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Problems with sugar and carbs.

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Problems with sugar and carbs.

I have been having this problem; whenever i take something high in sugar, or carbs, I feel very weak, dizzy and shaky. For example, i feel that way if i take regular soda, of have an 85gram noodle park. I think my carb tolerance is about less than 25 grams per meal. I have now greatly reduced my sugar/carbs intake, and uped my protien, I now feel stronger. Has anyone else had this problem, and what do you think the cause is?

Additional info: I know it is not diabetes because, my doctor gave me the clear, and I never had this sought of problem when I was +20 pounds with a higher chance of diabetes. So yeah. Thoughts?
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My first thought:  NO ONE should drink soda, anyway.

Second thought:  Good.  You don't have diabetes, but are you trying to get it?

Third thought:  You have a "smart" body.  It hates soda, regulates your carbs, and

balances you with protein.  That sounds like a good thing!  

If I were you, I'd get tested for stuff other than diabetes which isn't the only thing that can make one feel what you've felt.  Continue your journey toward total health through nutrition, and being informed.  And don't forget exercise which does wonders!

Smile Continued success!

85g of carbs in one meal, is a lot of Carbs!  I don't know if I would bad or not, because thats more than half of the carbs I eat a day. 


My guess is that you are maybe having a crash quickly afterwards.  But that does sound like diabetic symptoms.  You might want to get rechecked, diabetes can onset quickly, and it doesn't always matter your weight, if you have type 1.   I had a thin, fit friend who type 1 suddenly onset at age 27.

Original Post by anya1229:

85g of carbs in one meal, is a lot of Carbs!  I don't know if I would bad or not, because thats more than half of the carbs I eat a day. 

I routinely eat over 100 g of carbs a meal. I wouldn't consider 85 g that much. But then again I guess that just depends on how much each person eats on a regular basis.

^and most people dont work out...what? 4-5 hours a day?

Hmmm, your smart body theory sounds like a good thing. Perhaps is should see this as a blessing in disguise. Maybe my body is "smarter" that i give it credit for. :) Thanks for your answer!

Although I'm within a normal range now, I've has some very slightly elevated fasting blood sugar levels in the past (112-113).  With my family history the doc thought it was a good idea to do a little more testing.  I was diagnosed with "reactive hypoglycemia."  Basically, I crash after eating high sugar foods.  It has been troublesome enough to make me try to maintain an even blood sugar level.  I am told this is a precursor to diabetes---which I really, really don't want to have!

Oh, there seems to be a misunderstanding...my fault really. The noodles weighs 85grams, of the 85grams, 46grams are carbs. Before i used to prepare one 85g pack with an array of vegetables and an egg, but i used to get sick after. Now i cut it into two to get 42.5g of noodles and 23g of carbs. I also used lots of veges, egg, and some tuna...and  dont get sick. So it must have been the carbs.  


It is really funny because my RDI of carbs is supposedly over about 300. I used this calculator. 

http://www.healthcalculators.org/calculators/ carbohydrate.asp


I am too scared to be rechecked for diabetes, i dont want to have it. I exhibited loads of diabetic symptoms in February (drinking four liters of water, peeing about 25-30 times a day, lost 6 pounds in two days (i think it was because of the bathroom visits). I got checked during this time and i got the clear. Anyway, i dont have those symptoms anymore. 

I think i will just try monitoring my carbs and sugar and see how things go. If i get more problems, then i will get rechecked.


There are too many secondary problems for you not to do this.  My mother is diabetic and her endocrinologist goes on and on about how well she controls her blood sugar and all the trouble it will save her later in life.  We're talking neuropathy (numb feet and legs); kidney failure, blindness, etc.  Serious stuff.  Find out NOW so if you are, you can get it under control and spare yourself the long-term problems.  I cannot stress this enough: Please, please, please, get yourself evaluated for blood sugar problems.

For the record: A body that gets weak and dizzy after eating sugar is not "smart"; it's damaged.  No healthy body should be so fragile that it can't handle a can of soda, no matter how bad you think soda is (and it is, but your body should be able to deal with it without going all haywire).  Sorry, but this type of thinking is ridiculous and unsafe.

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Eating a lower carb diet is healthier for most people anyway.  We don't all handle carbs the same way.  Getting tested again is a good idea so you know for sure what you are dealing with but I have heard of people that are used to low carbs not dealing with sudden influx of sugar, although 25 grams is not a ton.

armandouc- you are waaaaaay more active than the majority of people on this site and obviously have no problem processing carbs.  For most people with weight issues, 100 grams per meal would not be healthy :(

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