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What Does the thin Me Look Like? Well...

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A picture truly is worth 1000 words. I went on one of those model building websites and built myself at my start weight of 297lbs and then me at my goal size. The models speak volumes.

Me in 2007 (copy&paste url into a new browser)

http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u177/Blues PicHaven/Ppl/b2007outside.jpg

Me in 2008

http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u177/Blues PicHaven/Ppl/b2008.jpg


Note: The overweight me is running to a job interview or running errands as she does her best to ignore how sweaty she is getting under her blazer.

Meanwhile the fit new me is coming out of the restroom of a fancy restaurant/club/or other fabulous venue. She just finished reapplying her lip gloss in the mirror and for a moment couldn't help but smile at her reflection. A reflection that at times catches her off guard because she is still in awe how far she's come.

I could write so many stories about the two women I see above. Very differing stories. Almost like two acquaintances who barely know each other. And I guess that's what these pictures get across. I want to get to know that girl with the cute jeans and tear drop necklace. She seems nice.

Talk about motivation! Smile

In addition to virtual models like the one above what do you guys use to visualize what the new you will look like? I am a believer in the law of attraction which states that to manifest something you have to first:

Be willing to ask for what you truly want.

Believe it is possible (not just hope it is)

And then (this is the hard part) be willing to receive it when it arrives.

So many of us deep down don't think we deserve all of what we dream. That's prob where the term "embarrassment of riches" comes from. But to be frank I've started to realize I do deserve to be just as happy as anyone else. And there is no shame in that.

So what's your visual motivator? I have a couple celebs and pics that I use to keep me focused.

And if anyone else wants to make a model too go to MVM.com and post the link in here so we all can see. Think it would be fun to have a place to share our slim selves while the present day versions of us work towards that goal.

Best of luck to all Laughing
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how do I get a visual model?

i couldn't see your pictures (guess i need to be a member of that website?), but i'm glad that it motivates you to be healthier to look at them.  i would just like to add my own experience, and that is:  i've been thin and had a great body.  it actually makes me sad to think back on that, bec i feel like a failure for not looking like that now.  for me, it's important to focus on being healthy right now, at this weight.  i need to love THIS body, not another one.

i understand that a healthy weight can be such an incentive!  i just wanted to comment that different things work for different people.

here are yummygoodness' links:

pic 1

pic 2

website is: vmv.com
Original Post by janeiro:

here are yummygoodness' links:

pic 1

pic 2

website is: vmv.com

Thanks for fixing the link for me Janeiro. The website to make one is mvm.com

I get and agree with what you're saying caloriecountingme which is why I did a model of myself because looking at others for motivation wasn't enough.

taken1 be sure to let us see what you come up with after you make your model :) 

I've played with that website...it's pretty neat!  Unfortunately, I can't get my piccies to post here.  :(
Yummy, you should get someone who's good at Photoshop to put your head on someone else's body for a very realistic visual. A while back, I put my friend's face on Kate Winslet's body because that was her goal body and it was pretty amazing.
navane...when you make the doll, save it...then just right click on the image and click it's properties. the url address of the pic will pop up.  then you can just post the link to us.

I just finished watching the season finale of Nip/Tuck on TiVo...and that actress Sanaa Lathan is gorgeous. Definitely found watching her walk around in her beautiful designer outfits a bit inspiring (I looove fashion!).

You had a great idea catherine! my bff is the senior web designer at a magazine. she is a whiz at Photoshop. if she could squeeze it into her schedule maybe i could convince her to superimpose my head on Sanaa Lathan's body! lol Wink

I can never get those model sites to work right.  If I pick the wrong clothing, it tells me it can't produce the model and asks me to pick something else, but then it doesn't show my model again.  The one at landsend.com I like (in theory) because you can put in your own measurements, but when I clicked on the link to do that (after putting in all the information) it went to a page that wouldn't load.  This after it first told me it couldn't create a model with my height/weight ratio (5'5", 187 lb.), but finally it decided it could after all.
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Wow, thank you for that link!  That's totally the perfect motivator!     
Haha, check out my profile pic for my head on Jessica Biel. I love it! Great suggestion!


That's a great motivator! I was shocked by the model I got for my current stats. It was interesting to see. My goal model looked just like.... my mother! Thanks for a great site!

hmph. I types vmv.comin and all i got was this thing that said travel, media, s hopping etc.

What do I do to make a model like everyone else?

Loved your model by the way, a brilliant motivator.
curalium - it's mvm.com, not vmv.com. I did that too ^_^ It's short for "My Virtual Model" if it helps.
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