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Tingling, numb in right hand...

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Not sure where to put this topic, but here it is:

For the past couple of days, my right hand is numb/tingly (like when your bodypart "falls asleep").  This happened to me frequently when I was heavier - last summer @ 245lbs, but it hasn't happened to me since then, until now.  I am keeping my sodium under 2000mg/day.  I am exercising pretty consistantly - walks or biking 20- 30 min. about 4-5 days a week at night when it's cooler out.  I drink my water about 150 a day, and I take BC pills (yasmin) and I do still smoke ( I KNOW, I KNOW!) but I've cut that down from 1 pack a day to 1/3 pack a day.

I don't know if it's the heat or what.  I don't have health insurance or a regular doctor, but I plan on going to the "free clinic" early Monday morning (it's first come, first served) but that kind of medical attention is less than optimal - it's in and out: "are you bleeding? no?  then out with you!"

I just wondered if this happens to anyone else, or any advice, info, etc...??
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What part of your hand goes numb?  I know if it's the little finger and ring finger it might be carpal tunnel symdrome.  Don't know about what else it might mean. 

Do what you can to see a doctor!  Hope you're ok and it's something simply explained.
I would check with a doctor.

I have had an experience similar, I had slept really hard and my hand did fall asleep, it seemed to take days for it to go away.

You might of slept wrong.

Good luck, let us know how it went.

It is all of my fingers and the meaty part of my palm that go tingly... just like sleeping on it wrong, but it's persisting and happens especially while I'm driving or using my hand.

Thanks, and I will visit the clinic on Monday.
Is it just your fingers or your whole hand?  Is it more than one finger?

I have Ranaud's Syndrome-- (don't ask me to explain, I don't know) but it causes numbness in your fingers and toes.  usually not all of them, but rather one or two on one hand will go numb (and turn white and dead looking)  same thing with my toes.  Doesn't have to be cold (but seems to happen more often when it is, or I am)  I have noticed that after a LONG workout or run, even in this horrible heat, some of my fingers get numb....

OR - it could be carpal tunnel.... does your wrist hurt????

I am asking all these questions because I have been to the doctor for both pain in my wrist and numbness.............
I have that too, usually at night when I'm sleeping.  I've been diagnosed as having carpel tunnel.  It is very mild and doesn't affect me most days.  Some people need an operation to correct it (if it's so bad that they drop things).  My guess is that the summer heat might be making you swell alittle bit and that's why it's happening now (in the summer).
I have something like that as well, but I think its just a pinched nerve, or something a little out of place...for me it feels almost like I hit my funny bone REALLY hard and so my whole hand goes numb and tingly, but it lasts all day long.  If it bothers you, be persistent at the clinic on Monday and make sure you really get it checked out.  That's why they are there. 

If they are of absolutely no help at all, try loosening up your joints starting at the shoulder and then the elbow and then the wrist.  Do slow arm circles (slow so that if something starts to feel worse you can abandon ship immediately!) through the full range of motion just to kind of "reset" the joint in case a nerve somehow got trapped in a weird place.  That helps me sometimes.

Good luck!  And be persistent at the clinic!  Seriously.  They are there to help.
I am a bus driver and have had carpal tunnel in both hands and that sounds like what you may have.I had surgery on both and am doing well.It hurt to drive because of gripping the wheel.
Hey thanks everyone, I appreciate your input!

I did clerical work (data entry) for almost 10 years, then cake decorating for almost 3 years, and I guess I probably could have carpal tunnel.  I can't get in to see a professional (tried the clinic today but the waiting list exceeded the entire day) so maybe I'll keep trying to get into see someone.  I keep thinking it might be high blood pressure or something, too.  But then, why only one hand...?

Otherwise, those of  you who have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel, is there any therapy besides surgery?  I've noticed that when it gets really bad, if I just rest my hand/arm in one place then my thumb starts spasming, jittering around uncontrollably (sp) and it's making it harder to ride my bike for too long at a time because my grip starts to loosen and my whole hand goes numb.

Surgery would not be an option for me for a few years, and even then, who knows?  I am unemployed right now, about to graduate from college in December and once I get a "real" job the insurance might have one of those "pre-existing condition" clauses.... I wonder how expensive it is if you just pay for it all yourself.
I would think nerve something.  I had shoulder reconstruction about 6 years ago, and if I hold my arm wrong my arm tingles for a few days.

About the Yasmin, how long have you been on it?  I was on it for 4 years, and for me, it is what lead to part of my weight gain.  I got off it and about 10 pounds almost fell off.  I know different reactions for different people, but I really hated that kind.  Near the end my periods were really freaked out too.  Just a warning  :) 
Had a friend have this happen with his left arm.  If it is the same thing as him, it could be a mild syndrome closely related to carpal tunnel, but it is a lot easier to fix.  My friend just had to have his left arm splinted up for a couple of weeks and he was straight.  Now he is in there lifting weights with me again.
I was Dx with carpal tunnel when I was pregnant.  It was caused from the extra weight and fluids in my wrist putting pressure on the nerves.  My wrist didn't hurt, just numbness to the thumb and index finger.  I was Rx a splint to wear while sleeping and it relieved the symptoms a lot.  It has never reoccured - YAH!!
Everyone is different,  doctor knows best.
Don't mean to scare you, but there are also some other very serious conditions that present with tingling in the fingers. Please followup with seeing a Dr. and don't put this off. Let us know what you discover.

I had the same thing happen to me....    then I realized I had my ipod strapped on too tight ;-)
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my right hand keeps going numb to. i have no idea whats wrong it just started about a week ago. what should i do?

The exact same thing is happening uto me right now! I woke up @ 6:30 a.m. & my thumb , index , and , middle finger were numb. I thought it was because it was how I had slept, but it is now 11:30 a.m. and I still have the numbness in my fingers!! I have NO CLUE what it is???????? Can anyone help???

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You have pressure on your nerves in your neck , if its your right hand or arm, its probably between the 6 and 7 vertabraes .I know this because I have the same problem for years .In my case it both nerves . It took an x-ray and 2 MRI to find the sourse of my pain and numbness .Don`t take this lightly see a doctor  and demand and x-ray and MRI. The longer you wait the more damage to the nervers accrues

Bit of a troll posting, I'd say.

 I slept badly all this weekend, by the way. I blame you.

But now I've got Talia back on my ship, which does make up for the lack of sleep.

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