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Any teens out there- wanna make some friends

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Hey id like to make some friends cuz iv joined a long time ago but i wasnt consistent and i am now so i thought id meet some people who are going through the same thing ;D
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I'm 16, hi.
I am 14 turning 15 in a month
Hey im 14 almost 15 in Feb of 2008.. well, im still getting the hang of this site.. but i like it! well, i would like to b ur friend!!!
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Hi im turning 15 in a month too

heyyy =)

i'm sarah, 16, and you all should deff add me! i'd love to get to know everyone!

kkthxbye. =D

Hi, I'm 15, I'd like to be your friend!
18! id love to do some sort of group weight loss effort like the biggest loser...i need some motivation!
hi im 14 looking for friends, too...


 i'd also love to make friends!

i'm 15 and a half so i'm definatly a teenager lol

Hi!! I'm Christine...I'm 14. I've on cc since i guess i could say i'm a

Hi I'm Felicia and I'm 14 and i'm also looking for friends Just someone to talk to and help each other out 

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Heya Im 16 I joined this site a while ago but never really got properly involved before
so yeah any teens would b nice 2 chat! :) x
hiii :) i am sweeeet fifteeeen. letschat.
hey i'm jill 'n i am 16
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Hei, I'm 15. We can all lose weight togehter :D

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so what kind of goals are people aiming for? and how is everyone doing? xx
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