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Weight Loss
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What time of the day to you guys weigh yourselves? I never know as my weight changes so much during the day! For example- this morning I weighed in at 140lb, then 144 this evening! If I count my weight as 140 it seems like cheating haha.  

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Most people weigh first thing in the morning, after using the restroom and before eating/drinking anything.  This is the most accurate without the influence of what you are eating/drinking throughout the day.

Thanks :) That makes me feel better haha, have a good day! 

To keep your weight measurements accurate, you should always try to weigh yourself at the same time everyday wearing clothing of close weight, just try to keep a consistency on everything.  Like Tina said earlier, most prefer to weigh themselves in the morning after a restroom break, works for me too. :)

I log my morning weight. 

But I weigh myself at night too, it gives me an idea of how I am doing.  I normally gain 2lbs during the day, if I gain more its usually a sign I am drinking a lot, or intaking too much salt...or ate too much.  I just like that it gives me a guage

Okay, thanks :) I drink a LOT of water, so maybe that's part of the reason it changes so much... and maybe I should get some new scales I don't think these ones are very accurate! 

Same for me, I weight myself in the morning.

Like you, I drink a lot and you usually get rid of the excess at night. Also, depending on how much you eat at dinner, you'll probably weight a lot more if you do it before sleeping/digesting.

It's not cheating!

That's your actual weight!! If you weigh yourself at night then you are weighing all the food and liquid waste that you have accumulated throughout the day. If anything weighing yourself at night is sabotaging your goals

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