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Weight Loss
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How much time needs to be given between meals/snacks to allow your body to register it as a different time and increase metablosim and if possible i was wondering if you could tell me the optimum time aswell
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I don't really know but I try to eat something every few hours. It keeps me from getting too hungry and eating everything in sight.
I don't think it's a given time for everyone.  It's most likely individual to the person.  For example, a young, slim 14 year old's meatabolism would be different than an older male.  I say, go with what your body tells you.  Don't eat when you're full but snack every couple-few hours to keep your body on it's toes (hehe).  Snacks are good and help prevent binges.  don't be afraid of them.  :) good luck.
i think the theory behind eating regularly is to keep your blood sugar stable. i try to eat every 2-3 hours and it really helps me with hunger/energy. it also stops you from 'crashing' and overeating when it comes to meal times if you eat 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day rather than just eating 3 huge meals.
i eat every 2-3 hours.  keeps your metabolism up and since starting this i have felt a LOT more awake.  It's weird.  :)  But I feel like I'm eating ALL day.  And im not a little girl so I feel like people at work think I'm being a pig.  However, my days worth of calories probably ads up to their lunch alone. *shrugs*
the body can use 200-400 cals per sitting
it fuels it for 2-3 hours depending on your wt and metabolism

what you should do is take your total cal count
take the hours you are awake
divide up the cals between those hours of being awake
that will give you your hourly cal rate.

and then just stick it together to make more sense so you are having your 200-400 cal meals and 100-200 cal snacks. of you are over 200 pounds you can up the snack cal count up to 400.

and its really nice because as you lose. just cut your snacks amts in half.

good luck!

my snacking suggestions:
fresh fruit - always under 200 cals usually
slimfast shakes - about 200 cals
cup of yogurt
glass of milk
cup of soup
protien bars

i have even used a hershey bar for a snack when i want it.

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