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I find it hard to find good dieting tips because people are always telling me i'm too young to loose weight and that i'm still developing. I want a complete lifestyle change, how can eating healthy and losing some weight in the process possibly be a bad thing? It's not as if i'm starving myself. I'm currently 5ft 3 and 123lb but i want to loose 19lb by November.

I want encouragement and motivation not 'you shouldn't do this you're too young'.

Anyone else have this problem?
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I found you just have to take it one day at a time. If you don't do well one day, do better the next.
Yes definately, i've done really well with the eating today. Although, no excercise unfortunately. I'll go on the trampoline later.
I'm probably a little late in replying to this, but yeah, i know how you guys all feel

my stats:

AGE: 16, HEIGHT: 5 ft 9 in, WEIGHT: 148 GW: 145 (including muscle mass) GENDER: Female

I used to weigh 172 @ 5 ft 8in, but i grew a bit and lost a lot, and my family thought i had an eating disorder, but it's not like i lost all the weight in a week, it took me 6 months at least...and then they made me eat a LOT, convinced that i was too skinny (which i wasn't, i was at a comfortable, photographic weight [and i LOVED my arm muscles XP]) so i ended up losing the muscle mass i had, and gaining 10lbs in fat....very sad... i'm just so glad to see everyone here in the same boat as me :D
hey everyone


16yrs female

161cm tall and about 66kgs

I just found this website and it seems so good.. Im currently trying to lose about 10kgs that i gained in 4 months before my 17th birthday in 2 months grrrr im on a a weightloss program where u have 2 protien shakes a day and then a normal dinner which seems to be working has anyone heard of a diet like that before?

im really looking forward to everyones feedback

Tash i haven't heard of a diet like that before but as long as it's healthy and it's working it should be fine :) and darkkitkat23 you shouldn't let your family tell you how to handle your body!
UPDATE!!!!!!  ok, i went out of town for a few days, and couldn't keep exact track of what i ate (i ended up having half a chilli dog, fries, onion rings and a blizard last night...).  so this morning when i got home, i expected to weigh more than when i left... but i'd dropped 2 pounds!  i had to weigh myself 3 times to be sure!   

how's everyone else doing?  how close are y'all to your goal weight? i've got 15 lbs to go! 

This is in reply to a lot of the really young barely teens.  I'm recovering from an eating disorder. I started from me wanting to lose weight when I was younger. I was overweight. I reached a fine weight for me when I was about 14. I was about 135 and 5'4.  I was still growing and probably would have lost it w/ time.  Yet...I didn't take anyones advice.  I kept dieting and it turned into an extreme eating disorder.  I understand you all feel like you need to diet... but take a step back and think... it can easily spiral into something horrible... especially at a young age.  And let me tell you. Since age 14 (I'm 19 turning 20 now)... I have lived the most lonely and scary life ever... because of this eating disorder that I am in treatment for now.

just my two cents.
Hey teens,  I'm a mom of a teen who is 5'8" about 200 pounds.  He needs to loose weight but I don't want to place bad thought patterns in his mind.  I keep focusing on eating healthy and increase activity. 

What I do know about the body.  Muscle weighs more than fat.  (For those who are gaining weight it may just be your muscles are getting toned.  That's what you want!).  It is true that during teen years you need to make sure your body gets the right nutrients (don't starve yourself). 

With the choices of foods we have today (fast foods, frozen), one has to watch what they eat.  The more you can eat "natural" foods the better.  Watch your salt (sodium) intake.  I support the teens that are trying to make healthy choices.  The habits you create today will continue through your adult life.  And as an adult it is harder to keep fit.  (I'm 5'4", 153.  GW 135. hard to reach when your 44:-) ).  Keep up the good choices.  Any tips on how to talk to my son about loosing those pounds?

lydette: Are you afraid of bluntly talking to your son about him losing some weight? Because if so, there are a lot of subtle ways (I think) that you could probably start helping him to lose the weight. If you often eat dinners at home, and you cook for him or something like that, you could start making healthier dinners. And even if you don't have very "healthy" dinners at the moment, just adding side salads or fruits/veggies instead of say french fries and chips as sides to the main meal will help. If you have memberships to a gym, you could ask if he wanted to go there with you. Or if you two are both interested in playing a sport (say basketball or tennis especially), see if he wants to play one-on-one with you, or something like that. That way you aren't really telling him that he needs to or should lose weight, but you're helping him to start eating better and become more active.

I don't know if that will work or if it's even going to help in your personal situation, but it is a start. I hope it helps a bit.

I'm young and my dad put me on a diet when i was 12 for about 6 months. I went from a HUGE size 14 (it's huge when you're only 12 and only 5ft) to a size 8. It was a horrible experience. I'm glad i lost the weight but he was so harsh and i've been self-concious ever since. He forced me to excercise and barely eat to the extent where now i feel worse then i did when i was that big. Just try and be subtle.
Tell me about it! It's like if I want to lose weight, let me. I'm 14, i'm 5'3 and weigh 124. I've lots a pant size, and one shirt size. But it's not good enough. I'm medium shirt, and 7 pants. I'd like to be anything smaller. Its been harder to get back on track working out though, so help me. I need advice, strategies.
Try work out vids aswell. It's hard when you're this age because adults never used to have the pressure we have to be thin when they were our age. You're only a few lb's bigger than i am so i wouldn't worry about it. You're not fat in the slightest. Be healthy! :)
I've lost another lb!

It's good to see so many teenagers losing weight the right way.  I've seen most of my good friends go through eating disorders (bulemia, anarexia, and drug abuse) so I'm afraid to talk to any of them about weightloss.  They don't know how to do it the healthy way so they don't understand that I want  to make lifestyle changes and not take the easy way out.  And I get that "oh you don't need to lose weight" thing too.  It doesn't help that most of my friends are at least 6 inches shorter than I am so even though I'm only chubby and not overweight, I still feel absolutely huge around them. 

Anyway, if anyone wants a diet buddy get in touch!  I could use the support :)  I'm 17 almost 18, 5'10", my current weight is 169 and I'm hoping to get down to about 140ish depending on how I look when I get there.  I'm what's known as a "plus model" so it's really important to me that I tone up and get my body proportions back to normal for photographic purposes.

Good luck to everyone and congrats on all the weight you've lost already!

I'm a tiny 5ft 3 and i so wish i was 5ft 10! I'd love to be a model but i'm a bit too short n chubby aha. Just 15lb more to go for me. I'm loving this whole dieting business, i think it's important for teens to start eating healthy it gets them ready for later life. 

male, 19, 5ยด11 , 166 lbs ... hopefuly i'll be 160 lbs by the end of the year.

Getting rid of the last 10 punds is oh so hard =_=
hey I'm 19, 5'11 and right now I'm 174 pounds.  I have came down from 210 since the beginning of summer vacation. I am happy with my progress, but I still want to lose 20 pounds or so. 

xwewhisper:  I have the same feelings you do about my friends..they're all short and of course weigh wayy less than me.  I feel like the fattie out of our group, but I do we do have to consider that we're way taller so logically we should weigh a bit more.  :D

Good luck to everyone on their weightloss goals!
How much do you guys loose on a weekly basis? I used to loose about 1lb a week but it's more like 2lb or 3lb now. xx
I'm only on week 2 of the official changes, but it seems I've lost about 2 pounds so hopefully it stays around there throughout the process.
heyyy im 15 5'3 current 127 looking to be 115=]
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