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My thighs are different!

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Ok. I'm kind of new here, and I just took my measurements today and my right thigh is bigger than my left thigh. I've never notice it; in fact, I don't even think it's noticeable. Anyway, my left thigh is 23.5" all around, and my right thigh is 22.5" all around. It's not a big deal, but does anyone else have the same problem in other areas of your body??

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Are you sure you weren't squeezing a bit harder around one of them or measuring in the EXACT same spot?

Otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much.  Most everyone's body is slightly disproportionate in various ways.

No one is totally symmetrical, and as you get bigger the differences become even more pronounced. I have noticed all sort of differences on my left side and right side, it's not terribly pleasant! And left upper arm is 2 INCHES bigger than my right. My left calf is one inch bigger than my right. My right breast has always been larger than the left and in fact I suspect it is about a cup size larger. My thighs are about the same though :). With all those differences you'd think I'd look like a freak, but I don't think it's at all noticable with clothes on, or even off...I notice, but my boyfriend says he didn't notice at all when I have pointed things out...I think guys are so glad you are naked there is no way they will notice such a thing lol

Do you by chance do any board sports?

I snowboard and kiteboard, and I know that my dominant leg is definitely bigger by about an inch.  (Also my left boob, but that's just the way it is, had nothing to do with the exercise it gets, haha).

Most people have a dominant side for most things.  Walking up stairs, always leading with the same leg, etc.  You don't do is consciously.  I wouldn't worry about it, no one can see the difference.

If you really want to get freaked out, take a good look at your boobs in the mirror and they will be different in size too.  It is normal to have a larger half of body.  Haven't you noticed when you buy shoes that one never fits as nice as the other?  My thighs are different too, I like the smaller one jk

You know that body frame test? Well if I do it with fingers around my left wrist, I'm medium. Around my right, I'm small. I've made other people do it for me and it's definitely my wrists which are different, not my hands. What's odd is I'm right handed, so surely that should be the bigger one?

heh I measure in the exact same spot and my right thigh is bigger by 0.5" than my left thigh

just remember that NOTHING is simetrical on a human ...

That's right, nothing is exactly symmetrical! For right-handed people, usually everything on your right side is just a little bit bigger than the left. I take different size rings on my right and left hands.

Using your muscles makes them bigger, then the muscles pull on the tendons, and the tendons pull on the bones. Everything in your body gets stronger (which means a little bigger) the more it's used.

And when you're growing, your body doesn't always keep everything even. Boobs are a classic example. I also learned from a neuroscience professor that most people's brains aren't even symmetric - the back of most people's brains is tweaked to one side or the other. (Feel the bump on the back of your skull - it's probably not right in the center). And when you look at pictures of famous people's faces, you'll notice they'll have one eyelid lower than the other, or a crooked smile...

Which is all to say, having different measurements is totally normal!

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