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How can you tell if a scale is accurate?

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In other words, how can I choose an accurate/good scale when I go shopping for one?  Thanks.

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Well, don't buy a super-cheap one.  I'd say most scales are pretty accurate if they are on a hard level surface.

Get one you can return, and weigh something of a known weight when you get home (ie. 10lb bag of cat littler, dumbell etc.)  These may be most easily weighed if you step on the scale first, get your weight, then weight yourself again holding the item.

I find that it's less important for a scale you buy to be "accurate" per se, than for it to be consistent. If you weigh yourself twice in a row, and get the same result, it's accurate.

When using your scale, you'll probably end up using it to track your progress. Whether or not it's exactly calibrated with your Doctor's scale isn't important - as long as the number on it is going down.



Get on and off about 5 times, see if you weigh pretty close to the same each time. 

Then have somebody hand you something you know the weight of (a 16oz bottle of water would work, that's 1lb), step on and off a few times and see if you weigh as much more each time as you ought to.


Original Post by katydid22:

I find that it's less important for a scale you buy to be "accurate" per se, than for it to be consistent.

Just what I was going to say.

I would not be worried about the scale itself.  Get one and stick with it.  Don't worry about outside scales at Dr's offices, friends houses etc.  they will only confuse you.  If buying one I do like the ones with the body fat analyzer, it may keep you motivated when you hit a plateau, with improved body fat percentages.   Good Luck.

I agree with what's listed above.

I bought a scale... which says i weigh 5 lbs less than the doctors scale... (ps.. LOVED that lmao).. but i was tracking my loss... so it didn't matter what either scales said.. i was down 5 lbs on both scales.. regardless of what the weight said..

however i recently got a digital one.. and it's 2 lbs more than my old one *tear*.. lol.

When you compare your progress, always use the same scale you've used in the past. I have a scale at my parents' house and used to have one with me. Both scales showed different numbers, but the change (pounds gain or loss) per week was about the same.

I stepped on my moms scale once, it said 160.

I stepped on it again, it said 188.

I stepped on it once more and was 172.





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