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I was thinking about eating one meal a day for weight loss. what do you think?

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i know its not the BEST way to lose weight, but i have tried so many other things over the last two years, and nothing has worked :( this link shows a bunch of success stories of people who have tried it http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Can_you_lose_weight _by_only_eating_one_meal_per_day

so i wanted to try it to, but i want some opinions first. so what do you think? i'm 17, 140pounds and 5'2". i want to be 110

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Eating one meal a day is going to slow your metabolism way down.... plus you're more likely to binge. I don't think it's a good idea.... just eat three balanced meals with correct portion sizes. And exercise. You can't just diet... you gotta move too. Wink

I personally think its nuts? How would you keep that up long term? Like all 'fad diets', as soon as you start eating 'normally' it'll pile back on again. What exactly have you tried that hasn't worked?

Most people fail at dieting because it is something they cannot stick with.  One meal a day will slow down your metabolism.  Why would you only want to eat once a day when you can eat small amounts all day long and not feel hungry.  And lose more weight doing it that way.  I think its a bad idea....

Very bad idea... you're young and healthy and not vastly overweight. If you really want to change your body shape, the best way to do it is to eat normally but healthy foods - and to increase the number of calories you burn through exercise. Since you've been trying to lose weight unsuccessfully for two years, you need to feed your metabolism, not grind it down even more.

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I agree with Ms Amberlynn. Each time you eat you expend calories by digesting and absorbing that meal. So instead of eating just one meal per day, try five smaller meals each around 300 calories keeping you at about 1500 calories a day. That is eating approximately every 3 hours that you are awake. This will help keep your insulin levels normal so that you do not get hungry and fatigued as much.

Eating only one meal per day WILL cause you to lose weight, but it will be very unhealthy. You will develop a body that is described as "skinny fat". Look it up. 

Continue the steady workouts even if it is jut walking for 30 minutes to an hour a day. Results will begin to show.Wink

it would need to be a 1200 calorie meal - so, no, I think that would be a bad idea.
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If you do that, not only will you probably binge, but even if you somehow find the willpower to stick to it, you're going to lose a lot of muscle.  You're going to end up worse off then you are now.

I agree with everyone else here, this is not going to help you lose the weight. It will actually do more harm to you than you may expect. Also - you SHOULD NOT believe everything you read, even if it is on Wiki.

That said, how much time have you spent on CC reading other posts about weight loss? I think you would benefit a lot from reading about the success stories of others here with similar stats. You may even want to start a post saying something along the lines of: girls with similar stats - 5'2", need to lose 30lbs, what worked for you?

You say you have been unsuccessful at losing weight for the past two years - do you feel like sharing your weight loss strategies with us? Maybe we can try to help you figure out why you haven't been able to lose weight.

Just to give you an idea...

I calculated your BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate -  the calories your body would burn if you were to lay in bed all day) - it came out to 1475. So, you should not consume less than approx. 1475 calories in a day. Unfortunately for weight  loss, CC usually recommends eating 1200 (as the bare minimum) per day for females. For me, I gained 3 pounds by doing that. It wasn't until I started eating at my BMR (1400 calories a day) that I lost the weight.

Trust me on this, there are many other CC members on here who will tell you the same exact thing. Search the forums for: BMR, plateau, starvation mode, increasing calories, ect. - and you will find plenty of posts.

Now, let's say you have a sedentary lifestyle (which I doubt since you are young), you would need to eat 1770 calories to maintain your current weight. To lose, I would recommend you eat approx. 1475 calories/day and try to incorporate some exercise into your daily activities.

Remember, there are no quick fixes to weight loss that result in long term healthy progress. Weight loss does not happen over night, it takes time - but the healthier the methods used to lose the weight, the better it is for your body, your health and your ability to maintain it over time.

Look at my gallery to see why weight log ... it has taken me almost 4 months to lose 14lbs. Day-to-day I would get frustrated and think I wasn't making any progress, but looking at the chart helped me see that little by little, I was indeed losing weight.

Hey, maybe you could just down a bottle of dish soap every day- I hear it's a great laxative. 

Sorry, but seriously, asking for information about fad diets on this website pisses me off.  We are all victims of them, one time or another.  My choice was the juice diet... and just as everyone told me, I failed and gained all 8lbs back.  This website helps people change their lives in a HEALTHY WAY... don't abuse it.

