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Tall Women 5'9" or taller!

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Ok Ladies. I'm not here to complain, but I am 6'0" tall and weigh 189 lbs.I wear a size 14.

Do any other tall women have an issue with body image due to her height? I have looked at a few forums and posting on here and I am having a hard time grasping what my correct body image should be. I understand I am naturally going to FEEL bigger, because I AM bigger. 

I understand that I am not obese, however, I would like to get back down to 165 lbs (i was 155 all through high school) I want to have a healthy self image (when i was 19 I dated a jerk who "helped" me get down to 135lbs - WAY too skinny) I carry ALL of my weight in my hips and thighs.

165 for a normal woman would be considered slightly heavy. But again... I'm 6feet tall!

Any other tall women feel the same or want to compare notes?


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i weigh about 178 and im 5'10" i carry a lot of muscle (i jump horses) in my lower body. im very toned already. People never believe me when i say my weight out loud. having a good body image and having a tall (and also curvacious in my case) body is hard to deal with but in all actuality, guys LOVE it. I try not to worry about the number, i get where im comfortable and then weigh myself. to see what my comfortable weight is, AFTER the fact. that way im not stressing so much over it. just hang in there, you will make it!

Well, I am definately curvy... and my boyfriends biggest concern is that I will loose my butt! :) At 189, my BMI is too high, so I know I am overweight, but its tought to hear all the time how someone is a size 10 and they want to loose 20 lbs. Or their goal weight is 125lbs.

I always get the, "Really? You weight THAT much. It must be because you're tall"

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I am 5'10" and definitely struggle with body image!  Sometimes I feel like I am lacking feminity because I am taller than a lot of men.  I HATE it when people use the word "BIG" to refer to me.  Everything is relative though right?  I need more tall friends...=)

I am 5'10" too and body image has always been a struggle for me. I weigh around 150 pounds (supposedly a good weight for my height). I know the number on the scale is just a "number" and I shouldn't let it define me, but I'm not going to lie - it does.

People never believe me when I tell them how much I weigh. My boyfriend thinks I'm lying to him. My problem is, I was always a bean-pole. All through school I was very skinny. Now that I'm older and I have more curves, I'm having a hard time with it. I want to get back to my former skinny self, but it's supposedly not healthy.... le sigh. 

It's definitely hard being a tall girl!

I'm 5'11", I currently weigh 171.  I am down from 200.  I feel really good now, but I still need to lose a few more pounds.  I think I am going to try to maintain this weight for a month and then try to lose 10 more pounds.  When I was younger I weighed 140ish and was very skinny.  I have no desire to weigh that again.  Really I don't care what the number is as long as I feel and look healthy.  I am sad when I see tall girls that want to weigh 120. They need to understand that because they are taller, they will weigh more.  My 13 year old daughter is 5'7" and weighs 135 and looks great!  Very healthy and athletic, but then she hears that her friend only weighs 85 pounds and gets all upset.  What she doesn't get is that her friend is less than 5' tall!  But then I read about women on here that are 5'7" and want to weigh 115 pounds and I wonder if I should worry about my daughters weight.  It's crazy because I know how great she looks and if she weighed 115 pounds that would be when I should worry!!

By the way...the first thing to go on me is ALWAYS my butt! 

LOL... I tell my boyfriend that he has NOTHING to worry about. Even when I was 135, I still had a butt!


ElleK: A good point of reference (and keep in mind that this is from when I was modeling in high school) is this: For every inco over 5 feet you are, allow 5lbs over 100. So if you're 5'1", you can weight 105. Like i said, those are modeling standards. But your daughter is definately in a non-fat place. At 5'7" she is allowed to be 135. Let her know that!

I don't think my butt can get any flatter!

I just heard that the other day.  I think it's a pretty good place to start, keeping in mind that based on your frame size you could weigh more or less.  I have a small frame so should probably weigh less than my goal weight.  But 155 seems so far away right now.  I make up mini-goals so that it seems easier to achieve them.

When I take her to the Dr. I make sure that her Dr. tells her that her weight is perfect.  She doesn't believe me, but she does believe her. 

By the way, we wear the same size but are different in weight and height.  Every body is shaped different.  It's a good thing to remember.  We won't all weigh exactly the same at a certain height and we won't all wear the same size at a certain weight!Laughing

I am 5'10.5" and I weigh 180.8. My goal is also 165ish also. My doctor said that is a good goal for me! I will always be a bigger girl and can accept that. I also have trouble finding pants when I lose weight because they are never long enough. Recently I have started to embrace my height. I have a real passion for shoes and will wear the 3 inch heals even though my fiance is 5'8" because I realized that I wont get any shorter! I would worry less about numbers and more about how you feel. You know when you feel good. Good Luck Girl!!!

I am the same way with pants... and Heels!  I love heels. People always ask why i wear them when I am so tall... my response: Because I can!


They're already shorter than I am, what does it matter? As far as jeans... GAP carries the best ones. I know they are a little pricy, but wait till they go on sale and you'll be in jean heaven. In my case, "talls" are not long enough for me (i'm  ALL leg) so ihave to order the x-long talls online. Just go to the store, try on a few and find which size fits... and then order away! They are always the best fit as far as length goes.



I love this thread. I'm 19, 5' 11" and I weigh about 157. My goal is 140 lbs...I'm young and my bone structure isn't big, probably average. I'm definitely all legs...and my waist is quite small, but my hips are average. You can imagine what a nightmare it is finding pants or jeans that fit. They'll be way too short, the waist is too big, but the hips fit right...the waist fits, but the hips are way too tight...Ooh, what trials we must suffer through.

