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Any tips for keeping away hunger pains?

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This is my second day of dieting, and I definitley messed up. (read journal entry for details) Does anyone have good tips to keep away hunger pains? Or maybe any low calorie snacks that won't ruin my day? Thank you. :)

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I had a look at your log, and you might want to consider planning out your meals and snacks.  There wasn't much information, but it looked like you were trying to satisfy your hunger with carbs and sugar (cereal and fruit). 

Try to make sure your meals and snacks have a little fat and protein in them.  I little peanut butter on that banana might have helped with your hunger.

Also, don't try to do it all at once.  Figure out how many calories you were eating and then cut them back, but don't try to just drop them all overnight.  Also, if you are exercising you may need more calories than you think. 

Cucumber.  Peel a fresh cucumber, and eat it.  Roughly 30 cals, bulky that takes the edge off while your stomach is learning to shrink a bit from cutting down your portions.  So you're still putting a good quantity in, for only 30 calories.

Some people also like celery sticks.

I love cucumber.  Let me count the ways. 

Okay, thank you! I'll try to get better at meal planning. This is my first time dieting, and I always thought you were supposed to cut back on calories very quickly. Its nice to know I can lower my calories at a slower rate.

Thank you, I'll pick up some cucumber the next time I'm at the store.

Drink herbal teas, particularly peppermint which is a well-known appetite suppressant. That's only 2 calories unless you add sugar and it really does help you feel full.

Thank you, I've honestly never tried tea before.

Also do yourself a favour by reminding yourself there's really no 'messing up' here, this is a learning experience and a lifestyle change.  As long as you're still determined to make a change for yourself and willing to get back on track tomorrow, things will go swimmingly.

Also, I suggest keeping apples in the house - they're filled with fibre, they're sweet, they take a while to eat, and they're good for you.  Also, celery, carrots, and green beans are great options because they're handy and filling. 

I convince myself that they aren't hunger pains. Maybe it's just indigestion, or period cramps (IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT)? Water helps as well.

i'd say watch your sugar intake.  sugar makes me crazy for eating.  when i keep my sugar low, i sometimes forget to eat.   also, just eat healthy foods in general--healthy proteins, fats, and carbs with fiber.  dont just fit bad foods into your calorie limit.  the healthy foods will keep you full.

Another tasty treat that will increase your water intake is Special K drink mix - they come in pink lemonade, iced tea, and strawberry kiwi.  30 cals, 5 g fiber, and 5 g protein.  Helps take the edge off and conveniently packaged in seperates.  I have one after the gym will waiting for my fiance to get home for dinner (usually 730ish, but sometimes later)!  mmmmm yummy!

Thank you all for the wonderful advice!

i read your journal entry. seriously it so hard to lose from that weight. i was close to that like a year ago and i had such trouble. anyway, ive lost 10-12 lbs since depending on the day and here's pretty much what i did. i am pretty active. i work out 5-7 days a week, i usually take a day off but sometimes i forget. anyway, i do like a good hour of cardio and light weight training for about 20 minutes 3-4 days a week. you can definitely get away with less cardio though, i got to 112 lbs running 40-50 minutes 5-7 days a week and same lifting pattern but i like to have a little more eating room so i work out a bit more. 105 is hard, im trying to get there for summer and im finding it very difficult! but yeah, when i lost the first 8 i wasnt even counting calories, i cut down on the bingeing, i still would have one cheat day but i got rid of the idea that if i ate one bad thing the whole day was ruined which helped alot. i ate sensible meals, til i was lightly full, and pretty much didn't eat after dinner, every now and then have a piece of fruit of popcorn. oatmeal and apples both fill me up really well. hot beverages are really good when you're getting hungry right before dinner and you dont want to eat yet! haha. but if you are able to get to 105, let me know how you do it! the first couple days are the hardest i always think! good luck you can do it!

When veggies just won't cut it and I need something warm in my tummy, I go with a cup of plain ol' chicken broth. It's totally loaded with sodium and God knows what else, but it's 15 calories. I sip it over like 10-15 minutes and it REALLY helps. I think all the salt tricks me into thinking I'm eating something potato chip-like

fresh snap peas are great. steamed beets with vinegar. greens with a tsp of balsamic vinegar. greens (lettuces) have really low calories! (to go with your cukes!) sprouts have like 5 calories a cup or something equally ridiculous. steamed fresh veggies. explore your veggies! fresh sliced tomato with a bit of low fat cottage cheese and some black pepper. 1/2 cup non fat yogurt with 1/2 cup blue berries. explore a variety of fruits. grapes and bananas are relatively high cal compared to other options, like berries or oranges. apples are fabulous, as stated above. 

I like the several small meals a day plan. i eat five times a day usually. snacks come in about 100-200 cals, meals around 300-500, depending. breakfast is higher, dinner lower, generally. dont let yourself get too hungry. thats part of the wisdom of the several small meals a day. your body is always feeling fed so it helps keep the hunger at bay. feed it healthy, wholesome foods if you can.

the food journaling is really helpful, you can figure out where your high cals are and start to make substitutions, like losing mayo and replacing it with low fat sour cream or laughing cow cheese, low fat cottage cheese, and so on. salad dressing is deadly if one does not pay attention. but salad is the bomb! calorie wise. are you weighing and measuring? its really helpful, as the eye ball method leaves plenty of room for error. 

lots of water. 

For me, apples are the best snack. They fill me up for a while and, if I'm still hungry an hour or two later, I don't feel bad about having another one. Smile

I just need to remember to keep them around the house -- ran out yesterday (still early in my diet) and had a mini-binge episode on junk. But now that I have fruit back in the house, I'm back on track and feeling fantastic.

"your stomach is learning to shrink a bit from cutting down your portions."

I often forget to think of it that way!  For me, finding that I feel full off of less food is like fitting into that pair of skinny jeans again. :]  So my goals not only include squeezing back into that dress I wore my freshman year... but likewise to get back to feeling SICK off of 1/2 pint of Ben & Jerry's instead of happily eating the whole thing! (Of course, I won't be gorging myself in B & J to track my progress, but you get the picture...) 

I definitely stick with peanut butter a lot too.  Apples and bananas are great if I'm eating them at 11:30 pm the night before a paper is due instead of reaching for a can of pop-- nice burst of energy and I feel so awake and alert-- but not so much when I'm trying to make it three more hours until dinner.  Just be sure to control how much peanut butter you take because it is a source of fat.  Over the past week I've cut down 2 tbsp to 1 and I feel just as satisfied.  A little protein goes a long way with fruit.  Hurray!  Stay encouraged!

Good luck all!

this is for karozel: how did you look at her log?

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