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Thinking of going off white flour products and sugar

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Hi, I've been having trouble staying on track with calorie counting lately, can't seem to get back on the bandwagon and stay there.  I've been considering getting off white flour products and sugar.  I know that many on here have done this.  I've known for a long time that this is the best way to eat, but have basically been too chicken to try it.  I live for the bad carbs, especially chocolate and ice cream.  I think my cravings are just too strong and I need to just cut them out completely.

I would love some advice, recipes, and tips on staying sane during this.  I want to make it sustainable.  I've read that after a little bit, you lose your cravings.  I'm counting on that!  I don't plan to eliminate fruits at all, just the white sugars.



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Personally, I find it worse to go cold turkey. If I feel like I can't have chocolate, it's all I want. When I allow myself to have it in limited amounts, I find I am not as fixated on it. Just my experience.

I have never even liked white flour, tastes nasty to me, like bleach..

Original Post by bmfan77:

I have never even liked white flour, tastes nasty to me, like bleach..

Well, you aren't supposed to eat it raw.... :)

I was actually thinking this same thing last night!  I even looked up old posts on this...I didn't find much though.  I have never been one for giving anything up entirely, but I have heard that there are some huge benefits to giving up white flour and sugar.  Anyone with any experience please fill us in :)

Yes, I was talking about white flour products, not plain white flour.  And I don't really plan on being neurotic about it.  For example, some salad dressings have sugar, and I probably would still have those.  Peanut butter too.  Sometimes a little bit of protein on an apple will get me through the hunger pangs.  I'm talking just kind of a bread and sweets thing, and probably also white rice and potatoes.


Thanks for any advice and tips.

you can't completely eliminate sugar, because it's in just about everything, but eliminating sweets will definitely make a huge difference, if that's a big weakness for you.

as for white flour, that's easy.  whole grain breads and pastas are delicious and more satisfying that white.  they're usually more expensive and higher in calories, but you can eat less of them, because they'll hold you longer.

You can buy 100% peanut butter.  No added sugar or salt.  I like the Kraft version of it, so far.

The only drawback I've found is that it's too runny if you leave it in the cupboard like we do with the regular peanut butter, and it's fairly thick if you put it in the fridge.  But I leave it in the fridge anyway, and deal with the torn up bread. :)


I went "off" processed grains and refined sugar cold turkey, and never miss them, they taste too bland/sweet to me now.

I do have the occasional (rare) treat in moderation, though, but I make sure it has at least some nutritional value to it, like ice cream (calcium) or dark chocolate (antioxidants). I also have some empty carbs before very long and intense exercise periods. That is actually what high glycemic index foods are good for, providing quick energy for very active people - think athletes or children playing. Unfortunately, too many people are unaware of that and just go with the "I should eat whatever is being marketed to me as food" mentality.

hehe i don't, I have just always ate whole wheat breads, if i have any white bread its like i can actually taste the bleach...

Original Post by bmfan77:

hehe i don't, I have just always ate whole wheat breads, if i have any white bread its like i can actually taste the bleach...

 FYI: There is no actual "bleach" in white flour foods.

maybe not, either way it tastes nasty. my point being once you give it up you would never want it again.

If you're only eliminating white flour and not all flour/rice/sugar including fruit then you won't experience the elimination of cravings that low carb diets create because all breads/fruits/rice are quickly converted to sugar by the body even if they are whole wheat - just not quite as fast as white, but compared to protien, it's quickly converted to sugars, especially fruit.

I did this a few months ago, cut out white flour products and sweets.  The first couple of days were tough, but the cravings went away fast.  Now I can have a bite of a cookie or pastry and it tastes too sweet--I'd never be able to eat the whole thing.  And white bread tastes like paste.  I think it's inhuman to stop eating chocolate though.  You need the occasional treat, you just won't want as much.

I'm trying to avoid refined sugar as much as possible. I still have natural sugar like fruit and agave nectar.  I know I won't be able to do it 100%, if something like stir fry sauce has a little sugar in it that's fine. I'm mostly just trying to avoid candy/ice cream bars, stuff like that. But right now I'll allow a frozen fruit bar or low cal fudgesicle as long as I have it later in the day. I don't worry about white flour since I don't eat it much to begin with. Already eat whole wheat/whole grain bread, don't eat pastries or anything. Still have white rice though (when I have rice, which isn't very often right now) because brown rice is just a pain in the butt! And I'm not eating it every day, so it's not really a big deal.

