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Why am I so tired?

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Does anyone have any ideas for energy boosting. I am usually an early riser (6:30-7am every morning) and ever since I started calorie counting I have been super tired! I don't want to wake up until 10am and I am going to bed by 11pm... some days I even want to nap in the middle of the day...

I really need something to motivate me to get moving! Any ideas?

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how many cals are you eating each day?

or could you be depressed?
What age are you?  I have the same situation, but I am almost 62, so I figure that is contributing to part of it. 

I also agree with nomoreexcuses that maybe depression is at work here - check that out.

I also have found that the more I exercise, the more energy I have.  I know that sounds crazy, but for me it holds true.
Before I even started working out I was just eating right and stopped eating all the bad stuff and I had tons more energy. Now I eat right and run 5 miles or walk 6 miles every day and I have tons of energy. Now that changes at 9pm when I can't stay up for Hereo's damn it. lol
also I think your journal indicates that you were trying to go 1500 calories a day or under, which may account for a deficit of over a 1000 calories... check your maintenance level and compare it to your plan... sometimes the body simply fights back... tiredness is not the same as lack of motivation... I would try to raise your calorie intake a bit to, say, 500 calorie deficit, stick to it for 3-4 weeks and then see what happens...
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I am eating about 1500 cal a day and I feel like I am eating right... a lot better than before. People have told me that certain food increase energy, do you know of any? I am 26. I exercise often. I have been swimming and doing the eliptical at least 4 times a week for 45 min. for about 2 months... but this is the first time I have been really careful of my calorie intake...


I agree with what the others have said--if you're noticeably more tired even with eating the correct foods and exercising regularly, you may want to add a few hundred calories a day, just for the time being.  It's hard for the body to adapt to fewer calories, but 2 extra 100-calorie snacks per day may make a world of difference.  My other advice, if you aren't already doing so, is to eat smaller meals all day long rather than largish meals, which can make you lethargic.  Also, make sure you're getting carbs AND protein together every time you eat.

I can relate to the getting up early--I'm up before 5 am every day.  If I didn't eat every few hours and make sure I was getting enough protein (most carbs tend to spike your blood sugar and then leave you tired soon afterward), I'd be a mess by 3pm!

I have a similar problem, but I am 38 and a nursing mom. I try to maintain at least 1900 calories a day since I am nursing (1800 is recommended minimum) but some days I am just not hungry enough to eat that many calories even with the nursing. Even when I was exercising 3-4x per week I would still feel tired. The only time I felt like I had more energy was right after a workout but then I would still go to bed and wake up tired...and am still tired most days now. It sucks cause I have a three year old to keep up with during the day as well as my six mos old nursing son.  I guess it's just my old age??

I think maybe I can help...I'm 21 and actually went to my doc about being so tired since starting to count calories, so she tested me for anemia, and it turned out I was slightly anemic, which apparently happens to a lot of perople who start counting calories coz the idea of that big fatty lamb chop just seems toooo much..well my answer is

I make sure to get protien in at lunch time, and it really seems to help.Tuna! Tinned tuna on ryevita(cracker bread) or sardines on low gi wholegrain bread, and instead of lettuce in salad, put in some raw spinach, which has great iron in it!

Also,,,,, having a carb like a baked potato or something at lunch time really seems to help prevent that horrible afternoon dip we all seem to experience, dont overeat at lunch though, coz that can also make you tired.

Another thing is that for caffine takes about 7 hours to wear off, so if you have caffine too close to bed time, you're setting yourself up for a poor sleep.

other energy boosters include a small banana, or raisins.

Then, if you're feeling depressed, or just a bit down, try having ONE block of dark chocolate (i mean the good stuff, at LEAST 70% cocao) every two hours between 10am and 2pm, it really helps lift your mood,

good luck!

Also, make sure you're getting enough water everyday, especially on days you work out, drinking an ice cold glass of water helps a lot
Also, make sure you're getting enough water everyday, especially on days you work out, drinking an ice cold glass of water helps a lot

Do you drink a lot of caffiene?

I know it sounds crazy but I honestly believe that caffiene can actually make you more tired in the long run. I gave it up about 6 months ago and I've found that I don't get that lethargic feeling after meals and I wake up a lot quicker in the mornings.

Also, you retain a lot less water when you are caffiene free, gives you a nice surprise on the scales!

I was having that problems and it was solved when I increased my calories.  Maybe 1500 isn't enough for your activity level?  You could try going up to 1700 for a week to see if that changes your energy level. 
I've always had a big problem with that and I think having more protein 50g at least a day has helped.  I never knew we needed that much.
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hey! i found this post really helpful cos im experiencing the exact same thing... im24 and im so so tired im in bed every night by 11 and feel like fallin asleep mid day. Ive no energy and noticed my skin has become drier and dull! i started exercising 6 days a week 3 weeks ago and it has been since then..on avarage i eat about 1,400 calories  a day

Im gona try some of these ideas thanks guys!

You might want to get your thyroid checked, along with your iron. It is always a good idea to check with your doctor before you start a diet. I know this is an old-school mantra but it is true! Women are more at risk for low thyroid and anemia. You also may get some good advice from your MD about how much of each food group to eat. He or she should be able to tell you how much you should weigh, how many calories you should aim for and whether you should add a multi-vitamin to the mix. And you don't want to wreck your metabolism or weaken your bones. Call your doctor!


I felt the same way for several months and I started taking Geritol vitamins and within a week I could see a major difference.  I don't know what is different in them than other vitamins, but I started them because when I was in my 20's I took them for a while and they were great (I'm 54 now)  I don't know why I stopped them then --I think I stopped because of cost and  because 20 year olds don't do things like that on a regular basis--they're to busy!
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