Slow wins the race.  You must have the courage to start, the patience to train, the wisdom to rest, and the faith to finish.  Good luck, and don't do this STUPID diet because it won't work and you'll be depressed in the end. 

Just to counter all those success stories in that link, I was doing that up until about 1 month ago, and I am not a success story. I am also 5'2" and I was slowly gaining weight from usually eating only lunch, something around 1000 calories. When I hit 129 lbs, I decided that was clearly not the way for me to go. I was pretty scared of the 130 lb threshold, so I made a change almost exactly a month ago. I started eating four or five times a day and exercised maybe twice a week, if I felt like it. Now I'm at 123.5 lbs. I'm certain I'd still be at 129 (or more) if I had continued to eat one meal a day.

Im only eating one meal a day (did it before I got preg with #2) I lost about 10-15kgs last time I did it . So will def be doing it again :D I also have some sugerfree drops throughout the day. I don't drink water at all LOL (my one meal consist of about 500-800calories) CW 185lbs GW130 height 5ft8"


I'm sorry but you need to disregard everything that vr4_playmate69 has said ^^ up there. Because that is horrible advice and rediculously DUMB if ya ask me!

If you have the self control to eat only one time a day then you should be able to maintain the self-control to eat a couple well rounded smaller meals in a day. That is what is going to make you lose weight.

And I don't know what ^^^ is referring to "sugerfree drops" but sugArfree candy/cough drops eaten in excess can make you SICK. It can act like a laxative for one.

But seriously, what kind of answer did you think you would get on this site? Except from ignorant people who haven't done their research.

Diets are stupid. Eat in a way that you can eat for the rest of your life. Can you eat one meal a day for the rest of your life? Probably not.

I ate only dinner throughout college, mainly because I was just plain busy and I didn't know better.  I was skinny yeah, but also sickly and flabby, because what little meat I did have on my bones was all fat, my starving body had already broken down what muscle mass it could.  So yes, it's possible, but you will feel bad and you will still jiggle.  Don't do it, it will be a waste of your time.

Everyone has said what I would already say to you.  It's not a good way to lose weight and you said it yourself that it's not the best way.

Write down what you eat.  I've noticed by logging what I eat each day has had a profound effect on my eating habits. 

Write down what you eat, log your exercise, and go from there. 

Crash diets get people NO WHERE!

Take care of yourself.


I have really cut back on what I eat. I have yo-yoed all my life and I kept it off for 20 some years by only eating one meal a day. Things changed, I quit smoking and I am home bound during the winter. So I gained lots of weight. I am using C-C+ and when I reach goal in order to maintain my weight I will go back to eating one healthy meal a day, and drinking lots of healthy liquids.

I found out the hard way that the less you eat, the less weight you lose.  Believe it or not, you have to eat to lose weight.  You should go to your library and check out a book by Jorge Cruz:  "The Three Hour Diet".  You will learn soooo much about the way you eat.  I didn't start losing weight until I started eating.   Good luck to you.

What do I think? That's stupid.

You'd have to cram at least 1500 calories into one meal to meet the absolute minimum for teenage females, 1800 for teenage males. And yes, that minimum applies to you, unless your doctor has diagnosed you with a metabolism problem like hypothyroidism. Sounds like too much work to cram all that together to me.

That's a very unhealthy idea.

The  best thing for you to do when it comes to eating is to eat smaller meals ever 3-4 hours.

Two important things, don't go more than 4 hours without eating and try not to consume more than 400 calories at a time.

Also, as much as it sucks to get started, you have to exercise. Find something that you enjoy. I hate machines like tread mills so instead I do cardio and weight training with exercise DVD's which I find to be much more fun.

It's true, you have to eat to lose weight because if you eat one meal a day you'll slow down your metabolism and will end up gaining weight.

The thing is what you're eating. Try to cut out white/bleached flour, white sugar, hydrogenated fats/oils, high fructose corn syrup. Remember, everything in moderation!

I did that once. For about a week I ate hardly a thing. It worked. I lost maybe four pounds that week. But I was miserable. I was angry and irritable, I was so mad and upset all the time. The next week I went back to eating normal and gained all the weight right back. Skipping meals is a time waster. 

hi for anyone who thinks that your metabs will slow down think again..i have found a way to increase my metabolism while having just one meal a day..i have 2 lemons sqezzed into 4 glasses of water and some cayenne pepper.i drink this the whole day and it helps alot.. the lemon water takes away appetite

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