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Do your thighs touch (ladies only please)?

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I feel so silly for even posting this...

Is it normal for thighs to touch at a healthy weight?

I feel like my thighs are just HUGE no matter how much I weigh. I've heard some people say it's normal, and some people say that it's absolutely a sign that you need to lose some weight.

I guess I'm confused...?

(Sometimes stuff like this makes me wonder what I could get done in all the time I spend worrying about weight, lol)
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I can't entirely answer your question, however, I will tell you that, to me, one of the most unattractive things I have ever seen are these skinny mini women whose thighs DON'T touch.  They look abnormal to me.

Now, that said, there is a different between "touching" and "invading each others space".  My thighs are definitely invaders at the moment.  I am hoping to reduce them to just being close friends...LOL
ehm hold on. *gets up and looks at thighs*

umm well it depends what position you mean. if i stand normally my thighs don't touch. when i put my feet together they do touch. when i walk they don't.

but i agree with vstar. as long as your thighs aren't squashing each other, i'm sure they're just fine.
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mine dont but ive always had skinny legs.

as long as theyve got a bit of muscle to them i dont think its an issue
Everyone' body type is different.  Pull out some old pics of you and your friends swimming.  You will notice some girls have narrow hips and that causes their legs to be closer together and their thighs touch.  Other girls hips are wider and their legs are naturally farther apart.  At a healthy weight their legs may not touch.  My sister and I are a good example of that. My thighs have always touched ...even at very low weights.  My sisters never have...even when she gained a few lbs.  Just learn to love your body as it is.
Haha, mine do! And even when I got to be a little too thin for my frame, my thighs still touched. Just the way I'm built, I guess. But I'm not uncomfortable, so I'm gonna vote that I'm doing ok. :D
In your profile you are wearing horizontal striped tights in your "fat" picture and your thighs don't look fat and they aren't touching. Maybe you are being a little hard on yourself?
Mine only do at the very bottom, right above my knees, but they ALMOST touch the whole way. And if I lost just five pounds I'd be underweight. So I don't think it's always an indicator that one needs to lose weight; too much fat can do that, but so can just having a bottom-heavy fat distribution (which is actually healthier than carrying the fat around one's middle, whether one has too much overall or not), or it just being the way one is built.
touching is fine.  It's the rubbing together that drives me nutty.  I just started jogging again and my longer spandex shorts are best cause they stay on my legs where I put them.

I have light weight jogging shorts, but they work their way up in the middle and I have to keep stopping, spreading my legs a little and yanking the middle DOWN where it belongs.  I always look around to make sure no one see me as its not an attractive thing to do.

I take this as a sign my upper thighs are too big. (as tho the scale telling me isn't enough)  I'm 5'6, 186 and it seems the more I lose the less 'bunching' up my shorts do.

so.......are your legs comfortable?  If so I wouldn't worry about it.  I hate seeing skinny girls with a big hollow between their legs, like they are bowlegged.
I agree with kelly. I have very narrow hips (32 inches) and small thighs. My thighs at the moment are rock-solid muscle from running - no flab at all. But they touch at the very top, and always have... no matter how much weight lifting/running/leg lifts/abductor/aductor exercises I do !

The measurements for my thighs are 18 inches at widest part (where they touch), 15 inches halfway between top and knee, and 12.5 inches at the knee.

So my legs do not touch in the middle - when I stand, you can see right through my legs. I have to gain a LOT of weight before the middle part touches.

I never thought of myself as bowlegged. I don't think I look bowlegged either.
mine dont touch, but there isnt much of a gap.
I hve huge thighs but thanks to weight training I'm getting some shape to them and they don't invade each others space nearly as much as they used too.  I used to hate wearing shorts cuz they would start to creep up in the center like ohio said.  Since losing some weight its not as bad and the squats help alot. 

Someday I hope I feel comfortable enough to wear shorts in public but I'm just happy to feel good enough to wear them around the house and not get grossed out LOL
Mine definately do...and it's really annoying! But agree with the other posters...it depends on your body shape as to whether it's a sign of being overweight...ie narrow hips.  I have wide hips AND my thighs touch...so it's definately a sign for me :) 
mine didnt this time last year, but now they do. i used it of a sign to loose weight, but thats for ME, we are all different shapes and sizes and our bodies all do differnt things, overweight or otherwise.
really?  I thought most all women's thighs at least TOUCHED at a healthy weight.  when I notice someone's thighs not touch at all, it's usually on a girl who has ventured into that too-skinny-for-comfort realm...  granted, I'm not always looking so maybe that's the only time I notice.

but just my two cents.
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Mine have always touched, even when I was 16 and 120lbs.  I cant wear short short or my thighs seem to eat them!

My aerobics instructor (who is buff and has about 16% bf) complains about hers touching, too.  She says the only way she has ever seen any difference is by doing inner thigh work with the resistance band. 

If you get a step bench, lie on your back with the resistance band looped underneath, stick your feet in the handles of the resistance band, so that the hard part of the handle is on the bottom of your feet.  Put your feet in the air, directly above your abs, and open and close your legs.   Open as far as you can without being uncomfortable.

I have seen a difference but they still touch.  So I agree that it is body type and your mother!
i think it's sort of dependent on how narrow your hips are, although this isn't the case all the time. But for instance, when i was young, before puberty, i was in real good shape but my thighs touched b/c i had no hips yet

also the more toned your inner thigh muscles, the less likely they are to touch. But everyone has different bodies, as long as your healthy then it shouldn't matter
Mine always have, even when I was a size 3 at 5'6" (not on purpose, I never dieted as a young teen)
mine always have too.

but since I'm down 36lbs, I can go for brisk walks without my underwear catching fire from all the friction of my invading thighs!


FWIW (for what it's worth), your pics show a very pretty girl, with normal looking thighs to me :D

I don't think its a measurement of fitness. I'm a runner and I'm active physically. I consider myself fit at 117 lbs 5'3.5'' height size 2-4 and my thighs always touch even when I was 100 lbs at 13 years old. Even when I was 8 my thighs touched (I saw pictures). 


Jillian Michaels, one of the fittest woman I know have thighs that touch. 



My thighs have always touched even at 5'0" and 120lbs (and very muscular legs at that point). Mine actually touch from just above the knee all the way up when standing still (even when thin) bug when I'm actually walking only touch for the top three inches or so. I think its because of the shape of my legs - I have knee problems so my feet point out the way (a little like Charlie Chaplin!!!). Its not very noticable to other people but it puts my legs closer together than they would be otherwise.

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