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Getting things "moving"

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Please, oh please, lay some advice on me!

After two weeks of eating 5-10 servings of veggies a day, sticking to whole grains and working on my 8 glasses of water a day, my digestion seems to be grinding to a halt.

Any (non medical) suggestions to get things moving again? I don't want to take stool softeners or anything like that. Exercise, food, beverages or tricks (I know I used to massage my kids' tummies when they were backed up, should work for us grown folks too, right?) appreciated.

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Hot water with lemon will sometimes work.
I can relate.  I am eating Fiber one Honey clusters each morning.  It has 51% of your daily fiber.  It helps me as long as I eat it every day.  I can't do the regular Fiber one cereal, it's too much like hamster food for me.  :)  But if I miss a day without eating it I just stop back up. 
apparently epsom salts is good, and it doesn't cause any kind of dependency as other laxatives might. Otherwise i would say go and drink 500ml of diet coke and eat a diet chocolate of some description (don't know if they still sell Mars light, but they tended to have a noticable effect) all the artifical sweetner will have a definate laxative effect!
eat some watermelon, celery or cucumber or grapes - you'll have to have at least 2 servings of each of these but, believe me - these are foods that get my system working! and I mean the next day, too! :)
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so many things can contribute to this.

with me it is usually not drinking enough water or my magnesium level is low.  I now make sure my water intake is good and I take magnesium pills everyday from my corner drugstore makes quite a nice easy difference.
coffee - especially if you are not a coffee drinker.
Thanks for all the replies!

That Magnesium thing is interesting - I think I have a bottle of it at home.

I have some epsom salts for soaking my feet, but I'm scared to take it - that kind of stuff usually causes gastric explosions in me! If everything else fails me this weekend, I will try them.

I think I'll try the hot water with lemon and some prunes, because I have those things at home.

And the other food suggestions are very encouraging too. Thanks again.
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remember that prunes and figs are natural laxitives and try some herbal teas - i can't remember some inparticular - maybe nettle tea actually helps with that!  i normally drink tones of water and have a coffee!!

good luck!!
I knew this was a poop question. I am in the same boat. I have tried everything natural and even ex-lax. Nothing. I finally gave in and ate Taco Hell Bell last night. I got a little progress today. I hope a good run at the gym will get things going.

Try Yoga. It really relaxes things (if you know what I mean).
Fiber and water will usually do the trick - try fiber one or another high figer cereal.

Prunes are a great way to get regular, but I don't particularly care for them, or prune juice. 

However, coffee is a good way to get the bowels going as well.

And for exercise?  Yoga - definitely yoga.  The upward facing dog, cobra, and other backbend poses really stimulate your gastro-intestinal system. 
I've always had quick sucess with prune juice. 
Yup Prunes are the best solution! Works everytime for me!! Prune juice is usually loaded with sugar so if you get an hand on some dried ones its the best. You can also try some fiber supplements - you get those at the pharmacy and they work well too but you have to wait a few hours and feel bloated as soon as you have it. Good Luck!

I normally don't have this problem but I notice that if I haven't pooped in awhile all I have to do is slam a Dr. Pepper and 15 min later....problem solved.  Now I know its not natural or healthy but I think its really funny...I mean what in the heck do they put in Dr. Pepper that makes that happen.  Not the diet either, the real stuff.
Milk of Magnesia works really well and is much milder than other stool softeners.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.
Ironically enough, I found out a fun fact about Dr. Pepper.

The flavoring in Dr. Pepper is....PRUNE flavor! The original Dr. Pepper was a doctor who made a carbonated prune drink to help his elderly patients get regular.
wheat contains gluten, and that can sometimes (if you're allergic/your body doesn't respond well to it) stop the...ahem, movements.

I could be wrong.
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