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Weight Loss
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Do you tend to gain more weight in the summer or the winter months?

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I gained 7lbs since the summer and I have not changed a thing!  I figured I lose more seeing as how the weather got nice. 

What happens with you?  Do you weigh less in the winter, or summer?

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generally weigh less in the summer. In the winter I eat more comfort food..warm heavier things, in the summer i HATE to feel full so i eat much lighter. I'm kind of dreading the cold weather for this reason =/ definitely can't afford to gain back the 10lbs i've lost thus far

I always seem to gain a bit in the last part of winter and then lose it without effort in the summer. This is my first time trying to lose so we'll see. I seem to be having less success this summer--losing more slowly--but maybe that's because I'm doing it right? I sure hope so.

I definitely gain more in the winter--when it gets dark by the time I get home from work, I just feel like eating a (huge!) early dinner and going to bed.  Plus with all the layers you have to wear to keep warm, I don't really notice what my shape is doing, and it's easier to kind of let it go...  this past winter I gained 20 pounds through inactivity and poor eating habits!

This winter I am going to try to avoid this mistake by stepping on my new scale at least a couple times a week, working on keeping my new, healthier eating habits up (including drinking more water), and forcing myself to the gym at least a couple times per week.

Hopefully the new patterns I am working on this summer will be routine habits by this winter!!

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I actually gain more in the summer (until I started CC).  I tend to go to more parties and drink more alcoholic beverages than in the winter.  I do eat too much during the winter months/holidays but that is only a few weeks and my family doesn't drink during the holidays so at least it is only eating not drinking as well.  I have learned moderation this summer so I am close to goal but I am positive I would have reached my goal by now if I could have stayed away from drinking.  I just figure its worth it to take longer and still have fun!

I normally gain so much more weight in the winter (hopefully this won't happen this year because I'm on CC).  The cold air drives me indoors where I don't exercise much and being indoors all the time drives me to boredom which causes me to eat, eat, eat.  During the winter time I'm also in school, which means I'm studying, which means I'm also snacking on unhealthy foods... or it means I go to way too many keggers and parties and drink too much alcohol.  In the past, over the winter I would usually gain about 10-15 pounds...and (almost) lose it all again over the summer (without any conscious effort), except for a couple pounds here and there, which has led to my overall weight gain in the past 5 years.

I definitely gain more weight in the winter because I eat more and don't work it off...I'm like a bear preparing for hibernation. lol.  And then the spring comes and I usually shed my winter coating of extra fat :)

i gain more in the summer because when it's winter, it's usually so cold that i sleep all day and don't eat as much.

I tend to put on weight in the winter too....its pretty cold here in winter, so layers of shapeless clothing tend to make you lose sight of your own figure.  Plus all the warm comfort food and hot chocolate....mmmm!

Last winter was really bad for me because I went through boyfriend depression as well and put on 10 pounds in about two months!  But it was actually the best thing that ever happened to me because I found CC--what would I ever do without you guys and everything I've learned!!

I put on weight during semester because of my sedentary lifestyle as a student, stress and lack of time. Sensible grocery shopping and preparing meals requires time and energy I have to devote to school and by the time I'm done with studying in the evening I'm too exhausted to hit the gym.

In the summer I'm on vacation from early May to early September, when it's all about sports and I can spend half a day cooking if I feel like it. Two extremes makes for a kind of nasty cycle.

usually during summer for me because during the school year i tend to eat less b/c of schoolwork, work and activities. but during the summer i only work so when i'm off i tend to just eat more to keep from boredom.

*Definitely* in the winter.  Hot beverages, cosy days/nights snuggled under a warm blanket, hot stews, soup and bread, yummy treats of the holiday season, layered clothing.... ah, bliss!

Not *this* winter though!!!!  I don't want to have to work all of next summer to get off the weight I gained during winter!

Winter!!  I was a college freshman last year, and I didn't gain any weight fall or spring quarter, but I gained almost 10 pounds during the winter!

Since in Chicago during winter it's pitch black outside by 5:00 and it's ridiculously cold, all I did after class was stay inside and eat, basically.  I never went to the gym.  Next year I have a gym right across the parking lot from my building though, so it should be easier for me to go.  I also ate because I didn't want to study.  Studying is depressing, and food makes me happy!  That's a bad combination when you have to study for hours every night.

I gain more weight during the summer for the fact that there are so many more events during the summer such as family reunions, cook-outs, weddings, work functions, and sporting events. I do go to the gym and work-out more in the summer, but my eating habits are way worse because there seems to be more activities in summer.

Winter is evil! Baking cookies, cakes etc., curling up by the fire and reading a good book while eating said baked goods is a seriously wonderful/horrible thing.

winter!! omg..I can put on 20 lbs!!!! eeeks this is scary........ but part of it for me (i think) is as soon as it gets body (not me!!! i have no say in this) wants to gain wieght to keep it's self better insulated (sp?? or maybe not right or to stay warm..... cuz otherwise I be really cold. ALso i'm a lazy bastard in the winter...... I hate going outside in the snow!!! it looks all innocent and white and marshmellows...but it's really evil. and I can't say no to cookies, cakes, pumpkin pies, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rice crispy treats, pizza, tacos, taquitos, margaritas, oooh mojitos, did I mention beer?  you know all of the "usual" holiday family foods.

Winter. Hands down.   The summer is just to hot (im in TX) and I just cant eat much in the heat.  Winters get cold, and I want to do Is cook, cook cook.  (the oven helps warm up the house)-yet another reason i dont cook much in the summer.

I think everyone at work sufferes this too. They cook and bring all kinds of goodies to share at work, thus resulting in the need..... to feed.

I gain in the summer. Same reason other's have mentioned...parties, BBQ's, camping trips, alcohol drinks, more erratic schedule, etc. Also, longer days seem to offer more time to eat. However, my biggest problem in the summer is sodium because I seem to retain more water when it's warm out.

During winter I only overeat during our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, but not enough to gain a pound of fat. I also stop eating earlier in the day.

I didn't gain weight this summer (again, thanks to CC), but I did hit a plateau about the same time I would normally gain.

When I was young and in school, I gained in the summer. Summer in a small town was pretty quiet but lots of picnics and mom's food.

Now I gain in the winter: Holidays and less walking. As Bob is my witless, that will NOT happen again this year!!!

i believe the winter month do me in...all the holidays and good cooking and cold weather and get togethers definitely make me place fitness on the lower end of the priority list.  summertime i don't think anyone wants to walk around feeling bloated and stuffed as well as sweating their a55 off! i also tend to drink alot more water because i'm always feeling hot

I tend to weigh less in the summer and either maintain or put on weight in the colder months.

Since I have school and all the stress related to that, I tend to eat more.  The cold weather also makes me freeze, so I try to eat more in an effort to keep my body warm.

When it's summer, I have more time to take my time to eat and also go out for walks and such.

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