And I LOVE heels, but I always feel bad wearing them...especially since a lot of my guy friends are my height or shorter. I almost feel disrespectful to them being taller, but of course, that's silly. This is the way God made me and I love being tall. Of course, I'd be a lot happier if I slimmed down to 140 FAST...I'm SO impatient.

5'10" here... 185 (down from about 225 at xmas, woo hoo)... classic rubenesque shape, I mean CLASSIC.  Those paintings? yeah, THAT'S ME.  butt was the first thing to go, (I think it will be concave soon), then tummy, hips are as wide as they ever were seems like... the pants thing is always challenging for us tall women, no matter what size, but to top it all off, I'm now at this weird in between place, the smallest plus sizes are too big and the biggest regular sizes are too small... if the waist fits, the hips don't, or the hips fit but they look like high waters, or the jeans are long enough but i'll never fit in them even when I do hit GW, because THAT'S BONE THERE!  Yargh!  I'm a bit of a tomboy so the shoes thing isn't much of an issue, but i actively avoid shoes that'll add to my height at all.  And I totally find myself compensating for my height when I'm chatting with someone who is shorter (which is EVERYONE) by sitting, or standing a few feet away from the person, or slouching, or doing this thing where I spread my feet a little wider than shoulder width which brings me down a couple inches.  I just don't like towering over people, I don't want to intimidate them!

In short... ladies, I feel your pain.  :)

Hey! I'm five ten!  I'm not exactly 180 pounds but I used to be!  I've lost a lot, which is always nice because even now I have people going, "Hey... I didn't even recognize you" from a volleyball picture taken spring.  That and pictures from a few years back that haunt my past horribly.  Rather than being that GIANT who is not only tall but large I am now the FRIENDLY GIANT who actually weighs less than my friends.  Pants are not meant for tall people though.  i need xxLong

American Eagle has nice jeans too.  You can go to the store and have them order the x-long and have them delivered to you without paying the shipping.  But I only buy them when they are on sale.  I'll have to try The Gap.  Heals?  I'd love to wear them, but I'd fall on my a**!

When I was young I hated being tall, but as an adult I really like it. 

madpampees, Congrats on the weight loss!  That is awesome!


The 5lbs after 5' is really useful. So, at 5'9, I can be 145? Right now, I am 167. Any ladies who are 5'9 and about that weight, tell me what size they wear in clothes? What is the lowest clothing size I could probably get down to if I weighed about that?

I have a few problems with body image as well. I used to slouch all the time because I felt that I was too tall. I'm trying to stop doing that now. Oh, and I have had size 11 feet since high school, and it always bothered me because shoes didn't look 'as cute' on me. The size 6s they put on display always looked nothing like the boats on my feet! My boyfriend is the same height as me, so I like to wear heels because I feel weird towering over him.



Sadly being tall was the reason I gained weight in the first place. When I was young, stupid, and 155, I used to think I was a WHALE. I somehow drastic dieted(can you say 900 calories a day plus track practice?) for a week or so, lost some, but then began ballooning up.


And. up. and up. I'm now 180 or so(not sure how good my scale is, but haven't gotten around to getting another), and wear...depending on company a size 8-10/30 inches(at forever 21).

And I'm really like to get down to 155 or 150 again. Or even 160.

Yea, I get the same thing when I tell my girlfriend how much I weigh. "Oh, well, it MUST be because you're so tall & you have big boobs". STill doesn't make  me feel any better when my friends who are just barely over 100 lbs  complain about  how they are getting fat. I am 5'10 and 210. I know I am technically over weight and i would like to lose about 40 lbs. I find the between 160 & 170 is a health, comfortable weight for  me. Think about it though, wouldn't you much rather be that gorgeous curvy woman than thos elittle stick figure girls that have to wear a padded bra? Guys love curves & you should love your curves too!

yay tall ladies! all my friends in high schools were tinyyy so i no matter how thin i got, i always felt bigger because i was taller. :[ now that i'm in college, i've made some taller friends! hahaha

I guess it really depends on where you live too. I was born in Texas... lived there till I was 14. Then... we moved to small town america, north carolina. When I was 14, I was tall, but no where near where I am now.

I went back to the Dallas area a few weeks ago and made a quick trip to WalMart with my step mom. I was AMAZED by how many tall men there were. And i dont mean 6' where I could be confortable around them... I mean they were 6'4" and taller... where I could WEAR HEELS AND STILL BE SHORT! And there were plenty of tall women too. I felt Normal!


Small town america just hasnt caught up... but they do say that everything is bigger in Texas.Wink

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Well glad to see I am not the only one who felt like a giant... I am 6' even and currently weigh around 170. I still feel huge even though i know I am at a healthy weight, especially since a lot of my friends (guys included) are not over 5'7" or 5'8". I am still working on trying to except myself but I still have days when i sincerly wish i could just shrink like three inches. I too was around 150-155 in high school and would love to get back down to that.

Original Post by rockrgrrrl:

The 5lbs after 5' is really useful. So, at 5'9, I can be 145? Right now, I am 167. Any ladies who are 5'9 and about that weight, tell me what size they wear in clothes? What is the lowest clothing size I could probably get down to if I weighed about that?

 I'm 5'9" and 168lbs, pear shape.  My jean size is 14 and I wear medium tops.

ETA: I just realized I didn't answer all your questions.  I was size 12 jeans at 145.  With my build and occupation, it wasn't a good weight for me.  (No upper body strength!)

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