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Throwing out clothes that don't fit anymore?

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What are you guys doing with clothes that are too big for you now? Are you throwing them out or holding onto them (just incase?)

I for one haven't lost a lot of weight .. just a lot fitter now with inches lost but all my jeans are definitely too big for me now so I've bought a lot of new clothes recently! I'm hoping to fall pregnant within the next year or two so I think I might keep my old stuff ! :)

Anyone have any advice?

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I am holding on till I manage to maintain (so I know I have been able to keep my new weight range). If I flux or have issues in maintaining I might keep some clothes (like the ones that fit if I gained 10lbs but not more than that) but if not, I will throw out cause to me having bigger clothes means you allow to be bigger. Just my opinion though :)

well, 3 years ago I lost 100 pounds and gave away all my bigger clothes and within a month found out I was pregnant, and wished I'd had some of them :)



If I have really cute shirts that are to big I sew them into pillows :3 I like to craft and sew so I usually cut up my old clothes ^ __ ^

I've gotten rid of everything that got too big.  Why?  For motivation to make myself do the "right" thing and not gain the weight back.

That's true it's definitely motivating to get rid of them as a promise to yourself that you wont go back to that weight!

Although it is fun trying on the your big stuff from time to time and see how loose it is on you.. It's another motivation! Especially when the scale doesn't move much

I hope you all consider donating your clothes that are too big!  There are plenty of people who can use them.

I lost a bunch of weight, then got pregnant after I donated all of my clothes. I regretted giving it all away. Normally I would say donate it, but if your thinking of having a baby I would keep anything you could wear during and after pregnancy just to save yourself the hassle of buying new clothes all over again! However, I would pack it all up and put it away until when you need it. 

I've lost 60 pounds so far and I didn't start to donate clothes that were too big until about a month ago. I want to do everything I can to make this be a permanent change and never go back to the unhealthy lifestyle I was living before I started losing weight, but I was still hesitant to throw all of those clothes away, partially because doing so left me with barely any clothes and I still want to lose 20 pounds before I spend much on a new wardrobe.

I did not start buying new clothes until the old once looked hideously big.  As I updated my wardrobe, my bigger clothes went to another closet.  I kept them for almost a year and then donated them to Good Will (got to deduct it on my taxes).  I only have 1 dress pant and 1 pair of jeans.  Good incentive to keep the weight under control. I can't afford to replace my wardrobe again.

I've been giving mine to charity and one size (14) went to a friend. I'm now a size UK 10/12 and don't plan on going below a 10 so shouldn't have to get rid of any more apart from maybe a couple of pairs of size 12 jeans which are already a tad big with 14 lbs still to lose. There's no way I'm hanging onto any larger sizes as to me that means there's a possibility in my mind that I'll need them!! I'm NEVER going to put on more than a couple of pounds again and that will get shifted pdq!

I'm keepimg my nice pants. Hopefully, a tailor can refit them for less money than new pants.

I get rid of clothes pretty regularly - if you do decide to get rid of your clothes, donate them to a secondhand store. 

Nobody can decide for you, of course. I wouldn't keep clothes that were too big or too small, even if I was hoping to get pregnant or lose weight within the next few years. If I were you, I'd just deal with that when it actually happens. You can always buy new, affordable clothes when you become pregnant. 

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I still have all my jeans in the attic. They range from size 17 to a size 6. I guess I just keep them in case. They are nice expensive jeans. Reading all your posts... I think it's time to get rid of them. I might keep the 6s until I can maintain for longer

It came to a head when I went for a job interview and not one of my nice suit pants or shirts fit me anymore - had to get rid of two thirds of my wardrobe as they just don't fit me anymore.  Worse yet is the girly undies brought in october are now too big for me :p apparently my rear end is shrinking.  Same with bras, cup size hasn't changed so I learned just my chest width when I had to get new bras.

Apart from new gym gear and girly bits and pieces I have decided to buy stuff from the second hand stores until I get to my goal weight as I feel it will just be me wasting money.

I kept one pair or pants and a hoodie from my hugest weight point, but donated everything else. Feels good to put them on over top of new clothes and see the difference. I only buy clothes at second hand stores as well until I reach my goal weight. So far ive lost 108lbs! Went from a size 22 pant to a size 7/8 and a 3x to a medium shirt size.

I keep them as a reminder of all the hard work I've accomplished. On a bad day, I'll take them out and try them on to show me how far I've come.

All my old stuff that's too big now was all pretty cheap as I refused to spend a lot of money on something I hoped would only fit for a few months but I have given it all to charity anyway. I don't want to fit back into them so I figure why would I want them taking up precious wardrobe space?
I also plan on getting pregnant in the next year or so, so I will store them- I would hate to waste a lot of money on maternity clothes or right after. But you better bet, I will not use pregnancy as an excuse to go wild- I don't want to have to do this all over again!

So far I've donated 31 bags of clothes that I've shrunk out of!  I feel like if I don't have "fat" jeans anymore then when I feel my cute jeans getting tight that is a good signal to me to eat a little tighter.  However, you will need some bigger things after the pregnancy you're planning, and maybe even in the beginning of the pregnancy a little, so if you like the shirt/pants then keep'em.  If you wouldn't be seen in public in it - toss it!

My clothes were already baggy a while ago (so I was less self-conscious or something) and now I feel like I'm walking around with MC Hammer pants and I am really self-conscious about it. I'm still losing weight and don't have a lot of disposable income so I don't want to/can't run out and buy a new wardrobe because eventually those clothes wont fit either and I'm short on cash.

What I did do was go to the thrift store and buy one pair of pants at my current size. They still feel baggy though...

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