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Time of the Month and Weight Gain!

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How much water weight does the average woman retain during their period? It seems like every month, when I'm on my period; I'm at least 3lbs heavier. I may get a sweet tooth, but for the most part I could fast the whole time I'm. I feel so bloated and full I donā??t want to eat. Hey maybe that would be a great time for me to the master cleanse! Does anyone else weigh significantly more during their period?
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I can gain anywhere from 3 to 7 pounds in the week leading up to my period through the actual week.  It's very frustrating because I only have about two weeks a month that I'm not bloated.  I tend to have salt or chocolate cravings then too, so I'm sure the water retention is worse from the salt.  I plan on waiting until next week to weigh in again so I don't get too frustrated with my weight during my period.
I won't even jump on the scale at that time of the month I'm so bloated.  If how I feel is a reflection of how much I weigh, I gain 3 -5 pounds easy!  lol  I'm currently going through the PMS (the week before) and I'm starting to get the munchies etc.  "Hold on to your panties, you're going for a ride!" You gotta laugh-and remember that it all falls back in place afterwards.
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Though many people in my weight-loss support group weigh themselves weekly....and some daily even (occassionally guilty myself!), our doctor tells us time and time again to only weigh yourself once a month...and that's it!

AND for women that should be done on the day after the last day of your period.  This is the best way to get an accurate weight according to him. (And even though he is one of the premiere physicans in the country, I can't resist weighing myself more often...but I keep his words on the brain!)
Glad to know that I am not alone! I was pleasantly surprised when the scale was back to normal after my period ended! Wow Annemaried I never knew that the day after the last day of your period is the best day to weigh. There is no way that I canā??t wait a whole month to weigh myself. I find every Tuesday morning the best. One time I got on a scale to days in a row and the difference was about a pound more, I swear I will never do that again!
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