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Weight Loss
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Tell me this is really happening!

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I've "tried" to lose weight before in that I would think "oh, in 6 months it will be July and I will have to wear a bathing suit, I'm going to set a goal to lose 20/30/50/whatever pounds by then!" but then I wouldn't really take any concrete steps toward losing weight (besides feeling guilty every time I ate desserts) and before I knew it it would be July and I would be in a bathing suit without having lost anything.  

Now I'm on CalorieCount and for the first time I'm seeing real, consistent weight loss.  I was looking at my "weight log" and though it fluctuates up and down a little, it is overall on a very downward trend (I'm down 5 kilos from the first entry).  I still can't really believe it.  I always thought losing weight was what other people did and it just wasn't something I could manage, because every time I "tried" to lose weight I would fail.  Now I can see that I'm actually losing weight, but something inside of me is still disbelieving.  Could it really have been this simple all along?!  I think I'm afraid I will wake up one day and step on the scale and it will be right back up where I started again.  

Maybe I will go shopping this weekend and see if I can buy a smaller size of jeans (all my pants seem to be a little too big for me lately).  Maybe that will convince me that it's really real.  :)  

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congratulations :) it's really not as hard as it seems, you've just got to set goals and stay motivated. 

Yes, you can do it!!  Great job and keep it up :)

Congratulations!  :)

In my experience, and witnessing others' experience with sustained weight loss, cementing good, healthy eating habits is key.  

cheer too you  you be there 

Knowledge is power. This is so very true ehen it comes to weight loss. Once you know what you are putting in your body, you can use this knowledge to forge a plan of action. There is so much support from this community to aid in your journey which makes things even easier. I congratulate you and everyone else on this site for making their dreams come true instead of sitting around making excuses.
I know what you mean. Calorie Count keeps me honest, I love it, I've become obsessed, with logging my food after every bite and hopping on the scale every day. Keep it up and Congratulations!

joanrollier you hit on the nail for me i do just what your doingSmile

It is important to remember, more is happening to you than weight loss. You are gaining knowledge, skills and experience. You will find yourself looking at food differently and to other things to satisfy your need for fulfillment.

Even though we all start this path with weight loss in mind, and even if we reach our weight "goal", what has happened to us along the way is way more than what we could have imagined at the start.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.” --Ursula K. Le Guin

Only buy a couple pairs of new pants because you're going to lose more weight and its all the more money you'll have to spend in MORE clothes. Although Im sure no one minds THAT kind of spending!!! Good job! Keep it up (or down, rather).
Original Post by LilMsSunshine126:

Only buy a couple pairs of new pants because you're going to lose more weight and its all the more money you'll have to spend in MORE clothes. Although Im sure no one minds THAT kind of spending!!! Good job! Keep it up (or down, rather).

I definitely agree with this. Just hang in there and you will keep seeing results and the sizes will keep going down.

You go Girl! Your a inspiration to us all. Your doing something right. Embrace what you doing & keep repeating it. Its a healthy way of life to eat like this.  But always keep your "Before" pic close by to remind yourself what you use to look like. Reward yourself with a pedicure or getting your hair done. Never reward yourself with food. Keep it up! Kim

There is something about keeping track that keeps the focus on. It's like working with a financial advisor. They invest your money until it's all gone. LOL

so happy for you!  your post just inspired me :D

kudos!! it's hard to believe but if you plateau, don't let it derail you from all the good that you're doing for yourself. don't stop believing that what you're doing is the right thing. congrats & good luck! and I agree, just a couple of pairs of new pants- and get them tight because weight loss isn't always consistent- u may end up dropping weight in spurts or more at the beginning :)

It is also the words that are ringing in my ears ''could it have been so easy all along''

I have been on diets all my life keeping my weight under control..Then 53 hit a couple of years ago and ''instant weight gain'' became a part of my life..This winter was the first winter I couldn't enjoy the extra clothes we get to wear which made winter more bearable than summer..I knew something needed to change...but what? My daughter was told about calorie count and when I checked it out I loved every part of it..The information available helps you to make right choices for best results and in two weeks I've lost 10 pounds..I also bought 6 new pairs of pants just days before I discovered calorie count but I am already back into my old jeans...    '' I AM ON A JOURNEY OF A LIFFETIME'' ...and enjoying every moment of it...THANKS CALORIE COUNT

Second-hand stores are great for transition clothing. Congrats!!


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