If you like chocolate...go with 70% dark. I have a couple of squares throughout the day totally maybe 100 calories and it's totally yummy.  Green and Black make an amazing organic variety!

wow this is exaaactly like me! i absolutely looooove bad carbs (cake, cookies, ice cream...) and find that i can't have just a little bit. even if i manage just to have a small treat for a few days, eventually i end up going overboard and eating way too much of them.  i wanted to cut them out totally but it was way too hard because i live with my family (im 17) and other people (bros and siss) wanted them around the house.  now though, my last sibling just moved out and i can make the house as healthy as i want! (my parents don't mind either way)  so i got rid of all the cakes and cookies and white flour things that tempt me.  todays day 2 1/2 of being free from sugar and white flour (the first day i was still getting rid of stuff and had a spoonful of sorbet, hence the "1/2") and its really an incredible feeling!  its waaay easier when the stuffs not around cuz even tho i still crave sweet things, as its only been 2 1/2 days, i am satisfied with fruit and/or decaf coffee made with truvia.  yesterday i went out and bought two all natural, sugar free cookies (made with fruit juice) to save for a treat at the end of the week if i make it til then with no sugar.  i was a little scared that i would end up eating them before then, but i was able to overcome my cravings for them pretty easily yesterday, and today i don't even crave them anymore.  so basically, cold turkey is DEFINITELY  a better option for some of us.  i feel much better about everything i eat and even when im very full, it feels good because i know its all fruits and veggies and healthy whole grains and lean protein (whereas with sugar, if i got full on it i'd just feel sluggish and fat- even though im at the low end of a healthy weight)

good luck! its definitely worth a try

Sugar and carbs are a problem area for me too. Used to drink a 6 pack of cola per day! Then moved on to chocolate and bread. 

This winter I managed to curb my sugar intake.

The keys to my success with it were:

Whole wheat instead of refined white flour.

Stevia - It is an all natural sugar substitute. it is a plant. you can find the powder/liquid form of it at Trader Joe's or a natural food place. Stevia is great. Not chemical like the other sweeteners. (The other ones give me a headache). So you can use Stevia on your cereals or coffee, tea, cooking, etc. 

I also recommend the 70% dark chocolate.

I did the first phase of the South Beach Diet earlier this year - which is no sugar/carbs - it was pretty effective in curbing my sugar cravings 

Good luck. There is also a lot of information suggesting that certain people are more prone to sugar cravings/addiction, from their biological make up. I am certainly one of them. You can definitely improve it though...

I agree, South Beach is a good way to go for eliminating sugar/processed flour.  It will also give you a break from counting calories if you want.  It changes your focus to protein, and the protein keeps you from getting too hungry.  It's great in the summer.  Get creative with lots of salads, dressing is allowed in moderation, have chicken and fish on the grill, splurge with the occasional steak.   Personally, I skip the "south beach" products.  There are even plenty of vegetarian options with beans, eggs, cheese. 

Change your mindset. Focus not on what you cannot have, but rather on all the good things you can have that will also contribute to living healthy.

Today I was in a situation where I had to eat in a school cafeteria. For entrees, I had the choice of pepper steak with fried potatoes or a grilled vegetable medley in a wrap. I spent no time lamenting that I could not have the steak and taters, but rather thought about how good that veggie wrap was going to taste with a splash of salsa. It exceeded my expectations, and I figure I saved 300 or more calories and a whole lot of saturated fat.

Original Post by twinmama:

Peanut butter too. Sometimes a little bit of protein on an apple will get me through the hunger pangs. I'm talking just kind of a bread and sweets thing, and probably also white rice and potatoes.



I find that I prefer the all-natural peanut butter (like Adam's) that doesn't contain any sugar.  It's even better if you get the kind that doesn't have any hydrogenated oil in it. (Make sure the label DOESN'T say "no-stir")

Also, I would recommend not COMPLETELY giving up potatoes, just cutting back, but ALWAYS eat the skins when you have them, because they do have some good vitamins.  I really like doing baked fries- cut potatoes into strips, shake them up with some olive oil, whatever spices you like (I usually do cayenne pepper and garlic- I like it spicy) and maybe a little Parmesan cheese, and bake at 350 until tender and golden brown (I can't remember how long)

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