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What time do you stop eating?

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Sounds weird, I know. Just wondering. I used to have trouble with nighttime snacking, but these days I'm going to bed earlier to get up at 5:45 am, and I'm not exactly sure how to adjust the time of my meals. So far, I've been good at listening to my body, but I don't know when I should plan my last snack!

How long do you leave between your last snack of the night and breakfast for the next day?

Liz :D
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hmm....I try to leave as much as I can, but usually I end up eating within an hour or so of going to sleep (unfortunately) and then sleeping 6-8 hours or so. So...I guess 7-9 hours or so?

Do what your own body deems right, though; it is much harder to sleep on an empty stomach- believe me! XP
I know, I've suffered plenty a night with a grumbly tumbly. Oof. Trying to prevent that. Hee! :">
I TRY not to eat after 7:30, but since I've been getting home later I usually don't eat after 8-8:15pm and I go to sleep around 10:30pm
I don't get home from work til 1045p every night and I don't end up going to bed til between midnight and 2am so i get hungry after eating dinner at 6p... If I eat something I just try to eat something small... regardless of what it is right when I get home so I still have a few hours before bed.
I always try to leave 3 hours of digesting time before I go to sleep... no stomach cramps that way. :)
No food after 6, baby. Protein shakes if I've got a nightly work-out session though!
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Hey! I'm new to CC and really excited by the easy to use tools

I'm also struggling with late night eating as I work at home and don't usually go to bed until 3am. I eat dinner around 7:30 and then usually a light snack around 11:30...but my s/o thinks this is still to close to my bedtime and constantly gives me a hard time about it. I feel like if I pay attention to my caloric intake and activity levels I'll be fine...but it really sucks to get a lecture almost every night from the boyfriend.

He is also trying to lose weight but we've agreed to use our own methods for this (he's VERY particular). He is much more about avoiding specific foods and even going long hours without eating, while I'm focusing on calorie count. If I go too long without having something I get really bad headaches. Four to five hours seems to be my max limit.

I guess I need to do some more research about timing of meals. Although I feel like i'm doing it so I can be prepared for the 'big debate'...which is kinda sad.


I just left a post about this in the "maintaining" forum.  If you stop eating completely 4 hours before bed time, not only will your sleep be more deep and peaceful you will also drop weight faster.  That is while still eating your full caloric intake throughout the day. 

The first 4 days or so are the hardest, after that it becomes normal and there is no hunger. 

 Your tummy may or may not grumble at the start.  If it does  remind yourself that you have eaten a healthy amount of food and how great you're going to feel and look if you can get through the first few days. I drank herb tea such as chamomile, peppermint, green tea etc.. to help in the beginning.

good luck, hope it helps.
I try and stop a couple to a few hours before i go to sleep.  This, often times, is around 12:00 or 1:00 in the morning because i stay up till 4:00 am during the summer.  ...but it works!  lol.
"How long do you leave between your last snack of the night and breakfast for the next day?"

I am increasing my meals from 3 to 5 every day, to assist with blood sugar problems that occur during the night. In my case, the object is to decrease the amount of time between meals without increasing the overall daily calories. I now do not let more than 6 hours go by without eating, including during the night.
Breakfast before 8 am, last snack no later than 8 pm, the other 2 meals and 2 snacks spread out as evenly as possible during the day, depending on activities and such.
From what I've read, it doesn't matter if you eat before you go to bed, so long as you stay below 500 calories of what you're burning.

Sleeping doesn't automatically make your metabolism stop, nor does it make whatever you just ate turn to fat or something.  That's a myth.

I eat when I'm hungry.  That means, around 9am, then something small around 12-1, then I eat lunch around 1:30-2.  Dinner I'll eat around 6pm, then I'll eat something 9, 10pm, maybe even midnight.  It hasn't hindered my weight loss.
absolutely eat when you're hungry... I've always had a "bedtime snack"... but these days the snacks are healthy than when I was a kid... (no more milkshakes)... but one of my favorites is a glass of Silk Vanilla Soy Milk...

It's the amount of calories that are consummed throughout the entire day... not when they're eaten... I always leave something for later in the evening...too hard to sleep if your stomach is awake and making itself known... :)
I usually stop eating 2-3 hours before bed time.  I've been doing this for 2 weeks now and I've totally gotten use to it.  I definitely need to eat within the first hour of waking up now.  It gets easier.  I drink water in the evening so it helps.
Hi bigguy

While if you stay within your caloric daily intake you may not gain weight when eating before bed, it will slow the process down.

Our bodies have various cycles within the 24 hour day.  When we sleep our bodies begin the business of restoring, rejuvinating and replenishing as well as disposing of toxins.  If you eat during this time your body is too busy processing the food you've eaten to do it's job properly.

Want proof?  Eat before bed and check how you feel upon waking.  Notice how your eyes are puffy and you feel a bit groggy?  Now try not eating for 4 hours before bed.  You will notice that you wake up feeling more refreshed and alert and no puffy eyes. 

Keep it up for a few days and you are almost guaranteed to lose a pound or two.
I work all day then mountain bike after work.  I usually don't get home from biking until 8:30-9pm - at which point I'm very hungry.  I usually end up eating dinner around 9:30 - 10 then going to bed.  I don't like this schedule - but haven't succeeded in altering. 

I'm active enough to still eat at night and lose weight, but I'm intrigued by m00n-s0ng's response.  It will be hard to adjust my eating and schedule, but I think I'll try this out for a couple of days.
mOOn_sOng is basically correct, and bigdude is correct if you only look at the calorie intake vs. calorie expenditure equation. Studies show that if you consume carbohydrates as your last meal it should be done a minimum of 90 minutes before retiring. Four hours may be ideal, but not many of us can achieve that in the real world.
m287668 good luck changing your schedule, I know how hard it is to do when you have a -more than-  full day first hand. 

 I also know first hand that you will feel and see the difference straight away too.  Good luck and best wishes to you.

dgiger, ty for sharing :D
I use a casein protein shake just before bed to keep my body from breaking down muscle mass over night.

I've been doing this for over a year with no ill effects.  Even when I'm cutting weight, the shake before bed hasn't posed a problem for me.
!!! chriswain-and everyone-but in response to chriswain

my friends mom is a nutritionist, and she also reccomends having a protein shake before bedtime. although she says find a natural low carb one.  it helps with the muscle thing like you said and the amino acids go to work over night and help prevent aging.   you should see this woman, shes almost 50 and looks 35, and does not do weight training.  her body is so strong looking and muscular.!?    she says shes been having a protein shake before bedtime since she was 28. 

just make sure you hydrate lots in the day if you are taking extra protein, it can be hard on your bowels and such otherwise.
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