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Weight Loss
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They always say I look "pale and weak"....

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I've been on CC for sometime and I've already lost around 30 pounds by eating 1200cals a day- II've seeked advice from my doctor, he said it was alright considering my petite frame. I haven't been really cutting back on anything, just that I watch my daily allotted intake carefully. I'm now maintaining, but ever since I've lost all the weight, others around me are on one hand shocked and pleased to see me being much slimmer than before, but many of them think I look rather pale and weak, especially my lips and cheeks. Some think I'm always tired and sick even though physically I'm not.

I've already been eating more red meat like beef, but still I keep on getting such comments, and even myself, I think I do look paler than before... can anyone give me any advice on what to do? I've bene doing exercises, is there anything particular I should eat that can help to give me "a healthy glow" on the face?
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you might need more iron. spinach is good for that
what is your water intake? 
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Well I am not sure whether it's all because of lack of sleep...? On average I sleep for around 6-7 hours a day.

Perhaps I'll try to take more food in iron- beef, liver, spinach... any other suggestions?

I drink sufficient amount of water- around 1500-2000ml a day I think.
how about....the sun?

I always get paler in the winter...
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Are you tired? Have you cut back too far on carbs?
But how do you feel?  Do you have lots of energy or are you tired much of the time?  If you're feeling run down, then talk to your doctor.  You may need some blood tests to see if you're anemic or vitamin deficient.  If you feel fine, then just ignore the comments. 
This may be way out in left field but I used to have a ton of unacknowledged anger...  didnt know I was mad but i was furious.  I was pale all the time...
double post...   
When you say petite, I assume that you could belong to the 5-3 clubs :) So here is my 2-cents for being in the same situation.
Some people, including me, when loosing weight, one of the first fat that comes off is from facial area. The skin around the eyes is very thin, so when the fat receeds from there, the areas could noticeably look darken or sunken because there is very little substance between the outer skin and your flesh. And makes that hateful blue vein that runs under your eyes more visible. (Darken eyes area sometimes also genetic.)
I read somewhere (sorry can't recall where) that actually eating more vegetables will help with skin complexion overall.
In the mean time you can use eye cream with Vit-K, a bit of concealer when going out, blusher on your cheek, and If you are pale skin to begin with, nothing is wrong from using self-tanning lotion -- Oil of Olay makes a gentle natural looking tan in its moisturizer if you want to try, and not expensive.
Oh and about self tanner, sometimes it helps giving your skin a nice glow. I am easily darken under the sun, but not that blessed to get a good tan coloring. So what do I do? Add a layer of self tanner to even the color out and add a little glow ^^b
P.S. You exercise? Because my hubby said that I actually looked glowy and healthy after exercising
I lose weight around my face and neck mroe than everywhere else, so people say I often look weak and skinny, depsite having 'thunder thighs' I'm naturally pale so I dress to suit my complexion. Maybe you are naturally pale. If you're not, then maybe you shoudl try changing yoru diet or exercising more in the sun (with sunscreen!)
Good luck
Get some bloodwork up done.  You are probably low in iron, which is normally easily fixed with the proper supplements. However, the being more pale might not even have anything to do with the weight loss or your diet. It could be entirely unrelated, which is why blood work is so important. It's virtually painfree, too.

Good luck!
Hey sytso,

 As a health care provider, I would want to make sure you are not anemic. Now there are a million diff kinds of anemia, but the most common one (esp. in women) is iron deficiency anemia (Fe def anemia)

   The most common cause of Fe def anemia is blood loss (thus the greater prevalence in women due to menstruation). This can be occult, meaning not obvious, or it can be really apparent. FE def anemia due to dietary inadequacy is a much less common cause, but it can happen.

   Some blood tests that your provider may run include a serum iron, ferritin, total iron binding capacity (TIBC), and complete blood count. He/She may want to check your stool for blood to make sure you don't have a silent GI bleed, like an ulcer (more common than you may think).  Your PCP may ask you questions like "Do you take medications like advil or aspirin?" or "Have you ever been turned down from donating blood b/c of a low blood count?"

  I recommend finding out if you have true iron deficiency anemia before supplementing with iron, as iron therapy can have some gnarly side effects. Keep in mind it takes a good 4-6 weeks of iron therapy to start affecting a true Fe def anemia.

   In the meantime, boosting your diet with iron-rich foods like lean beef, spinach can't hurt. Good luck and way to go on your weight loss!

8-) peace, love and pounds lost
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