trying to lose a few lbs.  Frankly you are basically at a healthy weight already and still growing!  If you really don't like your shape, I suggest a full body lifting program 3 times a week to gain a little muscle, lose a little fat and decrease your inches. 

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yeah i thought it may be a bit too much. well do you think getting under 120 in that amount of time is reasonable? my goal is to ultimately lose the 15-20 pounds before school starts up again so i want to be on track by the time we go to the beach. and i think im done growing sadly i may grow another inch at most. all if my swim friends are so fit :(

Really another I'm too fat at 120 lbs. same person as before with an new name? Too much summer vacation. 

20 lbs lost at 5'4" is underweight. I was in the army and they made me gain 10 lbs to just joing and during basic had a terrible time keeping weight on me. Too bad that didnt' continue.

Maybe this post should be under health or ED.

Well, you shouldn't compare yourself to others.  We are all made a little differently.  I'm sure it's hard not to but it's not really helpful.  And just because you are not growing in height does not mean your bones, organs and brain are not still developing so you need proper nutrition for that.  I really think you should set a fitness goal and start some resistance training.  You can get "leaner" and stronger and look smaller without really having to lose weight.  This will take time, like months so have patience.  From an middle aged perspective of 45, you have plenty of time to work on this!  :)

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